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August 11, 2022, 10:14:04 am

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Author Topic: Supernatural Modern or Sci-fi plots within:NC (F lf GM-systemless)(GM lf F char)  (Read 634 times)

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!!! Definitely still looking !!!
!!! May or may not be looking for more interest with this idea at this point, ask me first !!!

Roles for me and you
Me x You
F x GM
Gm x F

At the moment, I'm looking for a GM/player story.  I'm also only interested in female main characters.  This means one of us will control the girl, and one of us will control the world.  At the moment I'm will to do either - but if I am going to play the GM I'll be much more selective as GMing many games can be tiresome.  I'll try to update the above when my preferences change.

Please state interest over PM!
As much info as possible please!  Especially in regard to desired setting, any special kinkiness requests/ideas, and ideal plot:smut ratios!

Major Highlights Regarding Compatibility
***I am insisting on embedded pictures, will help set up or supply images.***
**(Varied) NC content is a fav, but hardcore NC may not be required**
**very open to futa/f interactions, particularly in NC**

---biggest turn off: excessively short PMs while we are planning an RP, especially after I post paragraphs.---
--Know that I'm NOT into consensual oral.--

The Pitch
I'm looking for an adventure story where a female character get in way over her head, believing she could accomplish xyz - but the powerless damsel in distress doesn't stay that way for long, and soon becomes capable of fighting even the scariest of enemies (though she will still meet misadventure and punishment here and there).  The odds are heavily stacked against her, but eventually she will triumph.  I intend this to be long-term, and there is potential for extending with more plot content after the initial enemy is defeated if we would like to continue the story.

The setting is quite variable - but I do intend there to be modern supernatural or science fiction elements.  I'll provide some more fleshed out samples to use as a plot springboard - but here are a few generic ideas:

Undead Apocalypse Survival
Supernatural High School
Escaping from Vampire Society/Imprisonment
Stranded on an Alien Planet
Living in Nightmate

Requirements and Personal Tendencies
Response Time
I'm generally a little better with PM's then posts, I think it is important to have OOC communication lines open.
For in-game posts, I try to aim for a week as an acceptable window.  A lot of times I'll be able to respond much more quickly, sometimes even multiple times a day.  Sometimes however I may go a little longer than a week.  I'll never frown upon a check-up, so feel free to ask me or remind me.  If I've been slammed, I'll let you know then and try to give you an estimate.

2 paragraph average.  I'll often go more than that, but frown upon forcing it at all times.

Forums only! (With PM's for OOC)

As I mentioned earlier, please embed character pics for each post.  For the main girl if you're playing the player, or for different main characters if you are going GM.  If you are a GM, bonus points for extra images.  I'll try to set up the setting or other events with images when it feels helpful.  I find a lot of inspiration in the visual.

Meaningful PMs
Again, as I mentioned, this is one of my larger pet-peeves.  Nothing is as annoying as deciding how an RP should work out over a course of 50 different messages with one or two lines each.  I'll try to address multiple things at once, and if I do, please put in some effort addressing what I'm asking.  If I ask about plot:smut ratios, sexual content, plot information, character information, and for any questions you might have, nothing is more annoying than getting one sentence in response addressing a single issue.  Chances are I won't even bother replying again.  Out of frustration, or out of hope more information will head over without my asking for it.

Brainstorming Plot Concept Frameworks
Onto the fun stuff.  Below you'll hear some of my ideas we can build upon - but of course, feel free to suggest your own original concepts if you have them too.  The attached images may or may not be my choice for the story if I am the player, but feel free to use them yourself.

Undead Apocalypse

Content may include but is not limited to:
Non-consent, survival, potential group dynamics, potential horror, supernatural content

There is no choice in this concept - the undead apocalypse has begun, fight for survival or become enlisted into their legion.  This is similar to a zombie apocalypse, except the enemies here are intelligent and more varied than your typical zombie horror.  To make matters worse of this heroine, the undead have a taste for certain kinds of humans.  She is exceptional, and rather than being marked for death, she is marked for torment.  Largely, of the sexual variety.  Failing to fight off her enemies could lead to NC or capture, perhaps torture of magical cold, heat, or electrical impulse.  Perhaps forced orgasms through electrical stimulation, or tentacles of darkness to pin her down.

