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Author Topic: New Sci-fi Cravings! (All writers welcome!)  (Read 834 times)

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New Sci-fi Cravings! (All writers welcome!)
« on: May 06, 2015, 10:42:02 PM »
Welcome to my requests thread!
Thanks for checking out my thread! Lately, I've had a serious itch for some Space Opera type sci-fi settings, both "hard" sci-fi, and the softer fantasy type, with magic woven into all the amazing tech. When looking for sci-fi, I tend to look for big story arcs, exciting interstellar adventures, characters with advanced abilities (be that psionic abilities, something like Mass Effect's Biotics, or refined magic from centuries of learning), sweeping romance, and in some cases, a more relaxed attitude towards sexuality (this is a distant future, after all. With the elimination of STDs and and better birth control, many situations would be far less taboo than they once were, not to mention what society would consider normal.).

Some of the ideas in this thread are sci-fi ideas from other request pages I've made in the past, but fleshed out a lot more, and with a handful of characters I'd be interested in playing for the setting instead of just one.

When it comes to sci-fi characters, I prefer to play human or evolved human characters, though characters of any variety are welcome, so long as they are relatively humanoid. Some anthro, predominantly human characters would be welcome as partners for adult RP, full furry or characters with an alien psychology aren't really my taste. I prefer M/F pairings, as well as F/F, F/T, F/Other for certain characters. I'd consider M/T and M/Other if one character was particularly feminine. I apologize, but M/M pairings just aren't really what I look for in an adult story. I'm happy to write as any gender, and welcome any and all writers to plot and write with me! For any other details, please feel free to check my O/Os page.

As is the case for most of my request pages, these plots are left a little vague on purpose. I don't want to fill out every detail, such as whether humanity has met any other intelligent race, the balance of power between factions, and many location details, so that any potential partner and I can discuss them together, making a story something we can both be excited about.

What I’m looking for...

When I look for a partner, one of the key things I look for is someone who isn’t afraid to add new ideas to the story. I don’t consider any of these plots “my” ideas, they’re a shared story, and I’m very flexible when it comes to what a partner wants to add. When I look for partners, I tend to gravitate towards people who like to throw a new surprise in as much as they like to be surprised, and wouldn’t hesitate to write in a new NPC, location, or subplot on a whim. I also really enjoy chatting OOC about the story, as plotting doesn’t have to stop just because the RP started.

With all that out if the way, on to the plots...

"Hard" Sci-Fi
Hanging in the Balance
This idea is an expanded version of 'Feeling Sparks' from my General Ideas Request Thread.

Some time in the distant future, humankind has spread across every planet within their home system worth colonizing, moving beyond the Sol system in search of new worlds to colonize. Over the centuries, humankind created a vast interstellar empire, with many of the new worlds operating as individual states within a single union, dubbed the Galactic Federation, or GalFed for short.

Unsatisfied with the Federation's rule, as well as ethical laws that benefitted the balance of core worlds, but did little for fringe space, many worlds on the outside edges of federation began to revolt, one entire system in particular. Calling themselves the Red Star, a reference to Mars, which had it's own rebellion of its working class in Earth's early colonization days, this new faction rejected Federation rule, ultimately sparking a war that lasted nearly a decade before an uneasy peace was negotiated, at the center of which a code of ethics was script, mutually barring research and development of certain biological, nuclear, and warp based experiments, with the good of civilians on both sides in mind.

Currently, after nearly a century, the two factions avoid one another completely, armadas on both sides in constant patrol of their borders, with only the boldest of unliscenced merchants daring to trade between the two. With little knowledge of what was going on within the Red Star, the Federation turned it's focus back inward, tightening bonds between the worlds that remained in their alliance, and renovating their admittedly sparse military presence within the core worlds, and backing a variety of civilian projects proposed to benefit mankind.

One such project has been the construction of the New Utopia, a state of the art city-ship, designed to be a completely self-sustaining vessel, with an equally self sufficient society aboard. If successful, the New Utopia could be the first of an entire fleet of mobile cities, both a major source of trade and living space without having to risk further expansion and rebellion.

