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Author Topic: Corruption of Champions Request  (Read 639 times)

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Offline VonDoomTopic starter

Corruption of Champions Request
« on: May 11, 2015, 04:49:17 PM »
After the success of my first request that spawned the game The Darker Flames of Mareth run by eBadger, which is currently running and a lot of fun, I find myself with the following thought:

Can there ever be enough games with a focus on demonic corruption? Of course not!

So once again enter the realm of Mareth (or alternate homebrew world with similar themes), into which hapless Champions are sent with the mission to thwart the demons that reside there and protect their home from invasion.

Mareth, invaded by demons long ago, now a realm of many insidious dangers, corrupted inhabitants of all sorts and of course the fiendish invaders themselves. A world where you all too soon find yourself literally becoming what you eat, courtesy of the many items with transformative properties that abound throughout the place. Will the champions be able to resist the corruption, or embrace its dark power and eventually fall to or even take a place amongst the demons?

The world of Corruption of Champions is one of depraved fun and was originally conceived by Fenoxo. While it is a single player game, nothing about it says that it couldn't be a group of Champions that are sent instead!

I am looking for a GM as well as fellow players who are interested in a character-focused narrative and strong detailed writing -- whether the game takes place in the canonical world from the CoC game or one similar in spirit is up to GM preference, but at the very least the GM should be familiar with the original Corruption of Champions game and its themes.

I'm hoping for the game to be run in either Fate Accelerated (the preferred option) or Fate Core, though Pathfinder (which would necessitate heavy houseruling for all the transformations, since they shouldn't just be superficial changes with minor bonuses) is also an option if rules-lite systems aren't your cup of tea, as long as the focus on narrative doesn't suffer for it and combat is kept reasonably short.

One additional request I have that is relevant to the entire game: I am not a fan of furries. Monster-people (so as not to restrict it to the common term Monster Girls) are great, but I don't like paws or snouts on people. It's a pretty big turn-off for me. Mythological and strongly established fantasy-creatures are an exception there -- minotaurs are fine with a bull's head, for example. I suppose a big point is that they are portrayed as clearly monstrous rather than supposed to be appealing to the characters: Gnolls are fine as fugly rape-happy hyena-men, but if they're described as sexy it gets squicky for me.

Please denote interest and, if you like, submit a character concept (personality/appearance/background)! Regardless of the system it's eventually run in, that part of a write up is universal and interesting ones may even attract a GM!

Personal CoC Favorites

Creature Encounters
Assume all critters that are more on the furry end of things to have been 'de-furred' and imagined on my end with human-like faces.
Demons (all manner thereof but mostly succubi and ominibi)
Tentacle beasts

Slime Girls
Shark Girls
Sand Witches
Insect people

Unless otherwise noted, both receiving and giving when appropriate.
Corruption (the bread and butter for this game)
Transformation (the honey on top of said bread and butter)
Futanari (not every girl ever should sport a cock, but it's nice to have a sizable selection)
Corruptive Parasites (NOT the ones already in the game, those are pretty squicky, but in general)
Non-consent/dubious consent
Bondage (light)
Piercings (nipples, clit)
Tattoos (artistic, no taglines)
Full Feminization (manly man turning into a voluptuous woman - it's hot, though not applicable to my character since I'll play a female ... well, to begin with, anyway.)
Lovey-dovey lesbian/futa SM relationships (is that a fetish of its own? I like them a lot, so eh. Let's say it is.)
Arousal Control
Oviposition (ideally from driders with a bit of webbing-bondage thrown in)
Cum Addiction (druggy minotaur cum, or perhaps psychological)
Lactation (to the point of needing to be milked with a bit of cow transformation thrown in)
Pregnancy (accelerated)
Being in heat (if appropriate transformations are involved)
Hypnosis/Mind Control (implanting certain orders/ideas/fetishes rather than full puppetry)
Bimbofication (with an opt-out for it not to be permanent)
Horse cock (previously an off, lately … kind of an on after a certain other CoC game. Taking, not having.)

Personal CoC-based Offs
Anthro/furry (Snouts, paws, etc. Animal features on mostly human faces such as fangs, insect eyes or shark teeth are fine as long as they have a mouth and a nose.)
Multiple sex organs (a pair of cocks are fine, but any more than that is a bit much. Also not a fan of multiple sets of breasts or vaginas.)
Extreme proportions (big is good, but there is such a thing as too much. If a set of breasts is so big it would literally break your spine or a cock could actually be used to skewer someone, it's too much.)
Weird nipples (having cow-teats on a cowgirl is great, but when they start to turn into cocks or lips or become fuckable, that's really not my thing.)

I should probably note, since I have a tendency to re-use characters if I feel they have yet to properly shine, for this game, I will not propose to play my character from Darker Flames of Mareth (originally from Lure of Corruption and very briefly seen in Welcome to Mareth) again, but rather a new character. Starting gender undecided -- if we can get a decently gender-balanced starting group, I'll go female, if we get mostly girls again I'll go male this time, assuming the GM doesn't mind it (I've seen some people who prefer to GM solely for female characters).

Got a couple of concepts lying around in my head I could flesh out, but if I start a female character, cowgirl transformation would be amazing -- and TG transformation for a male, possibly bimbofication as part of it or growing into a reluctant submissive afterwards (has to be talked into it every time, but then loves the hell out of it until she finally accepts it after awhile).

Offline Evalon

Re: Corruption of Champions Request
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2015, 02:23:38 PM »
A game with a transformation theme is highly relevant to my interests ;D I'll mark down my interest.

I'm not knowledgeable in any system but I'd be willing to learn if transformation is the theme of the game.

Offline eBadger

Re: Corruption of Champions Request
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2015, 03:09:48 PM »
I'd love a chance to be a player in a CoC game, definitely! 

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Re: Corruption of Champions Request
« Reply #3 on: May 13, 2015, 10:07:39 PM »
Seal of interest

Offline Evalon

Re: Corruption of Champions Request
« Reply #4 on: May 13, 2015, 10:28:21 PM »
Seal of approval

I had to do it. It was on my bucket list to use this somewhere and I saw the chance ;D

Offline Videospirit

Re: Corruption of Champions Request
« Reply #5 on: May 14, 2015, 10:08:59 PM »
I made a character for the last one, so I think it's evident where my interest lies.