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Author Topic: Furcadia Recruitment Thread [Non-Smut][Story-driven][Exotic]  (Read 447 times)

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Story Summary

A human female by the name of [blank] is abducted by accident from her home planet Earth to a mysterious planet where all the inhabitants are anthropomorphs. Having been accidentally summoned in a magic ritual by the noble son, Lord Nathaniel Whiskario II, the heir to the Whiskario’s floating estate, he is upset to learn that his summoned monster shows no signs of strength or magic powers of its own. Disgusted by his failure, he has the human apprehended and cast like rubbish through a fall door in his castle. The girl survives, destiny saving her life, as she lands on a merchant ship. The merchants take her prisoner, storing her in the brig where she finds several other anthropomorphs enslaved and waiting for their fate. Some will be sold as whores, some bodyguards and laborers, and those remaining will be sent to the arena to fight for their freedom. Little does anyone know, not even the girl herself knows, that she is about to become a leader, a queen, to change the world of Furcadia for the better.

Your Role

First and foremost if you couldn’t tell by reading the title, this is not a smut game. There will be sex, yes. But it will be tasteful and it will not be the dominating premise of this game. This game has a storyline so if you aren’t interested in storylines and are just looking for a temporary game to relieve some frustration, this game isn’t for you. I will be selective with who I allow in this game. It will be influenced mostly by how much work and detail you place into your character sheet and if you read this introduction that I was kind enough to write straight-to-the-point. If you are not accepted in this game, do not be upset. I base my decisions upon this game’s survival. Also, you don't have to go to ridiculous means to write a decent character sheet. I'm sure we all know what a decent character sheet looks like. Do not write me a skeleton.

What I ask from you is to be dedicated. If you run into any issues, then communicate, communicate, communicate, communicate! I have to reiterate this so much because people still do not do this. I do not need to know your business. I just need to know when you’re disappearing and for how long. That is all. You will be required to post at least 1-2 times a week. If that sounds like too much, if reading that sentence scares you, then do not apply to this game. You will be given an alibi if you tell me real life is keeping you busy but I plan to get a post out to you on “This Date” or “This Day.”

Just be patient, thoroughly read this game for it’s not going to go anywhere and there aren’t any specific roles that need to be filled. I will, however, be preventing a surplus of any role that I feel is being duplicated. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in this recruitment thread. However, everything I say goes. Please be sure to read this thread because I am sure it will have most of your questions answered. If you ask me a question that has been answered in this introduction, then you may have decreased your chance of getting accepted into this game. All I am asking you to do is read and understand. Nothing more.

The Law of Furcadia

The law of Furcadia is based on what we call Darwinism on Earth: “Survival of the Fittest.” Furcadia is a lush, fertile planet gradually being converted to steel and desert as war, greed, and the struggle for survival consumes the planet and its resources.

Survival of the Fittest: If you intend to commit a crime, then you must succeed in doing it. If you succeed, then your actions are legal. To elaborate, if you steal from another successfully, then that item you stole is yours. The reason simply being if that person had been strong or clever enough, then that person would still have his or her belongings. It is a harsh lesson, and it contributes to the planet’s hostility. To elaborate further, if you attempt to murder someone, then you must succeed. If you don’t, then either: a) you will die, or b) you will be imprisoned. If you succeed in killing your enemy, then you are justified.

The chaos brought by this simple law has led to the emergence of a class of Furcadians known as Nobles.


The nobles have learned to cheat the system. If they have fortune, food, and fresh water, then their luxury can be used to recruit bodyguards and even armies to protect them and their valuables. The nobles can be found in castles on the ground, in the water, and even floating in the sky. They live like kings and queens, taking in those poor creatures who wish no more to struggle. They have slaves, servants, and soldiers doing their bidding. They are not easy to defeat. You would be lucky to get close to them for not even the most skilled assassin can penetrate their defense.

The nobles enjoy having exquisite balls and tea parties. If one intends to take over another, then they will meet in good sport to attempt to compromise surrender. If the attempt fails, then war will be waged the next day, thousands of lives lost, and destruction left in its path. Nobles tend to go at each other as though the lives they hold under their command were but pieces on a chessboard and they will go until the last soldier has fallen. Some will even abandon their castle to try and recreate their empire to start the senseless carnage again.

