Looking for Loki x OC (F looking for male. Story ides and post samples inside)

Started by Cathreen Dawinter, May 09, 2015, 05:47:08 PM

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Cathreen Dawinter

Hello all as the title says I am looking for someone who would be willing to play Loki for me. I will not lead you down any false promises in saying that I am looking for someone to play Loki against my OC character. I would welcome a myriad of adult themes to the rp since his character lends himself to it. I do have a basic idea for story line and my character though I am willing to work with both.

Story Idea one (light elf)

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The character I have in mind would either be a kind of light elf from Álfheimr which is a different realm or some other being from a different place. Her kind has not been seen in the other realms in a very long time since they have isolated themselves from the others. I have been playing around with the idea of them being able to create basic life forms such as plants and animals but not higher life forms like humans or anything like them. If have have already lived and have died recently then they can recreate them but they can't have been dead for long. Most fear them though because they can also unmake matter though for them it comes at a high cost just like creating does. I can tone down or beef up her powers as needed. That is pretty much the character I would like to play but as I said I am open to changing for Loki . With her realm being isolated from the others she grew up only having heard of them in passing or old rumors and legends. She is one that always is looking for something new. Something interesting. She spends a good deal of her time in books learning as much of the different realms as she can tell she finds a way down to them knowing it will result in her banishment from her home. What she didn't plan on was what life was like alone when no one really knows what you are. It isn't long before she finds herself in trouble and captured. This is where I was thinking they could meet. Maybe Loki can tell what she is since he seems to have quite an intellect. He sees the chance to gain more power that would give him the chance to gain the throne of Asgard and she sees the chance to only have to deal with one person and a chance to see new things and have a better life. It would kinda be an uneasy partnership of sorts at first it could slowly turn to something more romantic.

First post sample

To say that the slave bazaar on one of the dark worlds was a dump would be a understatement of facts. The only light one could find would be the flickering light from lamps that lined the narrow over crowded streets. Almost every manor of life could be found walking through the streets or on sale in the many roughly made booths that where set up. Like many places the finest, freshest and most valuable where sold near the front. Young children, confirmed virgins or those that had a valuable skill that would be in demand. There the booths where cleaner and they where cleaner. The further back you went though the more the scent of death and unwashed bodies soured the air. This was the place for the unruly, the old and broken down, or those that had simply failed to sell. Those that where not highly wanted but could still be used for one purpose of another. More then once the body of  slave was carried out that had simply passed away with no ones noticing.

Back near the end there would be a small rickety fence set up looking as though it had been made from what ever loose and broken boards that could be found. A short fat goblin set perched on a chair gnawing on what looked to be a slowly rotting cooked leg of an animal. Bits of flesh hung from between its teethe as it watched prospective customers. One hand ran over its pot belly just above the tattered cloth that provided the barest covering necessary for modesty, though if it moved right everything was exposed. Behind it chained to different pieces of the fence or the posts would be a varied assortment of slaves to be bought. Older people, a few women who had been over used in the sex trades, one that had stabbed her former owner and a few others that had proved too much trouble to keep. Then there was her.

She set near the center of the back of the fence dressed like many of the other females. A warn dirty cloth cross crossing over her breasts to keep them covered and only enough cloth to keep from her hips to her upper thigh covered. Her hair which was normally white was now going on a darker gray from lack of cleaning. Her pale skin looked in much the same shape. Still her deep green eyes still held life and fight in them even if it had been tempered with everything she had been through since leaving her home realm. This was not the adventure that she had hoped for and she was sure if they knew the power she could unleash she wouldn't be stuck here. Her fingers slowly moved up brushing over the simply iron collar around her neck that kept her somewhat obedient to the point she couldn't wipe this place off the face of the planet. Her eyes slowly focused on the passing people who mostly kept their nose covered from the smell around the place. For this she was almost thankful since if they didn't they would smell the faint flora scent that her kind seemed to give off. This would lead to far too many questions. Her eyes fell on one passing figure before a sharp pain struck her temple and she could feel a small bead of red blood trailing down the side of her head. “Headsss down sssslave. You know better,” the short goblin hissed as chunks of meat went flying past its thin pointed nose. It wasn't tell her head lowered that its small black beady eyes turned back to the passer by. “Damn sssslaves,” he muttered before taking another bite.

Idea number two: Fire and Ice

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( please note this is a little different from Marvel's phoenix)

When the Drozal set their eyes on Midgard as the next world they would destroy and terraform for a profit they already knew of the guardians that had stopped the first ones who tried to take over. So they sent their most powerful weapon. A phoenix which was stored in deep sleep when they didn't need her and only brought out when they needed. A nurointerpahse that ran along its hosts spine keep the creature under their control. When they unleashed their phoenix on earth the destruction was wide spread and rapid. There seemed nothing that could stop the loss of human life until it was discovered that the phoenix had one natural enemy. Only one being that could truly hurt it. A frost giant. But could Earth trust Loki enough to have him stand as the one barrier between them and destruction? What would they do when he decides to spare the creatures life rather then killing it?

The story is open for discussion and being worked with. I am more then open to playing some of the avengers as NPC's to help with the story line.

First post sample

When the Drozal set their eyes on Midguard as the next world they would destroy and terraform for a profit they already knew of the guardians that had stopped the first ones who tried to take over. A mistake they where not going to repeat. Not when there was money to be made from a freshly harvested planet. They sent the one weapon that would eliminate all life from a city before moving on to the next. The one for which they had total control and none would be able to stop. After all the only thing that could harm a phoenix were frost giants and they had long since been driven from Midguard by the all father. So with greedy smiles spread over thin twisted lips they watched the single beacon of light as it shot from the ship on a collision course with Midguard.

When the probe crashed down it would release a single long figure that looked like a normal human. Long red hair was allowed to flow freely in sharp contrast to the skin tight body suit. The only thing that broke up the solid black coloring would be a silver scaled control device that ran from the bottom of her skull to right above the sacrum. While her might have had normal sized hips and rear her breasts would be close to a b cup size. Colorless white eyes looked around the open country landscape knowing soon this world would be nothing more then a smoldering pile of cinder ash. No emotion played over her pale features as she flew up in the air heading for the closest town ready to show her powers and draw out the guardians that where responsible for protecting this planet. The first town that fell to her would be a small town in Arizona that boosted a population of 750. In less than half an hour there was nothing left but a flat field of glass where the desert sands had been melted. The next four towns fell in similar fashion. Nothing left but burnt ruin.

Now she hovered just a few feet above the desert sands with her arms crossed over her chest. She had surly caused enough destruction that the so called heroes would come and try and stop her. Once they where eliminated the rest of the world would fall in similar fashion. Then she would reshape it in the order that those that controlled her would wish. Slowly the her colorless white eyes opened slowly as she sensed a singular life form approaching pulling a slight frown to her lips. “Do they take me so lightly that they would only send one mortal to stand against me?” she asked as she looked around looking for the source life she had sensed.

Cathreen Dawinter

Cathreen Dawinter

I have also been playing around with the idea of him going back to asgaurd and starting to try and live life like it was before when someone starts causing trouble on earth in his name. Again it is just an bare bones idea.