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Author Topic: Dragon Emblem: Chapter Two [Recruitment]  (Read 613 times)

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Dragon Emblem: Chapter Two [Recruitment]
« on: May 12, 2015, 05:52:14 pm »
Dragon Emblem

Before you go on to read this recruitment thread or this summary of Chapter One, I recommend reading the original recruitment thread found [ here ]. That recruitment thread will explain what this recruitment thread doesn’t. After reading that thread, feel free to proceed to catch-up with the game. The roles that I am seeking to fill at this time are: Nature and Air (with possible need of Light, TBD).

Chapter One: The Price of Neutrality

Lian is a neutral village and melting pot where humans reside peacefully regardless of their cultural views. The mines have been the village’s primary source of income until the mysterious vegetation that grew at the peak of a mountain known as Green Peak began to grow too low. The roots stretched into the mountain’s base, creating small trip wires for the miners that had many injured and killed in cave-ins. It is believed by the people that a dragon may have nested at the peak of the mountain and to eradicate the problem, the village mayor Lord Edwin Thorndike has sent warriors and adventurers of all backgrounds to find and slay the beast. None of the warriors have returned and the mountains continue to take lives.

The role play began with Dragon Slayer Sou-Dorien Vilahn arriving in Lian. The gate guards were elated to see that a dragon slayer had come to the village and quickly they rushed him to see the mayor. Lord Thorndike invited the man into his home as though he were a distinguished guest, offering him exquisite food and drink. He told him of the dragon and of his desires to have it gone. Arming the warrior with his signet ring, Dorien was able to gather whatever supplies and able-bodied warriors he needed for his trip.

The Juggernaut Senadra Anduin, The Master Thief Sybil Phoenixspire, and The Convicted Murderer and Dragon Slayer Sou-Daerio Vardin are few of the members of his band. They venture across the Gunther Bridge into the elevated woods at the base of Green Peak. The mysterious mountain poses many challenges and threats for the warriors. Will they find a dragon, will they find the missing warriors, or will they find a whole new problem? Journey on into Chapter Two of Dragon Emblem!

The Price of Neutrality
Chapter Two: Journey to the Peak

This is the second chapter in the Dragon Emblem game. The RP is broken into chapters that will be summarized as they conclude in case we get new players. This also gives players a similar goal to reach. In this chapter, there will be many perils that will challenge the party of motley warriors. Will the party stay strong? Will the group learn to cope with each other’s backgrounds and beliefs? We will most certainly find out, won’t we?

In Chapter One, we gained and lost a few players, and I look forward to having those players that dropped out replaced before we begin this chapter. If I cannot fill the holes, then I will continue the chapter any way with the new/current cast, but expect to find a recruitment thread for each time we conclude a chapter and begin a new one (unless I don't need to replace any players). It keeps the game fresh and the threads clean and orderly.

You can expect to find a description of the setting that we will be role playing in in the IC (when I put it up). Sudden disturbances in plot will be marked by me. They will read “GM” in large, red, bold letters and everyone should take time to read the threat or the situation that is currently taking place. Let’s work together, make this fun, and keep communication with each other. Thank you to those dedicated players who have stuck around.

Roles Needing to be Filled

Sylph – Air This is the god of the air, twisters, hurricanes, and gales. The Dragoon of Air becomes immune to all aspects of the air. Role: Open

Silva – Nature This is the goddess of nature, fauna, flora, harvest, poison, toxins, disease, and life. The Dragoon of Nature becomes immune to all aspects of nature, disease, toxins, and poisons. Role: Taken

Current Male/Female Ratio:  2 M/ 4 F
Roles total: 8

Current Occupations: Dragon Slayers (2), Priestess of the Children of Caelum (1), Master Thief (1), Blacksmith (1), Therapist (1).

Taken Weapons: Dual Axes, Chakrams, Dual Swords, Flail & Shield, Shambhala, Throwing Needles.

Players who join this game with their new characters will be entered into Chapter Two as part of Dorien’s slaying party. Feel free to PM me your character sheet. Remember, even if more than one player sends me a character application for the same element, I will only be choosing the character sheet that I feel is most suitable for this game. Read over the rules in the link to the original recruitment thread found at the very top of this page. You will also find the character sheet application in that link IF YOU READ IT!
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