The nobles are the problem, and if Furcadia is to change for the good of its people, then they will need to be brought down. The human in this game will be responsible for amassing an army of followers and leading them to war against these tyrants, but she must first make a name for herself and recruit strong allies.

The Setting

The level of technology in this game varies. Guns use gunpowder, flying ships steam-powered, and if there is to be any technology, then it is powered by either steam or magic. The rest of the weaponry is mostly medieval. Guns aren’t too common because they are expensive to repair and getting ammo is also expensive. There aren’t that many gunsmiths in the world and those that remain are employed by the nobles.

The nobles have access to most of the magic and technology, having monopolized on it. So if you want more firepower, then you may need to conquer a castle. There are small black markets scattered about the world, but they are small and rare because no one wants their equipment stolen.


All Furcadians are anthropomorphic. None are like nekomimis or any other mimi. They are strictly furries. Humans do not exist on Furcadia, therefore, when they see the human main character, most will consider her ugly, while others will be confused and fascinated by her appearance.


Species does not determine your character’s strength. You can play a gorilla or a lion or a tiger and can still be defeated by a bunny or Chihuahua. What determines strength is how you write your character sheet and how you write your characters in combat. If you aren’t good at writing combat scenes, take this as a chance for you to learn. We all have to leave our comfort zones in order to become better writers, take this as an excellent opportunity.

There will be no mythical creatures: no dragons, unicorns, griffons, or hybrids. None. None. None.

If that killed your interest in this game, then I am sorry. See you around.

Depending on the species of anthropomorph you choose, you can research that animal and write down special traits that that creature has: enhanced hearing, enhanced sense of smell, nightvision, flexibility, bite force, etc. For those of you interested in playing animals that rely on water, understand that their need to stay moist and not dehydrate is going to be a natural weakness. But do not worry, I will help everyone with their character sheet. Feel free to use me to bounce ideas off of. I wrote this game, I believe I know what is allowed and what isn’t. I will do my best to help you overcome your frustrations and writer’s block.

I will write this again: The species you choose does not automatically place him or her as the strongest animal on the planet. Species does not determine strength and it will not matter.

The Human

You’re all alone (maybe). Human is self-explanatory; however, your strength is your wit. You come from a country where wrong-doing is not rewarded. It is punished. You come from a nation where people don’t have to be greedy and can share and work together to survive. You come from a nation where everyone equally has the opportunity to excel in the world. With this knowledge, you will educate these animals and make strong allies who believe in your dream. You will rally an army and challenge a noble to put your name and your political views out there. Many will run to you for justice and safety and you will take them in to expand your empire. While this is the eventual dream, you will have to work on creating it one step at a time. Expect to start as a small band before expanding into an army.

The technology on this planet is familiar to you so you will know how to use it best.

Character Sheet

You will be making a character that will eventually be recruited by the human. It doesn’t matter what role your character has, but try to be useful. If I ask you to make edits or to change your class, do not be upset. I am just tweaking your character for the good of the game and balance. Let your imagination run wild.

