Housewife Superhero [CLOSED for now]

Started by Monceto, October 24, 2008, 11:24:01 AM

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She’s not even forty years old by she’s losing her man to a younger woman.  She doesn’t know who the whore is, or what’s they’ve already done together, but she knows that somebody is stealing her husband, and there’s nothing she can do to stop it, too timid to speak up, and too low in self-esteem to re-seduce her husband.  After a decade of trying to bear children, nothing is working, and she strongly suspects that he’ll end up leaving her for somebody that can actually give him the children he wants.

   Her entire life changes one day when she is digging through her grandmother’s belongings.  They’ve spent three decades sitting in a box in her basement, but a bored afternoon leads her to a startling discovery.

   A locket, a dress, and a masque, exactly like the ones a certain superhero wore half-a-century ago.  That was her grandmother?  They never had the opportunity to meet, but the discovery gives her the inclination that perhaps her life is destined to be something special, not just that of a middle-class housewife that hasn’t even birthed any children.

   Her grandmother’s identity eats at her day by day, until one afternoon she decides to try on the costume for herself.  It is a perfect fit, but entirely ordinary until the moment she slips the locket around her neck.  At that moment, her life fundamentally changes.  As long as that golden pendant rests against her skin, she is imbued with numerous powers.  Strength, flight, speed, temporary invulnerability, regeneration—what she possesses is entirely up to you.

   Strong, sexy, and full of vigor, this housewife superhero is ready to save the world—or perhaps just her neighborhood.  But as media attention grows around the masked savior, she’s starting to get attention in ways she never wanted.  Perverts, criminals, and lord knows what else don’t take too kindly to women that get in their way.

   Will she live a long and happy career as a superhero housewife, or will her hidden identity drag her life to ruins?  That is for you to decide.


   There are many ways in which this story can unfold.  The only true requirements are that you are to play the housewife (aged 35-40) from the first-person perspective, while I’ll be the DM/narrator and most of the NPCs.

   Now, what content this story contains is almost entirely up to you.  There are a few different distinct paths I can see it taking, but these are still open to modification or combination.

   1) An entirely soft story with nothing non-consensual.  Not particularly interesting in my eyes, but I’ll develop this if people are interested.

   2) The housewife is a bit of a sadist that has fun with the criminals before letting them go or turning them into the police.

   3) Strong non-consensual content, with the housewife hero getting captured and raped by the villains before managing to free herself every time.

   4) A much darker story, somewhat akin to my ‘Many Sad Fates of a Modern Heroine’ tale that I started with Mdazfrench.  While that had an actual mythological explanation for how she survived terrible outcomes, I could see an equivalent method for this story.  Instead of being able to constantly free yourself when the villains win over you, the losses may be permanent.  Kept as a sex slave, brainwashed, impregnated, or plenty of other ‘Bad Endings’--  Game Overs, of a kind.  When that happens, we’ll simply elaborate on that horrible fate, then go back and pick the story back up from where you screwed up, and we can try something else. 

   I have no limits whatsoever as to what type of content you’d want me to throw at the housewife. 

   I strongly prefer players that are actually women, and I’m especially interested in seeing if women close to the character age are interested. 

   If more than one person is interested in playing and have different content interests, I’d be willing to run two stories in different sections of the boards.


There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.   On's & Off's are up!


Hmmm, and in one scenario, she's actually forced to save her husband and his whore when they're held hostage by a supervillain... what delicious irony :D