In Search of The First Avenger

Started by Airindel, May 13, 2015, 07:13:41 PM

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Honest. Moral. Respectful. Duty and honor bound. Charming.
If personality was known alone, he was a man every woman would dream of marrying.
If one was to combine it with his physical appearance, almost every woman would desire him.

Steve Rogers. Captain America. The First Avenger.

Although there are always issues…
Something about saving America--let alone the world--from dangers.
Something about his past never fading, never letting him go… of a love that never truly blossomed and of a time in which was robbed of him.
That expectations, his expectations of others, would fall short.
That adjusting to a new life in this day and age, a span of 70 years in slumber, was not easy.

And then there was … her.
Someone unexpected who caught his eye, and while he wished to ignore her, Steve couldn’t. It was as if she belonged to a different age, a different time.

She worked for Stark Industries, as a personal assistant to Pepper Potts, and she was no stranger to SHIELD or the Avengers, or to the strange events that filter into her life because of it.

Notes: Looking for a partner to write from the perspective of Steve Rogers. What the plot entails, that is purposely left vague for my writing partner and myself to figure out. Kinks would include sexual tension and aggression, dominance and obedience, punishment and whatever else may be plausible.

If interested, zip me a PM.
Thank you.

Lips that taste of tears, they say,
Are the best for kissing
~Dorothy Parker