Code: [Select]
[b]Name:[/b] Self-explanatory. Be creative.
[b]Alias:[/b] If your character was an outlaw or some big-deal type. If neither, then you don’t have to fill this out.
[b]Age:[/b] We will use human years for both the human and the Furcadian.
[b]Species:[/b] Human or…what animal? Be specific. Don't just write "Dog" or "Cat." You have to give an actual breed. If tiger, you have to say either the White or the Orange.
[b]Ethnicity:[/b] If your character comes from a specific tribe, pack, village, or country, you can make it up here. I encourage other players to look at the already player-made tribes and if you make a character of the same species to have your character having come from that same country, tribe, pack, or village just for character development and interaction reasons. You don’t have to. It was just an idea.
[b]Height:[/b] Your character’s height.
[b]Weight:[/b] Your character’s weight.
[b]Role:[/b] What is/was your character? Pirate, Outlaw, Mercenary, Gladiator, Thief, Slave, Noble servant, Concubine, Exotic Dancer, Noble Guard, etc. No one is allowed to play a Noble or the immediate family of a noble. You would be too brainwashed and spoiled to convert to the good side.
[b]Written Appearance:[/b] Here is where you write as much detail about your character from fur design, scars, eye color, hair color, etc. Yes, they can have their fur dyed just like hair dye.
[b]Visual Appearance:[/b] You can use a photo to represent your character, but you will still have to provide a written description. Your character is not required to have a photo. I know how finding one that matches what you envision is difficult. So be at ease.
[b]Weapon(s):[/b] If your character once carried or has a preferred weapon that they use. You can also mention their claws, teeth, quills, venom, or talons as being a natural weapon. Include those traits in this weapon explanation. Just bullet each one.
[b]Magic:[/b] This is only for magician or sorcerer roles. You are limited in specializing in three types of magic. I will be reading over your skills to make sure that they aren’t god-modish.
[b]Special Traits:[/b] These traits are related to the animal species you chose. You are limited to four. This can almost be akin to super powers. Say if you’re an armadillo, you may have impenetrable armor, a snake may be able to stretch its limbs, a lizard may have a ridiculously long tongue that can snag things. Get creative.
[b]Special Mention:[/b] Instead of writing up the usual “background” and “personality,” I wrote this section to ease your pain. This is where you write what you want us to know about your character. There is no limitation on length. I understand that characters are better ironed out as the game progresses. This is why I made this section.
[b]Weakness:[/b] This can be a psychological or physical weakness. Maybe you like having your tummy rubbed, scratched behind your ear, you are terrified of dogs, hydrophobic, your massive weight makes you slower than others, etc. The human will simply have human weaknesses. It’s self-explanatory.
[b]Likes:[/b] What your character likes. This is not sexual-related.
[b]S-Likes:[/b] This is your character’s sexual likes.
[b]Dislikes:[/b] What your character dislikes. This is not sexual-related.
[b]S-Dislikes:[/b] This is your character’s sexual dislikes.

Chapter One: Making the Band

Yeah the name sounds silly, but meh. Like with all of my group games, I break them down into chapters. This allows me to regulate those who go inactive and to give everyone a common goal so they know exactly how the chapter is supposed to go.

In this chapter, your character will simply be recruited. You all don’t have to enter the game at once and start running toward the human going, “Me, me, pick me!” You can easily watch how the game plays out and just insert your character into the scene. To make sure no one writes over top of someone else or has a scene they wanted in on stolen from them, I will also be writing GM posts that will give players the option to PM me and say, “Hey, I want my character in on that business.” And I’ll say, “All right.” And proceed to plug your name into that situation. This doesn’t mean that other characters can’t join in. It’s just allowing players priority response. No one else is allowed to respond to that situation before those “x” amount of characters do. If you applied for priority and then decide you can’t come up with a good entrance, then you can hand your priority over to someone else.

But yes, this game will be moving in a story-like fashion. Do not be afraid. You will not be left behind. Everyone will get a chance to get their character in and there will be enough chances for bad-assery. I will also be pausing situations, if I feel a new character can be introduced.

If you have any ideas of how you want your character discovered or how you plan to enter your character into this chapter, let me know and we’ll make it happen if it's doable. This game is supposed to be fun, so let’s all make it fun.

At the conclusion of this chapter, if we lost some players, then upon making Chapter Two, I will drop another recruitment thread for Chapter Two to get us more players.

The human girl and the game will begin on the merchant ship. As I said, you do not have to have your character be on the merchant ship. The merchant ship shall be landing in the kingdom of Felicia, named after Queen Felicia Persius, the noble that governs it.


1.   No Smut: This is not a smut game. All intended sex scenes will be moved to a separate thread. You will drop your link in the IC when the situation happens.
2.   Be respectful. I will try to be respectful to you, so I expect the same in return. You also need to be respectful to each other. If someone is frustrating you with their posts, and you do not wish to confront them in fear of creating unnecessary drama, then tell me. I will kindly confront them about it in PM, and I will more than likely put you both in a PMed dialog to talk it out for it may just be a misunderstanding.
3.   Keep drama out of the OOC. Please refrain from venting your frustrations about another player or about a situation in the game in the OOC. You can talk about it like a mature adult, but if I feel that the situation is escalating, I will ask that you and whoever you’re talking to take it to PMs.
4.   Character Limitation is Two. You can only have two characters. No more unless this game goes big game status. For now, two.
5.   Try to post at least 1-2 times a week. This may change if it seems like we have a dedicated group. A week is Mon-Sun. So if you post every Sunday then that’s fine. If you posted just once that’s fine but please keep whoever you’re interacting with informed as to why you can’t post more frequently. Do not keep another player waiting. It is rude. I see it happen all the time. The least you can do is offer a day you intend to post and do your best to keep your word on it.
6.   Combat. If you and another player wish to engage in combat. Discuss the fight in PMs. You should know who the victor and loser is going to be before you write it out. If you don’t know who the victor or loser will be, then don’t bother writing it. It will only create unnecessary drama.
7.   Communicate. Talk to me. I am human. I understand when you have delays. Real-life comes first but I can’t grant you any alibis if you don’t tell me what is stressing you out or making you inactive. Please talk to us. We are all a team here. If you are absent for 30 days, I will be labeling you as inactive. If you want to leave the game, please kindly say you are in the OOC. I hope you are able to make wise decisions. If you do not have time for this game or you have too many games that you are involved in already, do not try to fit this game in. Just don't do it.
8.   There is no player limit right now, but I will limit the players when I feel there are enough.
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Re: Furcadia Recruitment Thread [Non-Smut][Story-driven][Exotic]
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2015, 03:14:37 PM »
Bookmarking for possible interest. Great idea BlackThrone...brilliantly done!

