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April 22, 2021, 12:24:12 pm

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Author Topic: || Craving Modern, Historical, Fantasy plots - Help a girl out? - F lf M ||  (Read 322 times)

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Offline AndronicaTopic starter

  Hello and welcome! As the title says, I'm craving stories that make my toes curl and my mind race. More specifically, modern and historical RPs with optional fantasy/supernatural elements. A quick note on supernatural themes: I like it to be mature, dark and gritty. Or at least one of those things. Drama and complicated relationships are fun, however, I'm not pining for vapid mortal girls and sparkling vampires.

  Right off the bat, I'm not interested in one shots or constant smut. Things of a kinky nature definitely have a place in our story but getting our characters into bed isn't the goal here. A natural progression for character development and sex is appreciated. Given that I prefer story-driven RPs, it shouldn't come as a surprise to know my biggest OOC turn ons are characterization and description. I write in multiple paragraph format and try to make my posts engaging, so I'd appreciate if you did the same.

  My final requests are simple. Contribute to our story and tell me if an issue comes up, such as lack of interest. After all, the point of co-writing is to work together to make sure we're both having fun, right?

  Now onto the good stuff! My plots are not "take it or leave it", everything is up for negotiation. Add characters, switch roles/genders, change the setting - whatever you want. Pictures are not required character appearances, nor do we need to use pictures at all. So if any of these ideas interest you, please take a look at my O/O's to make sure we're compatible. In the off chance these ideas don't interest you, check out my full selection of plots here. Feel free to send me your ideas too, or message me with a setting or picture you enjoy and we can go from there. :)

Sacramentum Gladiatorum M Gladiator x F Master
The new addition to a Roman's collection of gladiators has evaded death in the arena against near impossible odds. He's strong willed but appears loyal. The domina sees him as a blunt instrument, an assassin to kill her enemies and possibly even her overbearing husband. He sees her as a way to gain freedom. Their arrangement goes awry when the city falls to rebelling slaves and the domina learns what it means to lose her position of power.

Cor Meum M Gladiator x F Slave
(can be combined with Sacramentum Gladiatorum)
A woman born into slavery naively believes the possessive love of her master is true. She experiences his affection for years until his wife becomes suspicious of their tryst, or perhaps she was aware of it all along? Despite not loving her husband, his wife is a jealous and manipulative woman. In revenge, she coyly suggests during a party that he give his slave lover to one of the gladiators who has recently proven himself a ferocious champion in the arena. The gladiator in questions is rumored among the household to be frightening and violent, even towards the pleasure slaves.
The Gift M Warlord x F
A warlord attacks the borders of an empire mercilessly in revenge for the sacking of his beloved village many years ago. Fearful that things will escalate, an ambassador contacts him to meet at a border town and work out an agreement to prevent further violence. The warlord demands tribute and upon his arrival, he is presented with the finest silks, furs, jewels and gold, but he has plenty of that already. Instead, he spies the fiery daughter of the ambassador and decides negotiations are in order after all.

Northern Heart M Roman x F Barbarian/Nymph
A famed Centurion heads north through contested territory to hold off invading hordes at Hadrian's Wall. He meets a barbarian woman as she leads an attack on his men. The Roman is intrigued by the wild woman who's so unlike the fickle, wanton ladies of Rome. He kidnaps her for tactical knowledge but comes to realize Rome is not where his loyalties lie. Her capture causes tension with a neighboring clan whose leader was her intended. The chief, however, has been richly rewarded for secretly working alongside Rome and killing his own people to tip the war in the Republic's favor. Little does the Centurion know his own General plans to betray him to claim the victory for himself.

Valley of the Wolf King M/F Berserker x M/F Druid
Generations ago a Jarl coerced his shaman to make a pact with the Gods that would grant his warriors unmatched ferocity on the battlefield. The wish was granted but it wasn't enough. Mad with power, the Jarl offered up his soul to Skadi, goddess of the hunt, and seeing his greed she cursed his men with a nearly uncontrollable bestial form. Now, the strongest and most cunning warrior plans to overthrow the wicked Jarl with the help of a druid recently captured during a raid. The Jarl plans to use her to replace his less powerful shaman. Will the druid choose to harness the warrior's power for the Jarl, or help them control it?

Lost Sepulcher F Concubine x M Assassin/Cult Priest
A concubine and assassin embark on a journey to uncover relics that the Templars have been searching for in nearby lands. Their journey seemed hopeless until a terrible sandstorm reveals a previously hidden set of ancient ruins. An even older surprise awaits them inside: the priest of a long dead cult, who wishes to negotiate for his freedom. The pair are eager for the knowledge he will share with them upon his release, but the snake tongued priest tricks the assassin and takes his form. The dark ritual forces the priests' soul into the assassin's body but the concubine saves him. The incomplete spell melds their souls in one body and the assassin is able to hear the priest's thoughts, and at times, the cultist tries to take over his body. While struggling with the entity inside of him, the assassin and concubine embark on a new quest to untie the souls before the priest overtakes his host's body and mind.

Temptation M Warrior x F Nobility/Sorceress
A talented warrior has lived his entire life in his brother's shadow and longs for a way to prove himself. The warrior meets his ambitious equal in an alluring noblewoman. She enraptures him and nurtures his talents, causing him to be torn between the life already carved out for him or the excitement of what he could become. Her mystique is part of what draws him to her, but he wants to learn more. Much to his shock, he discovers the seemingly demure noblewoman has been using his brother to work her way up the court to the King, whom she plans to murder.

