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The Huntress's Quarry (Seeking Sub for FxF!)

Started by FarFetched, May 15, 2015, 04:33:09 AM

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Good evening, Elliquiy. Things have been slowing down for me in RP recently, so I've decided to pitch to you all another story I'd like to try out. I wanted to go for something much closer to my usual tastes this time. Enjoy~.

Notes about me:
I am definitely a Dom.
I can easily tone back any Extreme RP to a partner's comfort level.
Usually I am quite active, and can keep up multiple posts per day.
I'm not a huge fan of Futa.

Who I am looking for:
The only thing I really desire in a partner is an ability to make 2 paragraph+ posts at a rhythm of at least 1 response every two days. A Good grasp of grammar is a must for me; typos and errors that go unedited are literally my biggest OFF. One might notice that most of my posts have been modified after I made them because of this.

General Setting and Content:
The RP takes place in a low fantasy environment, with few constraints. The only requirement I have for your character is for it to be animalistic. Beyond that, it could be anything from a barbarian woman to a cat girl.  Due to the nature of the story, this RP will likely be briefly Story-Oriented, before switching to heavily Sex Oriented. Most kinks in this story will be centered around BDSM, and may include Kidnapping, Rape, drugging, and Light Torture.

The Plot:

These tracks are fresh.

What a lucky break. It had only been a fortnight since Jane sold off her last catch. It was surprising to see such a perfect pair of pawprints trailing through the snow this soon. She allowed a tired smile to cross her features. There would be a lot of work ahead of her, but she knew it was going to be a good night. A long one, but a good one nontheless.

Jane was a hunter, but she wasn't hunting just any beast. This far outside of human territory, things got a bit wilder than they had any right being. There were monsters, spirits, whole forests of treants, but most importantly, beastmen. The latter was Jane's quarry. Beastmen were pretty hard to catch unawares outside their villages, but their females made for one hell of an exotic slave. Jane had made sacks of gold off of her last one, enough to ensure an easy life out here in the wilderness.

It was a shame that it took a bit of training to get a slave buyers wanted, though. Female beastmen just weren't as animal-like as she had first expected. They had an average libido, and simply detested eating from a doggy bowel. It took a bit of "active persuading" to retrain her catches into something a noble would fork over a barrel of silver to have, but Jane always did had a knack for being... persuasive.

Jane sighed, pulling her fur cloak around her. Even though Nights were pitch black and freezing cold this far north, Jane had a silent preference for these shadows. Amongst other things, it made hunting much easier. Usually. Right now, it was being a bit of a burden instead. She could see the tracks, sure, but it was far too dark to make out what kind of creature had made them. She swore inwardly. If the tracks belonged to another bloody ugly one, she'd throw a fit. Putting the weird ones down was a waste of a perfectly good arrow. There was nothing for it, she supposed.

Lets see where these take me...

((Essentially, you are a furry whose being hunted by Jane Lockheart. What kind of furry , and why that character is out there is totally up to you.))

The Character:

Name: Jane Lockheart
Status: On the Hunt.
Description: Jane is an exceptionally athletic woman standing in at five-foot-nine, with short, black hair and pale-yellow eyes. She prefers to wear dark grey clothing, usually made of well-fitted leather. Being an exceedingly private person, she prefers to live far from society, and only deal with the sort of employers that don't ask many questions. "Why are her eyes yellow?" One may wonder. She'll never tell. That's her business.

Feel free to send me a PM, or post here in the thread if interested.


PM sent. This is total Chrystal Bait. Please tell me it's not already taken?

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