Offline TheBlackThroneTopic starter

Re: Furcadia Recruitment Thread [Non-Smut][Story-driven][Exotic]
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2015, 07:56:46 PM »
Name: Kamut (Kah-Moot) – does not know of his last name.
Alias: The Lone Wolf; “Mutt” or “Cur” by Wolves.
Age: 31
Species: Husky Dog
Ethnicity: Canaan Country – Valley of Dogs.
Height: 7’4” (from feet paws to tip of ears)
Weight: 315 lbs.
Role: Bounty Hunter
Written Appearance: Kamut is a big boy, burly with thick black and white fur to resist the cold. His fur is shorter and smooth on his stark-white belly and his eyes are a milky-blue, a sharp contrast to his black facial markings. As a Canaanite Husky, his species was breed for labor, a class desired most by lazy nobles. He has a heavy-weight build for strength and endurance, lasting longer than most but not the fastest. He has a few pink scars, cutting across his abs, chest, and back from chasing down and dueling targets. His bounty hunter gear is comprised of black toed-boots, grey trousers, a belt with a hunting knife and twin short swords, a duster, and a dog-like collar around his neck, which actually protects his neck from being bitten or strangled. He carries extra gear for wrangling his foes in the form of bolos, ropes, and crossbows of varying sizes with arrows dipped in various toxins and tranquilizers. What he carries with him depends on the job.
Visual Appearance: [Image One] [Image Two ] [Image Three] These pictures are just for reference. Please read the written description.
XHunting Knife – a six-inch blade that he mostly uses for cutting or stealth kills.
xTwin Short Swords – Kamut is an expert duel-wielder. He favors the short swords for their length, speed, and light weight.
xFangs – Kamut will use his teeth to rip the throats of unprepared foes.
Magic: None.
Special Traits:
xEnhanced Strength: The husky is strong, and it is his strength that has made him resilient. He is capable of lifting and moving heavy objects from boulders to hunk of steel. Give him a harness, and you will see him pull a noble's broke-down steel carriage.
xEnhanced Stamina: His heart is strong, which allows him to go long hours without resting. He is a working-class animal and will go until he can't no more.
xEnhanced Sense of Smell: Picking up pheromones allow him to identify different creatures and their moods. He can follow the trail they leave behind like bread crumbs.
xEnhanced Hearing: Kamut can hear sounds that some creatures may not even be able to perceive. He can register the lowest frequency within half a mile of his location.
Special Mention:
The Pup
Kamut was always alone since he can remember, which isn’t much. As a pup without parents to raise him, he fell prey countless times to predators seeking to introduce him into Furcadia’s ugly reality; and without a choice, he had to learn fast how to survive on his own; how to hunt and eat; how to put aside the emotions that would make him weak to adopt those that would make him a strong survivor.
The Lone Wolf
Kamut bears the hint of a wolf. He often blended into packs, leeching off their resources during the harsh cold winters, and stealing the hearts of many a she-wolf. Like a parasite, once he had taken his fill, he would leave and forever be hunted by the affronted pack and its members. They called him “mutt” and “cur.” A few times, he ran into trouble when word of him got around on the Howl System. The blood he shed, the life and death struggles he faced, made him a confident and proud hunter. It wasn’t long before he gave himself the name, “Lone Wolf,” and took up bounty-hunting.

