More ideas and pairings. ( M x F) or(F X F)

Started by seeker619, May 18, 2015, 10:34:46 AM

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Alimony no more-  A wealthy man who has done all he could to please his wife is rewarded by her verbal abuse at him and her philandering.  She does this knowing that her airtight prenup will assure her ownership of the million dollar home they own along with half of all other assets which adds up to an addition several million.  The husband knowing he will be stripped of so much tolerates her behavior but finds he can do so only so long.  Working as a neuroscientist whose patents had made him millions develops one just for himself.  A cocktail which will make his wife susceptible to the powers of suggestion he gives her.  She may not like what those suggestions make her do but she cannot stop abiding by them.  Her infuriated disposition as she complies make it all the better.  Soon he finds he has no worries of financial loss, and soon has his wife learning how she can better please him in bed by studying all she can on the subject.  And applying what she knows until she has it down perfectly.

Wanting to belong-A girl changes schools in her sophomore year of high school.  Not only is it a new school but a new state she lives in over a thousand miles from all her friends where she grew up.  Not an army brat used to moving she is lonely and lacking the confidence to approach people and make herself known.
She does however catch the attention of an abusive senior.  He soon beds her with promises of love and dedication only to be cheating on her soon after.  She has bruises all over her body and this is when another young man jumps in telling her to leave the jerk or to expect things to get even worse.  They do and finally when she can hardly walk and is in need of lots of rest turns to the boy who offered her help earlier.  He thinks of going to the police but her bully EX has a father who is chief of police and he thinks going to the police is not only a waste of effort but also asking for trouble.  He nurses her back to health but when she is better does she stay with him or does she already have a taste for bad-boys she cannot shake?

The psychic and the cop- A psychic sees murders that have been plaguing a city for months now.  The psychic is new to the ability and this has made her the first suspect, if fact the only suspect.  My char decides she is also their only lead should she be cleared of suspicion.  The psychic only sees these images while dreaming at night and knows that most of the details are lost by the time the police are on the line taking notes.  This requires the cop to stay buy her bed each night and once she awakens from one of her dreams questions her on every detail.
Soon they are romantically involved and it must be kept quiet or he would be taken off the case.  Does she finger the killer or is she manipulating the cop?  Is the cop somehow taking advantage of her?  All of this can be worked out in discussion.

The lottery- A man wins millions in a lottery and the woman who delivers the check soon makes her way into his life until soon she is at his home doing him favors(all while hardly clothed) and anything else she can do to win his affections. 
Distracted by her beauty he first does not notice what she is doing and that is slowly having him sign paperwork which essentially makes the money hers.  She told him it was away to avoid taxes and save money but when he finds her plane ticket for South America he decides he will join her on the trip and make sure she never returns.  Details on this to be discussed as well.

Vampire bought at auction-This bloodthirsty female vampire was sold to a high bidder who had always found female vampires to be beautiful creatures.  However that is about all he knew about them other than what they did to people when they fed off them.  Soon he is on the verge of being completely seduced by this dangerous vamp but a friend soon jumps in.  A female not attracted to it.  But the vampire finds her attractive and does not need to feign interest in her like she does him.  Can she resist the vampires advances.  Details to be discussed.

Helping the boss-A worker of hundreds finds that the wife of his boss is cheating on him.  He does not know the boss well but knows that he would probably be pleased if someone knew this and helped him out.  He does just this and kidnaps the philandering woman and delivers her with a video of her activities.  The boss rewards him with a promotion and both have more fun than they thought possible once she was able to see the advantages of cooperating with their demands on her.

Broken computer-A woman hires a computer repair man to come to the house and look at her poorly functioning computer.  Not knowing anything about what he would be able to access he is soon able to see their net worth and where their money is.  He does some photo shopping work and has the husband pictured screwing other woman.  He gives her something and she passes out waking thinking the shock of the pictures did it.  The computer guy is driving and panicked she asks where he is taking her. 
"You told me you were in shock and needed a retreat at your summer home.  You gave me directions and paid me more than I would get on the job so here I am taking you."

He gets her there and soon uses everything at his disposal to turn her from her husband and right into his arms.  For not only is she wealthy but her body is a treasure all it's  own.


acting coach x actress
Vampire hunter X human
Vampire X vamiress
Succubus X Incubus
Dirty cop X good cop
Virgin X prostitute
doctor X patient
Injured Olympic hopeful X coach
cat burglar X home owner
Sorcerer X demons
Inmate X jail warden
unwanted Queen X People wanting her overthrown

vigilante X criminal
genie X human
Actress X crazed fan
anger management X client
psychiatrist X jail inmate
psychiatrist X female patient
lab supervisor X mad scientist
Maid X boss
brother X sister
Teacher X principal
f wrestler X F wrestler
Villain X superhero/ heroine
blackmailer X victim
hypnotist X client

Nurse x doctor
nurse x patient
nurse x nurse
father x daughter
inmate x inmate

Please feel free to offer up any craving you may have if you have yet to find a partner and these do not work for you.

Thanks for reading.