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Author Topic: Love & Super Powers  (Read 417 times)

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Love & Super Powers
« on: May 17, 2015, 12:43:18 am »
Love & Super Powers

The Idea

This is a game done in a super hero universe. It takes place on fictional earth. Basically, it’s about a super heroine and a super villain falling in love despite the animosity their two leagues have for each other. This story is not a Romeo and Juliette. It’s about the two keeping their love life secret and the sacrifices they make to do so. Eventually, an alien threat will come to earth seeking to purge the planet of all human life so that their colony can repopulate it. The League of Glorious Heroes and the Legion of Wicked Villainy will have to then form an alliance to combat the threat or perish.

Your Role

When you apply for this role, you will be applying for the role of the super heroine who is the strongest member in the League of Glorious Heroes. It doesn’t matter what her powers are as long as she isn’t godly. However, I would like for her to be a bombshell. She must be attractive and her personality must be believable. She will be falling in love with my character, the villain. They won’t fall in love immediately when they first meet, but they will show interest in each other whether they want to believe the attraction or not. She will end up capturing him (because secretly he allows her to so that he can learn more about her) and she imprisons him in the league’s supposed escape-proof prison. He will escape though. They will have heard of each other, but they will not have seen or ran into each other until that day.

I want someone who is dedicated, patient, and who communicates. Someone who writes at least 3-5 paragraphs or even posts 1-3 pages on a regular basis. Someone who writes good description and is capable of writing NPCs. If I have to, I am capable of NPCing every character in the game if I must, but I would give you props if you could NPC the side of justice. Expect for there to be some named minor characters that will play a frequent role in the game. Overall, I want this to be fun for both of us. Use your imagination and send me a PM if you’re interested. I have provided a CS below. It’s just an example so feel free to design your profile however you want. The more detail there is the better. If you need someone to bounce ideas off of, I’m here.

Character Sheet
Remember that this is just a sample character sheet. Feel free to go beyond the character sheet if you feel inspired to.

Code: [Select]
[b]Name:[/b] The character’s actual name if she has one.
[b]Alias:[/b] Her super heroine name.
[b]Age:[/b] Her age or apparent age.
[b]Height:[/b] Self-explanatory.
[b]Weight:[/b] Self-explanatory.
[b]Hair Color:[/b] You can also mention highlights or odd qualities here.
[b]Eye Color:[/b] You can also mention odd qualities here if there are any.
[b]Physique:[/b] Thin, fat, curvy, athletic, etc.
[b]Visual Appearance:[/b] You can put a photo image here. If so, use a spoiler and adjust the image height of the photo so we don’t have a 1000x1000 picture lagging up all computers. A picture is not mandatory. It is optional. I don’t care if you have one or not because I hope you can describe her clearly without the use of one.
[b]Written Appearance:[/b] Write any qualities that she has that the photo doesn’t explain. You are also free to thoroughly go into detail about her here.
[b]Likes:[/b] You can also mention her sexual likes in this section.
[b]Dislikes:[/b] You can also mention her sexual dislikes in this section.
[b]Summary:[/b] I’m not going to have you write a bio on her unless you really want to. If it helps you, by all means do so. But you can briefly explain how she’s acquired her powers (if you want) or write why she joined the league and what are her overall motives here.
[b]Powers:[/b] You can have her have whatever power you want as long as she’s not a goddess. Everyone is capable of dying.

Example Profile – Overlord

Name: Dr. Julius Hawthorne
Alias: Overlord
Age: 33
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 225 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Grey and sometimes white with electricity.
Physique: Solid, Athletic.
Visual Appearance:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Face Claim: Michael Fassbender
Written Appearance: The super villain is solidly built and he will don two uniforms. His most common uniform is his solid-black jumpsuit that clings to his body like a protective second skin. It is believed to augment his electromagnetic powers when in actuality (a kept secret), it keeps his extraordinary power under his control. White lines outline the fortified layers of his uniform about the chest, arms, and legs. His second uniform is a fashion seemingly out of the 1800s. It is a black jacket with gold stitching at the ends of the sleeves. A cravat will be at his neck, a grey waistcoat at his waist, and black polished high boots at his feet. His clean-cut fashion makes him resemble a prince, a dark prince to be more accurate.

Personality: The doctor can be unpredictable at times. Not many understand his motives for why he does things. He actually commits crimes just to see who is strong enough to stop him. He likes to taunt the hero league, staging disasters from kidnapping, bombings, to world war. He simply does these things to see if he can get away with it. He might be crazy just a little but when you accidentally gain the power to subjugate the human race what would you do? To take over the world would be rather boring. To cause havoc is much more fun and interesting.

He is well aware that he is the legion’s strongest member and he will remind them whenever he feels challenged. They need him, but he doesn’t need them. He believes that he is merely an observer and participant if they actually come up with an interesting plot. Although many are disgusted with his lack of hubris to dominate the world, Julius could care less and he awaits the day where one of them will grow the gonads to do something about it.
Likes: Science, experimenting, taking risks, luxury and challenges. His sexual ons are dirty/witty talk, flirting, foreplay, breasts/ass, scratching, licking, biting, pinning, and giving/receiving oral.
Dislikes: Anything that belongs in a toilet should stay in a toilet, blood play, and futa.

Summary: Dr. Hawthorne is a nuclear physicist who didn’t go on to working for the government or becoming a professor at MIT. He instead just disappeared. His friends and associates lost all contact with him for five years, and when he returned he was a changed man. He gave himself the name Overlord and he quickly rose to the top on the league’s Most Notorious list. How could a nobody appear and become one of the most dangerous villain’s in the world? His appearance is a mystery to everyone and only he knows what went down five years ago. He leaves the villains frustrated by not aiding them in carrying out world domination and he keeps the heroes on edge. One day, the Overlord will attempt to take over the world, and one day there may be no one to stop him—so the league believes.
Electromagnetic Manipulation: One of the strongest and most versatile powers in existence, Overlord has the ability to create, shape, and manipulate electromagnetism. This ability accounts for all observable physical phenomena unaided by human senses, which includes light and other forms of electromagnetic radiation, chemistry, mechanics, magnetism, and electricity. To further elaborate: electrocution, heat generation, technomancy (only through electrical manipulation not through psychokinesis) and magnetism (metal manipulation, magnetic levitation, atomic manipulation, attraction and repulsion).
Super Strength: The limits of Overlord’s strength is unrecorded. They say that his electromagnetic powers make him seem stronger than he really is. When he can lift an object with his power and physical strength, it’s practically deceptive.
Super Speed: His sprint creates a vortex of air in front of him, which protects him from collision with solid objects. The twirling air mass acts as a drill. You do not want to stand in his way. It is unknown how fast the villain can truly sprint. He just might be faster than the fabled speedster of justice Jiffy James.
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