An Ambitious Path M Mercenary x F Nobility
Two warring city states make peace when a noblewoman is married to their prince. Out of anger and greed her husband kills his rival and blames his new wife, sending her into exile and hoping to instigate another war to reap the benefits. Not to be defeated so easily, the woman covertly sends word for help. A mercenary assassin hears her plea and helps her plan revenge. She dons a new identity and returns to the city that exiled her, ready for vengeance.

Hello Again, Sassenach M Assassin x F Nobility
A prominent English nobleman visits Scotland with his daughter. He hopes to persuade the clansmen to join him in supporting the current monarch/Cromwell, but they refuse. Tempted by an offer of power and wealth, one of the clansmen betrays the others and his people are almost completely slaughtered overnight. The young man escapes and joins the rebellion, becoming a well-known assassin. He never forgets the girl he met that night - especially when she is captured ten years later, claiming to be a spy for the men who killed his family long ago.

His By Divine Right F Nobility x M Nobility/King
She's an accomplished combatant and noblewoman who values her freedom above all else. This idealistic life is shattered when the local ruler dies and his son, Lord Hargrave, comes into power. He is a man of many pleasures and vices who isn't used to being told 'no', least of all from a woman who would rather practice her archery than warm his bed.

The Night-Walkers F Servant x M Master, Hunter
A peculiar woman interested in the occult is hired as a servant by a reclusive Lord. Around the same time, a spree of grisly murders occur in the countryside that seem to have been caused by an unknown creature - for what man could be so savage? A stranger comes to visit shortly thereafter who seems to think that the gentleman caused the deaths. The servant girl discovers that her master is a monster, and that the man who visited has been hunting him for many years. But as the two men come to a head, the murders are still occurring despite the Lord claiming that he is not the cause. That begs the question: who's the real monster?

Memento Mori F Bounty Hunter x M Gunslinger
The industrial era hit hard and created a vicious strain of vampirism. These creatures are the bane of humans and the pure-blood vampires who try to live among them. A bounty hunter roams cities collecting rewards for eradicating these "vermin", and on one of her trips befriends a gunslinger who offers to join with her to get a portion of the reward and fame. However, one of them is bitten by a feral vampire and falls victim to the awful strain. The quest for a cure begins.

Something Wicked M/F Hunter x M/F Demon
A dying hunter summons a demon with the intent of making a deal to live longer. Nothing excessive, only what he/she needs to carry out a personal vendetta. The hunter plans to kill the demon before the deal is up in order to save their soul, and the demon is hatching a similar plan. However, as the ritual is carried out, something goes wrong. A mispronounced word here, a little too much of that herb, whatever. The demon and hunter are instead bound together, unable to harm the other for fear of killing them both, and no closer to figuring out how to undo the witchcraft gone wrong.

Stranger in My Skin M/F Agent x M/F Cyborg
During the Cold War era the government began funding a eugenics program to create superior humans. In the present, government agents are now paired with a cyborg companion. One agent, however, is given a first generation model that was part of the original human trials. The agent and their cyborg companion eventually uncover corruption in The Program. Just how far have these experiments gone, and what's planned for the new line of agents?

Through the Looking Glass M/F Detective x M/F Monster
The government has a secret branch dedicated to the Other - a supernatural world within our own that is shielded from human eyes, running things from behind closed doors in competition with human organizations. A human detective stumbles upon this secret world by accident. Rather than have their memory wiped, the detective is transferred to a this government branch and partnered up with a supernatural companion to solve crimes in both worlds.

Blood of My Blood F Witch x M Vampire
A talented witch with a rather bad addiction to vampire blood is found out by her Coven The Coven threatens to strip her of her power unless she pays back what she owes to the vampires and severs her ties with the blood trade. Promising to be on the mend, she informs them she's hired some personal help to curb her habit and keep her safe from the people she owes until she can provide a sufficient tribute to the vampire leader. Conveniently, she doesn't mention that her hired help is a vampire, and she keeps him in the dark about the reason she's offering employment.

Bad Moon Rising F Witch/Vampire/etc x M Vampire
A modern city is the hub of all things magical and mundane. It's ruled by a vampire who founded it several hundred years ago with the help of his lover, shortly before they parted ways. In the present day, werewolves are encroaching upon his territory, the local witches are becoming rowdy, and his estranged brother is a nuisance. When his lover unexpectedly returns as well, he approaches her with a request.

Silver Tongue M Sheriff or other OC x F Hunter
A sleepy town is rocked by a series of murders every full moon. The local Sheriff dismisses conspiracy theorists who think something supernatural is behind this. He's convinced it's a maniac who's good at cleaning up his trail. The Sheriff prepares to call in some aid from the next town over when a mysterious woman arrives. She offers to help but doesn't say much about what she knows, or how she knows it.

Before the World Ends F Superhero x M Superhero/Villain/Mentor
 For the last fifty years or so there have been cases of people developing powers. Some use their abilities for good, others use it to do evil. An ordinary woman recovers from a coma after a serious car accident and begins experiencing strange headaches and visions. Eventually she manifests powers but has no idea how to control them, and looks for someone to give her guidance. Her mentor tells her that gods and goddesses have reincarnated into human vessels. But why are they doing this now? Is humanity being prepared for something it can't yet comprehend?