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Author Topic: Enslaved: Family Vacation Gone Wrong(Bondage, Slavery, & Incest... Oh My!!)  (Read 1956 times)

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Offline SlipperySue

Want me to change Amy into a single mum or a widow?

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Let's give it a day or so and if no one else adds in a character then we can change her into a single mom.

Offline SlipperySue

Would prefer for the sake of the story if a husband and son appear, but more than happy to continue with Amy as a single mom or widow.

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

@Pipaluk &  SlipperySue it looks like we may have a family consisting of a mother and a daughter. I don't have a problem with that, do either of you?

Also, here are our bad guys....

Jose Matrinez
Name: Jose Martinez
Age: 42
Position: Master
Sex: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic
Personality: Jose is normally a calm and calculating man, he plans things well in advance and is more than willing to use anyone's weakness against them to get what he wants.
Personal History:
Born somewhere in the United States, Jose's first forays into illegal business endeavors were as a small level weapons dealer. As the years passed and the money began to stack up he tried his hand at many different enterprises, some legal, others decidedly illegal. Eventually he found that human trafficking was by far the most enjoyable to him and presented the greatest levels of profit when done correctly. In time he eventually came to become known, by those who knew such things, as one of the preeminent dealers of top quality slaves. Now and days his illegal business empire is so established that he is able to his life to simple self enjoyment.
Character's Sexuality/Ons/Offs Has no real limits, Enjoys dominating, does not enjoy submitting, willing to use both men and women
Player's Limits None Really ;D

Phillip Sabatier
Name: Phillip Sabatier.
Age: 37
Sex: Male
Race/Ethnicity: French
Personality: Thus far Phillip has shown himself to be a polite and respectable man. He has appeared to be diligent in his duties as captain and a knowledgeable sailor. He has also grown a bit fond of telling jokes at dinner, even if said jokes rarely are very funny at all. In reality he is a lecherous man who has been lusting after Eric's daughters since the moment they stepped aboard the ship. He takes great pleasure in humiliating those he has power over, especially those who would normally occupy a higher social station than himself.
Personal History: Phillip was born the son of a poor French fisherman and for most of his life seemed destined to share his fathers life of hard work and meager earnings. That is until he discovered that it was far more profitable to 'catch' crates full of narcotics than it was to catch fish. Over the years Phillip developed a reputation as a reliable smuggler. It was this reputation that eventually brought him into Jose's employ as a smuggler of human cargo. The various 'perks' of this occupation have insured that Phillip has remained loyal to Jose for years and will continue to do so until one of them finally retires.
Character's Sexuality/Ons/Offs Phillip has a taste for young women and an even stronger taste for humiliation. He greatly enjoys watching others experience mental and emotional anguish and will often do whatever he can to make things even worse for his victims.
Player's Limits None for this game.

Darya Toporov
Name: Darya 'Dari'  Toporov
Age: 25
Position: Henchwoman
Sex: Female
Race/Ethnicity: Eastern European
Personality: Darya has so far presented herself as a bubbly, and flirty member of the ship's crew. Often batting eyes at both Eric and Lexi as well as offering stolen glimpses at what lies under her uniform when the opportunity to do so presents itself. However she is in truth a cold, calculating, and sadistic woman. She takes immense pleasure in giving pain, as well as bending others to her will.
Personal History: Darya was born somewhere in Eastern Europe, the exact country is known only to her, and she isn't telling, her mother was a prostitute owned by the local crime lord. For her childhood Darya was kept 'unsoiled' in order to allow her to be sold off for a high price as soon as she turned 16. It was by pure luck that she happened to be sold to one of Jose's suppliers who in turn shipped her off to Jose for training and sale. At some point during her training Jose recognized the young woman's budding potential as something more than just a sex toy. She was eventually trained as Jose's bodyguard and adjutant, a position which she has filled ever since.
Character's Sexuality/Ons/Offs Bisexual. Darya will generally have sex with anyone she finds interesting, whether they be man, woman, or something in between. That having been said Darya finding someone interesting usually boils down to her wondering just how much they can beg and what their crying sounds like...
Player's Limits None for this game

Paul Walsh
Name: Paul Walsh
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian(American)
Personality: Paul is a cynical, sarcastic, and generally 'glass half empty' sort of person. He does what he does simply because there is good money in it and he has a talent for it. In front of the Clausens though, he has done his best to appear as a kind, if somewhat un-social, tradesman who simply wishes to do his job and get paid.
Personal History: Paul grew up in a nice suburban neighborhood where he seemed to fit in decently. His life proceeded rather 'normally'  with him very much the average American child set on the course for an average middle class life. Until he made it to college, where he got a little too much into drugs and wound up owing the wrong people far too much money. It was this debt that prompted Paul to start taking on 'jobs' in order to help pay off his debt. These started off small, with him simply playing the look out for dealers, or running 'stuff' from a supplier to a dealer in the suburbs. But eventually grew and grew until Paul found himself serving as a low level hit man. His unassuming appearance allowing him to sneak up on his targets where others might not be able to do so. His debts long forgotten Paul continued in this lifestyle due to the fact that he had natural talent for such work and that the pay was extremely good. Eventually he was 'loaned out' to an associate of Jose's who was so pleased with Paul's performance that he recommended Paul to Jose. Based off this recommendation Jose contracted Paul to serve as muscle for his operations and has been constantly re-contracting Paul ever since.
Character's Sexuality/Ons/Offs Bisexual, Paul will fuck just about anything in just about any way. Its not so much that he as a specific fetish or kink as it is that he has yet to come across one that he actually dislikes.
Player's Limits None for this game