Weakness: Although Kamut hasn’t discovered this yet because no one has ever done this to him, he loves having his belly rubbed, his back scratched, and being scratched behind the ear. He will become a horny-mess in your hands. When in the presence of a lovely female that he finds attractive, his tail tends to betray him and will happily wag. He can’t stand the heat for his coat is grown best for arctic temperatures, which means when temperatures start to rise, he often gets a trim.
Likes: Bones, females, meat, the cold, hunting and chasing, and having his strength challenged.
S-Likes: The smell of an aroused female turns him on. He likes to wrestle, nip, lick, and pin his lovers into submission. He likes receiving oral as well as giving.
Dislikes: Wolves, cats, hot temperatures, and not being able to catch his prey. He doesn’t like being caged, enslaved, or muzzled.
S-Dislikes: Anything that belongs in a toilet should stay there. No blood play.
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Re: Furcadia Recruitment Thread [Non-Smut][Story-driven][Exotic]
« Reply #3 on: May 10, 2015, 08:56:43 PM »
I updated the "Special Mention" section of the CS for those working on CSes because I caught myself being hypocritical. There is no word minimum.

Offline TheBlackThroneTopic starter

Re: Furcadia Recruitment Thread [Non-Smut][Story-driven][Exotic]
« Reply #4 on: May 11, 2015, 07:06:03 AM »
For some applying to this game, this may be your first time writing in this type of genre. I am going to clarify what I am looking for in regards to furry.

This is a Furry. This is also a furry.

This is NOT a furry. Any picture like this will not be acceptable.

If you cannot write without a photo, then do not apply to this game. The picture shouldn't even matter for I hope your words are better. I hope this breaks the confusion.

Offline Starcry

Re: Furcadia Recruitment Thread [Non-Smut][Story-driven][Exotic]
« Reply #5 on: May 12, 2015, 04:33:06 PM »
Why no dragons, nagas and stuff? Also what about Sergals?

Offline TheBlackThroneTopic starter

Re: Furcadia Recruitment Thread [Non-Smut][Story-driven][Exotic]
« Reply #6 on: May 12, 2015, 04:42:05 PM »
The reason why is because when people write bestial traits, they are able to research that animal they chose and choose realistic abilities (realistic to the animal) for their character. Hybrids and mythical creatures would overpower the game and downplay the characters of those players who chose an actual (the ones we are familiar with on Earth) animal. No, alien furries won't be acceptable. It makes it also interesting for the Human who comes to that planet because she'll be familiar with each animal and can use her Earth knowledge as an advantage. I've been discussing with some interested players and I may be taking over the female human role to better guide the game and players through the story. The human girl role is still open for grabs, but worst case scenario if no one wants to take on the role's responsibility, then I will take the role.

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Re: Furcadia Recruitment Thread [Non-Smut][Story-driven][Exotic]
« Reply #7 on: May 12, 2015, 04:48:31 PM »
This sounds like fun...too bad I'm still shy about my fascination with furs. I hope this goes well though.

Offline TheBlackThroneTopic starter

Re: Furcadia Recruitment Thread [Non-Smut][Story-driven][Exotic]
« Reply #8 on: May 12, 2015, 04:50:45 PM »
This sounds like fun...too bad I'm still shy about my fascination with furs. I hope this goes well though.

Aw, thank you for the luck. This game is always open to those writers wishing to try/experiment with new concepts.  :-)

Offline Starcry

Re: Furcadia Recruitment Thread [Non-Smut][Story-driven][Exotic]
« Reply #9 on: May 12, 2015, 04:53:21 PM »
So my boy wouldn't be welcome then?

Offline TheBlackThroneTopic starter

Re: Furcadia Recruitment Thread [Non-Smut][Story-driven][Exotic]
« Reply #10 on: May 12, 2015, 04:57:25 PM »
So my boy wouldn't be welcome then?

Unfortunately not. I would consider him a hybrid. Furries of a species that mimic those found on Earth are the only furries that I will be accepting.

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Re: Furcadia Recruitment Thread [Non-Smut][Story-driven][Exotic]
« Reply #11 on: May 12, 2015, 04:58:54 PM »
Fair enough then. I wish you luck.

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Re: Furcadia Recruitment Thread [Non-Smut][Story-driven][Exotic]
« Reply #12 on: May 12, 2015, 05:08:20 PM »
Thank you.  :-)