Writing Prompts (M for F)

Started by MagicalPen, May 17, 2015, 05:29:12 PM

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Please PM me if you are interested in any of these.

These are all glimpses of what can happen.Further details to be discussed.

*NOTE:only looking for the female roles.

Andrew often could hear his sister and her boyfriend in the room next door. She was to years older than him, social and hot. He was quiet and nerdy on the other hand. At first, he had been annoyed by the noises they had made but soon it turned him on. He often masturbated, his ear pressed against the wall, as he listetned to his sister getting fucked, imagining what it would feel like to be one of her boyfriends.

Tonight was like any other night, except it sounded like she had an argument with her boyfriend. Andrew heard the door open and the boy left the house entirely but a few minutes later he could hear his sister calling his name. Wondering what was going out, he slipped out of his bedroom and peeked in through her door.

He saw her on her hands and knees, completely naked, her pussy and ass in full view. She was handcuffed to the headboard of her bed and had a blindfold on, unable to see or free herself. He could see it all, her bedisde light was on. An array of sex toys lay scattered on her bed.

Andrews cock immediately hardened and he closed the door to her room, behind him, before freeing his arousal and started to stroke it. She had no idea who was in her room and the glint of light around her pussy suggested she was very wet and horny. What was a boy to do?

Andrew slid silently and naked into his parents room. His father as on a business trip for the week and his mother had really let loose tonight. She had been drinking, a lot, and must have been feeling horny as she masturbated on her bed. He had seen, through a crack in her door. Now, he had returned.

His throbbing cock was hard and ready. Through the light spilling in from the hallway, he could see that his mother had passed out after cumming. She was laying naked on top of her bed, asleep. His cock twitched at the sight and he moved closer.

He pressed the tip of his cock to her mouth, hoping he could slip it inside. His hands quickly found her perk, round breasts and he started to massage and fondle them, feeling her nipples harden under his touch almost immediately.

Sarah was a beautiful teenaged girl. Her Uncle, Richard, was a little on the heavier side. Either way, he as the one who was laying naked on her massage table with a towel covering his private parts. Sarah as studying to be a massage therapist and was spending the summer with her uncle at his beach house. She needed the practice and had convinced him to let her practice on him. Not that he minded, having a cute young girl touching his body.

And she was good at it too, making it feel good and sensual. Ashamedly, he had sprung a hard on, his large cock clearly outined against the towel covering it now that he was on his back. Her hands were running up and down his legs and he was sure she could see his erection but she didn't say anything about it. Her legs crept higher and higher up his inner thrigh until she almost touched his ballsack. And then her hands went even further, wrapping around his erection, starting to pump it up and down as she pulled the towel away.

Kissing Cousins
The Twins were dangerous. They were beautiful and knew and knew how to drive a man crazy. Right now they were doing that to their cousin, Andrew, who was the same age as he was. They constantly flirted and teased him and had convinced him to come to the barn with them to have some beers.

A little tipsy, things had only progressed. First, each twin had kissed him - hot, lots of tongue sort of kissing. Now they were kissing each other and fondling each others breasts, right in front of him. Little did he know that they had planned this all along, to both lose their virginities to him and do a lot more sexual exploring with their handsome but shy cousin. He certainly didnt have any friends he could brag to about it.

Daughters Friend
Richard knew he was in trouble. He knew he should have done more. But it was hard. His daughters friend was a hot, good looking girl. She was already flirting with him, always making him feel good. He caught himself staring a few times. She caught him staring a few times too and she didn't seem to mind. In fact, she almost put on a show for him once she knew he was looking.

Then he had rubbed lotion onto her nubile young body while she lay out by the pool, her bikini top straps loose down her shoulders. She had even moaned in pleasure - softly - when he had rubbed her inner thighs.

And now he was here, wearing his boxers in the kitchen, his wife asleep upstairs. He had come to get a glass of water and she had just appeared, to do the samae. Wearing those sexy boyshorts girls her age wore and a very tight tank top, that let him know that she wasn't wearing a  bra and her nipples were rock hard with arousal.

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