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May 22, 2018, 03:19:28 AM

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Author Topic: Porn  (Read 2016 times)

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Offline Lixy

Re: Porn
« Reply #25 on: June 15, 2015, 07:54:57 PM »
Oh gee...
       I have just registered here and am a complete newbie, and -this- kind of article is the one I am posting at first! I blame it on the person who linked it to me! *flails arms*

       Love to see how the answers were ping-ponged and the discussion evolved (in comparison to other forums, sites I have seen) into talks about sex-ed, porn addiction, influences of porn, games and general fantasy world(s).

       Quite honestly, I have a thought or two about them all. Sex-ed is lacking and becoming a laughing stock. If once it was a simple giggle-worthy word combination you quietly whispered to your schoolmates, walking down the corridors...then now it is a joke. Rather literally, since, as many of you pointed out - the kids, teenagers probably know more about sex, STD's and human reproductive organs, than those poor teachers, assigned to give this sex-ed.They are curious about how a man fits together with a woman, where we once were curious about how many points our team will score, playing that friendly match of street-ball, with our mates.

       That, however, is the consequence of information overflow. If once the internet, media in general, books, magazines were resources for bits of information we needed, to fill some gaps..Then now it has turned into an uncontrollable, overflowing orb of information, threatening to burst in places, just like those sun flares do, affecting us in all sorts of ways. I recently read in a magazine (a somewhat "easy going" scientific magazine for those that do not speak "scientific") about these programs, servers created, to store and filter through these information flows/ exchanges. The notable thing about this was the size of this storage (like was compared to something stupidly ridiculous), repentance of information and general uselessness too. And we're bombared with this information, like, smack into our faces, on daily basis. So I'm sorry, but I disagree with those that said that porn, games, media doesn't affect one, as we "know that it is fictional". No matter what you know or don't, there is a thing like subconsciousness and parts of brain, mind, we don't quite control. With the right images, words, sounds and intervals with which they are repeated and showed to us, we can be easily "programmed". Zombified even, as some might call it.  I can't remember any references to it, but I'm sure that someone, who speaks "IT", would be able to find this information online.

       And then comes the next point...The effect of porn. In mild doses - I say it is even healthy. Let's be honest here - most of us do watch it, no matter the sex or religion or color of skin. We're humans and as such - curious by nature, somewhat easily excitable and lured into appealing things, especially those that are pleasant to the eye. I could be wrong here, but I was told that males actually need to release these..err...pressure valves. And I agree. I will not go into biological explanations of my reason for this, as that would probably deserve another topic then (chain reaction, new points arising, bla bla, internet is your information tool). It isn't as important for females, because <insert biological reason again>. We don't produce anything that piles up in those sacks, and that need that release. Our "release" of those reproductive cells happens on monthly basis anyways. HOWEVER! That doesn't mean we don't need, want or like some sexual arousal...

        I do believe that overdosing with it a human can raise their expectations to heights that are probably never going to be met in real life (NOTE: not just males! Females too!). Yes, it is but some fantasy scene we watch, with those perfect bodies we long for ourselves and thus find it even more arousing. However, it also leaves an "imprint" in our brain, so to speak. It makes you get a bit disappointed, when you finally get to unbutton those pants of a man, hoping to finally see the cause of that bulge..and realizing it was just the shading in the club, that made the bulge seem so big. Or that moment, when you fondle a girl's bust, finally ripping that shirt off...only to realize that those orbs are mostly made up from that polyester bra. Or at least this is my opinion. I'm not against it. Just saying that it -mostly will- affect one's expectations.

       The saddest part of it can cause addiction and it can cause a lot of trouble in between couples in real life. Now, I don't see it as cheating, but many females would. Odd, how males don't seem to (cheeky cheeky). It is just like a drug, really. You taste it once and it seems fun. You taste it twice and it seems to be rather exciting, -and- fun. You taste it more and more and with each time it seems to offer more and more release, euphoria. Yet, there comes a time when you reach that ceiling and it doesn't give that much anymore. But you still keep on searching, going into more kinks, fetishes, anything just to trigger that "happy button" again. The same applies to erotic role-play, actually. It is, in a different form, porn. Just literary, not visual (except for when it is done in some games, but even then you can only have the pixels do so much, right?). But again...the addiction to erotic role-play probably would deserve a separate thread, as that can also cause a lot of problems.

       Anyways..what was the initial question in the thread? Oh yes!
Yes..females like to watch porn, no matter how many would try to deny it. We do have different tastes, but I wouldn't say they're much humbler than males. I think we're simply more picky about what we like to see, how we want the scene to unfold, and if at all. Once we're hot and bothered enough, we'd probably just find a real quick "shagathron". Since I don't mind my partner watching it at all, then in comes a little fetish, if it can be called that way - watching it together. Why whine and moan to my girlfriends about my man getting off on other females on screen, when I can offer extra excitement with my body next to his and make sure I reap the fruits of mutual arousal. Talking about it, whispering dirty things, doing..all sorts (ahem) together, when watching it, trying what they do on screen (with precautions when attempting certain circus worthy tricks, of course!!!) might just even leave an imprint of me, rather than that "fake" female on screen, in his mind, and associate me with arousal, not her.
       So after all that rant...(yeah, great, way to introduce myself to these forums, wooohoo  :-[ )...I find it a rather pleasant and exciting experience, when done in moderate amounts and controlled, without letting it get that negative, addictive influence. Because as long as you are open and comfortable about your own sexuality, you shouldn't be ashamed of watching it. Turn it into a bonus with a partner. After all...prostitute is the oldest profession on the face of Earth. The greatest, most powerful and dynamic empires all welcomed sexuality with open arms, heck, we -all- used to run around with loincloth on daily basis. Humans are sexual beings and our continuance relies on this sexuality. We simply need to learn how to control it, so it doesn't become harmful - be it towards others, or ourselves and our loved ones.