She'll need to learn a mixture of combat skills, and potentially, magic-imbued talents especially effective against the undead.  Does she have allies?  Can she trust who she knows?  Is someone training her, or does she have to find and explore methods of fighting the undead on her own?  And finally, what communities are the other survivors living in and how do they interact with her?

Our girl's origins are extremely flexible.  Is she in high school, struggling to survive with a group of her peers (who may have an eye on her themselves)?  Is she a reporter who gets too close?  Is she a pop idol, who the undead particularly enjoy tormenting for their left over admiration and lust for her?

Main Enemy
Lord/Lady of the Undead
Leader and Commander of all undead forces.  Is it someone from our girl's past?  Someone she is related to by blood?  Were they a former leader of a great nation, or is there identity forever lost as a mystery?  The Commander of the Undead is the most powerful and most intelligent of all.  All undead are bound to their will, and cannot deny their requests.

Average Enemy
The legions of the undead come in a variety of forms.  Spectral wraiths, brutish zombies, banshees, magical liches, twisted beasts...  How will she learn to combat them all?

Supernatural High

Content may include but is not limited to:
Non-consent, supernatural rituals, bullying, psychic manipulation, public humiliation, magical witches and spells, humans with powers of mystical creatures

Hidden away in some mystical place, this high school is intended to educate all those with the affinity of something supernatural.  Everyone, from the students to the staff, have some mystical power or ability, and everyone else knows what they are.  This is a school for ghosts, witches, warlocks, vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, dragons (humanoid), unicorns (humanoid), yokai, demigods, and more.  Every myth you've ever heard of, the school likely has a record of one such being enrolled previously.

Here, our girl, age 16-18, 17 preferred, will face a myriad of dilemmas, as bullying is all too common at Supernatural High (better name pending).  She will likely be harassed by all kinds of beasts, perhaps kidnapped to take place in dark rituals or alchemy, humiliated at public functions, and lusted after by at least one prominent figure at the school.  But there's more room for something even bigger.. is something big going on behind the scenes?  Does she have friends who she can rely on?  Or who will betray her?

Main Enemy
School rival: Someone who bullies and harasses her, or forces other to bully and harass her, almost constantly.  Do they secretly have a crush?  Do they simply hold an ancient family feud?  Or are they (super)natural enemies?  Like the pheonix and the dragon?  The vampire and the werewolf?  The witch and the hunter?
School President: Something sinister is going on behind the scenes, and none other than the school president is behind it.  Are they raising an army to conquer the mundane world?  The supernatural world? Planning an assassination?  Preforming a ritaul of immortality?  Sacrificing students to raise a ancient evil?

Average Enemy
There is no average here.  Enemies can consist of all kinds of mythical beings.  Though, I do insist at least primarily, they remain in human forms.  I see no reason they can't shapeshift at will, like the werewolf, but primarily, I'm looking for mostly human-like traits.  An elf or dwarf certainly look human enough, but a reptilian dragon does not.

Vampire Servitude: Everlasting Blood

Content may include but is not limited to:
Non-consent, blood-drinking, capture, imprisonment, bondage, powers of persuasion, injury regeneration, death regeneration, shapeshifting

Our girl is special, age 16-24, she survives something unsurvivable, and discovers she's not entirely human.  She is blessed with an ancient gift of the perfect body.  Any injury will be healed, and trauma undone.  She no longer requires nourishment, and is always in peak physical condition.  Perhaps she has an immortal ancestor, is the daughter of a god, or retained a rare trait of being a witch.  Whatever the case, a vampire clan discovers her gift, and for the enhances sense of lust her blood carries, and for the everlasting supply of it, she is captured and meant to be feasted on by vampires who deserve to be rewarded by the clan.  She is thrust into this world, but her invincibility means she will always have the chance to escape.

