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Author Topic: M seeking F (Varied Ideas)  (Read 257 times)

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M seeking F (Varied Ideas)
« on: May 16, 2015, 01:56:36 PM »
If interested in any of these ideas and pairings, please send a PM my way!

I typically have a few ideas associated with each pairing, so if the pairing interests you, please send me a PM!

The Virgins Club - HighSchool Setting, Teacher/Student,
-There is a secret club that exists at Ridgemont High. It exists only for girls who have not lost their virginity but want to do so, without the rumors or the videos etc being spread around the school. And, by most accounts, the sex they have with this special Teacher who offers them this safe way of getting their cherries popped is some of the best sex any of these girls has ever had. He is the kind of teacher that makes young girls wet between the legs and makes them only think about being with real men after he was been with them and not the boys in their classes. [Details and Kinks to be discussed with interested partners.]

The Beauty and the Geek - HighSchool Setting, Student/Student
-Andrew is a shy, geeky guy who doesn't have vary many friends. He often gets picked on and people never seem to remember his name. He is paired with the hottest girl in the school, Beth, for a project in a class they have together. Its the worst case scenario for him - turned into an awkward, mumbling mess around her. He over hears a conversation about a party that is going on and against his better judgement, he attends. He gets thrown into a closet by some drunk students as part of a '7 minutes in heaven' game and catches a glimpse of Beth being thrown in with him once the door is opened. She is slightly drunk so starts rubbing against him before starting to make out with him, not knowing who he is. But when her hands find the front of his pants, she is amazed by his size and wants much more - giving him her phone number to set up a 'secret' date. Only when he shows up - with her wondering why her study buddy is there - does she finally put things together. But her own desires take control and her study-buddy soon becomes her secret fuck-buddy before she starts to fall for him, the type of guy who treats her right and respects her.

The Submissive World - Modern, Incest
-When a girl turns 16 (or 18), she is considered 'of age' and her father gets to claim her virginity. Afterards, she wears a golden collar around her neck, marking her as some one of age. She is then fair game to all others - her brothers, their friends, her friends fathers - who may do with her what they will.

Sibling Love - Incest
-Andrew is a player, a handsome guy who is a real stud. He constantly has girls over, especially when his parents are gone, fucking them hard and loudly, often with the door wide open. But, whenever he is fucking them, all he thinks of is his younger sister, imaging it is her beneath him and not some girl he has randomly found.
His little sister, Sarah, has long had a crush on her brother and has longed to be one of his girls. She has watched in secret, many times, when he has had girls over, often pleasuring herself as she watches.
Their parents arae gone once more but a powerful storm is rolling through the area. Sarah has always been scared of storms so crawls into bed with him. He knows just the thing to take her mind off of fthe storm, claiming her for his own...

Big Sister - Incest
-Richard is your average boy. His older sister is a popular girl. When she catches him jerking off to porn one day, she can't help but tease him a little over the fact that he has never been kissed or done anything with a girl before, especially when he admis that he doesn't know how.So she kissed him, showing him how its done, slowly starting to teach him how to do all those other things as well. Why would a girl need a boyfriend when she can train her brother how to perfectly please her everytime?
--Alternate: A brother teaches his sister the same things.
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Re: M seeking F (Varied Ideas)
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2015, 08:33:02 PM »
Exploring Together - Brother Sister Incest
-Two siblings, perhaps twins, have similar interests and have always done everything together. They are always the best of friends and often just hang out with each other. Whent he sister catches the brother masturbating, its the first time she has ever seen a hard cock. Spurned on by her own curiosity, th two twins (or siblings) start exploring each others bodies, rounding each bas in turn as they explore their sexuality together.