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October 29, 2020, 08:39:11 AM

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Author Topic: Lightning Warrior Raidy (reboot, f/f, Light-NC)  (Read 350 times)

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Offline DarilTopic starter

Lightning Warrior Raidy (reboot, f/f, Light-NC)
« on: May 07, 2015, 03:52:36 PM »
I've done a few RPGs based on the Lightning Warrior Raidy series.  The last two were actually relatively successful, but at this point they seem to have run out of steam.

For this new attempt, I'm looking for a partner who is a good writer and is capable of sustaining a fairly good pace (the latter is important because I want these RPGs to cover some serious ground over time).  I'm also looking for someone who is familiar with the second Raidy game and is comfortable playing Raidy as either a domme or a sub in various situations ranging from light content to NC.  An ability to assist in handling NPCs and world building may also be desirable depending on the scenario we end up going with.

For these RPGs I normally play a non canon heroine who joins up with Raidy.  Here are the two main ones I've used:

Fana is my most established character for these RPGs.  She's an elven mage who has been adventuring for about as long as Raidy has been alive and thoroughly enjoys it. (She's about fifty -I tend to treat elves as being longer lived than humans, but not hugely so.) She is very experienced and confident -perhaps a little too confident.  She isn't shy about sex or her interest in other girls, and is something of a tease.  She tends to default to being a domme, though she's more of a teasing domme with her allies (her enemies get her rougher side) and she also has a less obvious submissive side.  Incidentally, if she has to rescue Raidy from predicaments I can see her teasing her/taking advantage of the situation to have a bit of fun.

Bathing Fana (NSFW)
Captured Fana (NSFW)
Cloaked Fana

The big question if I end up doing a RPG with Fana is whether to start from the beginning (because I like that image of her bathing so much, I always start with Raidy coming across her while she's bathing) or use the last RPG I used her in as a starting point.  Please note that my plan with Fana would be for her and Raidy to travel around finding trouble in various locations.  For this scenario it would be good to have someone who is willing to help play some of the NPC roles, especially for situations where Fana gets captured (though that's not something I plan to have happen early on -I want her to take advantage of Raidy's predicaments a few times first so that Raidy is encouraged to do the same to her >:)).

Mirabelle isn't as clearly defined as Fana -I've only played her once, and I might play her differently this time around.  She's a part-elven thief who might know a bit of magic.  She's not as experienced as Fana though (either at magic or in general).  In my last RPG she got captured while trying to steal from slavers, but this time around I'm thinking of having her get caught trying to steal from Raidy:-) She probably won't be a complete bad girl though -I'm thinking she has a strong dislike of slavers.

More Mirabelle
Mirabelle in Distress (NSFW)

I'm thinking of having Mirabelle encounter Raidy in a city where a shady underground slave business is operating.  Actually, I've been thinking of making Mirabelle the first of several potentially reoccuring heroines in that setting.

Some other potential heroines
Lady knight (NSFW Version) -This one could be a lady knight who is after the slavers herself.  I'm thinking she might initially fight Raidy thinking Raidy is one of the slavers, but later end up being rescued by her.

Captive Miko (NSFW) -I figure this one could be from a foreign enclave somewhere in the city, and a potential lover/ally after being rescued.

Brunette/redhead (NSFW version) -I'd been thinking this one could be a squire for the lady knight, but she could also just be a citizen that Raidy rescues.

An exotic beauty (NSFW Version)-A mage, perhaps?

Perhaps I'm being overly ambitious with the multiple "heroines" idea.  But I'd kind of like to give it a try if someone is willing to play Raidy in such a setting.

Is anyone interested in playing Raidy in a scenario with either of those characters?

Offline DarilTopic starter

Re: Lightning Warrior Raidy (reboot, f/f, Light-NC)
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2015, 12:30:14 PM »
I wanted to clarify something here with regards to my pacing expectations for these RPGs.  My expectations for posting frequency are high, but they aren't insane (after all their are limits to what I'm capable of delivering too).  In general, I would like to see daily responses in conversations or fight scenes where the post length is relatively short and there's a lot of back and forth.  On the other hand I can wait several days for posts that are lengthy and cover a lot of ground such as posts that establish and transition between scenes.  I also realize that sometimes real life gets in the way and people need to take time off a RPG (that being said if you expect that sort of thing to be a frequent occurrence for you then you're probably not quite what I'm looking for).