But in the mean time, what kind of life will she find in this society?

Main Enemy
Her captor, her keeper, sovereign of the vampire clan, her enemy is one of the most powerful and well-connected vampires in a millennia.  Defeating someone multiple times her speed, strength, and with shape-shifting abilities will not be easy - but she may find her powers extend beyond that of simple regeneration.  Or, she may be forced to become one.

Average Enemy
Vampires and their thralls - but it need not be limited to that.

The Futa-girl Experiment

Content may include but is not limited to:
Non-consent, futa transformations, bullying, public humiliation, science experiments, excessive semen upon transformation, high-school, college

Our girl came in on a volleyball scholarship, but in beach volleyball there can only be two stars.  The one who was bumped down to second-string was outraged, and decided to get even.  She pays off an entire research division at her dad's company to come up with the perfect means to do so - a drug that temporarily induces a hyper-aroused state... and a futa-penis.  The first use throws our girl into a serious orgasm, and she is forced to unzip herself to relive the pressure, only to reveal the massive erection.  While keeled over to her hands and knees and overcome with intense pleasure, she unloads on the floor and onto herself.  Maybe in public.  Maybe she even forces herself on someone else.

An opportunity arises to expel our girl, but instead, the rival throws down a lot of money to keep her around.  Her payback has only just begun.  Maybe next time, she'll use the drug herself and see what it feels like first-hand.  More elements besides this will likely have to be involved, but this is an important aspect.

Maybe the football team is especially interested in our girl, maybe someone frequently bullies her, maybe someone likes to record her humiliation or showering and sell the videos, maybe someone intercepts her on the way to a dance, chases her into the woods, and puts a gun up her dress, between her legs and demands that she obeys his demands.  Of course, we can try nonsexual forms of bullying too, and something else besides bullying as well.  Maybe a romance interest?

Main Enemy
Spoiled rich-girl rival.  She had the money to do whatever she wants, and the influence to get away with it.

Stranded on an Alien Planet

Content may include but is not limited to:
Non-consent, Survival, Capture, Future Technology, naughty flora and fauna, implants that induce orgasms, naughty machines and devices, parasitic beings, supernatural impregnation (short duration, no expansion, accompanying an orgasm)

For one reason or another, our girl finds herself on an alien world, with less than friendly native lifeforms.  From wild plants, to the advanced natives of the time, none are welcoming, and nearly all seek to want to explore the human anatomy or to subject her to servitude or slavery.  Some, might even see her as a pet.  Her main objective is to find the means to escape, but who knows what she'll get involved with in the mean time.

This one likely needs the most support in the planning phase, as it can go in very many different directions.

Main Enemy
Isolation on a foreign, largely hostile planet.

Average Enemy
Wide variety here, depending on the kinds of intelligent species, flora, fauna, and automatons

  The GM role version of this story is taken.  But if you're willing to GM, consider it still open!

Unending Nightmare

Content may include but is not limited to:
Non-consent, horror, nightmarish reality, survival, freakish beasts and monsters, tentacles, death recovery

She woke up somewhere foreign, somewhere that made no sense.  It was horrifying, shadow lurked around every corner, and she felt as if she always being watched...  Weird grew horrifying, as she appeared to be hunted by every beast that grew aware of her.  Surely something had to be friendly, something had to help her escape, or at least, understand.  There is one blessing in this world... no injury is permanent, and sometimes parts of the appear to bend to her will.

Is death (non-gruesome ones) used to heighten her fear?  Her pain?  Are there other dreamers that she meets later?  Dreamers to help one another, at the very least, to avoid feeling so absolutely alone?

Main Enemy
Trapped in her own nightmare - can she escape?  Or is this her new reality?
-and maybe-
A tormenter rises above as her primary enemy.  Will defeating them free her?
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