Dean Conroy
Name:Dean Conroy
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Irish
Personality: Despite being of only average intelligence at best Dean is a sly, cunning, and manipulative man. Always looking for a way to get a leg up on those around him. He has played his role as the ship's cook quite well, serving food and always smiling when in the presence of the Clausens.
Personal History: Dean was a small time con man who eventually found himself in prison after being caught in a particularly elaborate con that fell apart around him. While in prison Dean learned a trade, that trade happened to be cooking. After he was released Dean attempted to use his new found skill to live a legitimate life. But his existing criminal record made finding employment very difficult, to the point that the only work he could find was as the 'house chef' on a charter jet. It was this job that brought him into contact with Jose, who so liked his food that he hired Dean as one of his personal chefs. Dean's criminal background now serving as a plus rather than a negative for his employer.
Character's Sexuality/Ons/Offs Perhaps as a result of his stay in prison Dean is firmly bisexual, and has a strong penchant for taking sex by force. Often its all he really wants or understands. If his partner isn't thrashing about, trying to get away from him then the sex loses a bit of its luster for Dean
Player's Limits None for this game

Offline SlipperySue

No problem with it, are you playing all of the bad guys/girls?

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Yes I'll be taking on the roles of our bad guys.

Offline SlipperySue

No problem with that.

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Sorry about the delay in getting the game up. I was a bit busy these past few days(yay for graduating cousins!) Anyway, I should have the IC and OOC threads up either tonight or tomorrow. Right now it's looking like it will just be a mother and daughter family. Which is fine by me.

Offline SlipperySue

No problem, real life always trumps fantasy.  Whenever you are ready to start is fine by me.

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Here is the OOC thread

and the IC thread

The game has started and is open for posting, though I'll still leave us open to any further interest provided that someone who's interested can join in before things get rolling.

Offline rpgirl85

Name: Sydney 

Age: 16 (Not up to date with site rules, I will change it if chars under 18 are not allowed.)

Position: Younger Daughter

Sex: Female

Personality: Her natural disposition was that of a chirpy and happy girl. Being quite young, the finer traits of her personality were still in a seminal stage. For now, she loved gossiping, loved visiting the mall, loved hanging out with her friends. Part of the popular group of the school, she had developed what was an adolescent contempt towards kids that belonged to the lower strata of the school hierarchy. Her favorite hobby was listening to music, she was a good singer, but way too lazy to try and foster her talent.   

Personal History: Born in a rich and affluent family, she had grown up facing next to no difficulties in her life. In family, she was most affectionate towards her mother. Her sister, she found to be a freak, a creature belonging to a different planet with all her books and all her snooping around. She was also somewhat jealous of her because of her excelling in everything she did.

Character's Sexuality/Ons/Offs: Her sexuality is not yet developed much. She is no virgin though, having lost her cherry in a clumsy affair in the back seat of a car to her older boyfriend a couple of months ago.

Player's Limits: Mutilation, Gore.
« Last Edit: May 26, 2015, 04:13:45 PM by rpgirl85 »

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

She looks good and is accepted. Feel free to join in the game

Offline SlipperySue

Will amend my post to include Sydney.

Offline subrob99

Name: Mark Bennett
Age: 43
Position: Fatheri
Sex: Male
Race/Ethnicity: White
Personality: Mark 6' 3" is very out going always seems to get a long with everyone. He was very competitive and dreamed of being a football star until he had a major knee injury. Mark still loves the out doors and to go on long hikes with Amy.
Personal History: Growing up in southern California. Mark has always been successful in everything he has done. In high school because of his good look always seemed to get his way with the ladies.  Not only was Mark the Valedictorian he was also  the prom king. Mark after high school went on to college at UCLA and got his masters degree in business. This is where he met his beautiful girlfriend  Amy. Which was love at first site. She was a freshman when they met and Mark was starting the masters program. They  got married shortly after Mark graduated  and landed a job as a manager of a large pharmaceutical company in San Diego.   Mark quickly advanced in the company. The success at work meant long hours meant he didn't get to spend as much time at home as he liked. Leaving Amy to primarily raise his too daughters.   

Character's Sexuality/Ons/Offs Straight(forced bi/gay ok) After all these years the passion and love that Mark felt for Amy is as strong as they first met. All the late nights at work with his cute young secretary there his mind never wondered. Amy was always a little more adventurous in bed then Mark was. She always talked him into new things. Like tieing her up and blind folder her.

Player's Limits None I can thank of
« Last Edit: May 28, 2015, 11:38:06 PM by subrob99 »

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Looks good and is accepted.