Ideas and pairings. MXF or FXF

Started by seeker619, May 16, 2015, 02:45:29 PM

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villain x heroine-Could also be vixen vs hero whichever you prefer.  I would like this to be with chars that are of our own making.  I'm guessing two or three superpowers of your choice and I would pick your weakness and you mine.  From there we could play in any number of ways so up for discussion.

Vampiress vs hunter- A man has come up with a potion he takes that attracts vampires to him with phermones the potion gives him.  However when they bite they get so ill the first time the black out momentarily.  However after that one bite they have lost there tste for anyone but him and the second time they find him and feed they get so ill they stay unconscious for a day or so while he runs tests on them and decides there fate when they wake.  A vampire killed his father and he has always hated them and at the same time been drawn to their raw sexuality which is why he is conflicted on how to deal with his new pet.  Up for discussion

Dominatrix caught in her own web-A very experienced dominatrix has been keeping male subs captive for quite some time.  One day a man walks in poses a sub in need of her services.  She does her whole speech on what to expect and makes him sign some waivers to make it all legit.

However he is the brother of one of her past victims and he has gone to find him thinking this was the last place he went and after spying her building for a few months and noticing a number of men have entered never to exit.

Once he poses he is told to strip before he even leaves the office of hers and is put in bindings which allow movement to walk slowly but little else.  From here he has to find an escape from the restraints and get the truth from her by using some of the many techniques he had read about in BDSM magazines.

Female prisoner of war-This could be modern earth or alien planet or in the future but the basics would be the same.  A woman taken captive during the war is held and catches the eye of the warden.  She is then made his personal pleasure toy and she must figure out if she can convince him that she is worth more to him on the outside than the inside. 


Actress X crazed fan
maid X boss
lab supervisor x crazed scientist
roomate x roomate
brother x sister
teacher x principal
female wwe wrestler x male wwe wrestler
groupie x band member
hooker x virgin
bookie x gambler
dealer x prostitute
cat burglar x home owner
hypnotist x victim
demon x demon vying for same soul

chemistry teacher x students- The students of this teacher work extra hard studying the various properties of chemicals at hand.  All of the males hate her personality but the rest of the package is the best thing all in the same outfit they had seen in a while.  They give her the wrong chemicals to mix for a demonstration and as the vapors rise she passes out.  As a bonus when she wakes she is horny as hell and not at all camera shy as soon that is used for blackmail purposes.

Fugitive X bounty hunter
Jeanie x human
nurse x doctor
patient x doctor
father x daughter
inmate x inmate
acting instructor x pupil

All pairing and ideas are up for discussion so please add any input you may have

Also I welcome hearing any cravings you may have which you have not been fortunate enough to satisfy.

Thanks for your time.