While partially funded by GalFed, the New Utopia is a privately operated vessel, with every role, from captain to security to engineering to every resident within the city sector itself, populated by civilians who volunteered, applied, or were recruited for the project. At the current time, the New Utopia is set to launch for her maiden voyage within a few Earth days time.


Meagan Perrow

Meagan has never lived a normal day in her entire life. Originally a failed experiment, born in a Red Star reactor lab, Meagan was soon found to be capable of not only conducting, but generating incredible amounts of energy within her body. If nothing else, Meagan's 'gift' made her useful, useful enough to keep alive, at least, if only as an experiment. Less than content with her treatment, Meagan managed to escape her confinement within the Red Star research center at a young age, escaping the Red Star fringe worlds into Federation space on a stolen shuttle, only to be picked up by a federation vessel after nearly destroying the shuttle in an ill-conceived plan to escape through an asteroid field that she completely lacked the skill to properly pilot.

While easily the lesser of two evils, the federation still had far too many questions for a girl that had just flown in on a Red Star shuttle, many of which she felt no interest in answering, convinced she'd just end up in a Federation weapons lab instead of a Red Star once. The moment she could, Meagan was off again, this time managing to make it all the way to the center of federation space, figuring the best place to hide was in plain sight, taking on the name she still currently uses. She made it through her teens on the Federation's founding planet, Earth, doing odd jobs, siphoning money from accounts, trying to understand and control her electrical powers, and rarely leaving her lower level studio apartment for more than food or the brief comfort of companionship at any of Earth's various clubs or venues.

Like most core worlds, the metropolis planet was largely conservative, leaving her few chances to actually explore herself or others on the rare occasion that she actually emerged from her hiding spots, leaving her very curious about her own sexuality. While inexperienced, Meagan's love for learning is as present in her passion as it is every other facet of her life.

When she heard about the New Utopia project, she saw an opportunity; forging an identity, she was able to complete a network course on engineering, passing the necessary scores to become part of the civilian crew. Her registered citizenry within the Utopia was her first legal identity, and a chance to put her past behind, no longer having to live in the shadows.

While I'm interested in having a good portion of the RP taking place on the New Utopia, I'd be willing to negotiate starting Meagan's story during her Earth Days for interested parties

Kevin "Quantic" Hart

A serious junkie for all things fast, Kevin was once the star player of Earth's premiere BoosterBall team, until an incident with a drunk hover operator nearly killed him, ultimately resulting in the loss of an arm, a leg, and severe damage to one eye, all beyond anything modern medicine could repair naturally. Though barely distinguishable from the real deal without an X ray, Kevin's cybernetic replacements were considered an "unfair advantage", barring him from any professional play.

With his athletic career behind him, Kevin found a renewed interest in the freedom of space travel. While finding the speed of small fighters exhilarating, he had about as much interest in joining the Federation Armada as they had in making someone with his famous BoosterBall "star presence" an officer. Signing up for the civilian interceptor/scout squad of the New Utopia was a good compromise, and being part of the surface team for any newly discovered worlds was simply icing in the cake.

Like most members of the Utopia's private fleet, Kevin works a few rotations a week in city security, the local peacekeepers. As far as jobs go, it's not the worst, he doesn't need to be as uptight as Federation cops, and for the most part, Utopia citizens are more genuinely grateful for his presence than Core world citizens would tend to be. Working in an environment where his "enhancements" aren't a stigma, Kevin has since replaced the subtle arm he had been using with a more versatile model. While it's easy to tell at a glance his right arm and hand are synth, the interface options the model gives him for his ship and tools of his trade more than make up for it.

During his free time, Kevin is more commonly found in some of the upper city's social areas, meeting people in his new home, though on occasion, he's been known to visit the levels below the observation dome.

Desmond Kenny

From a young age, Desmond was gifted. Even Red Star’s best research and implants couldn’t create a soldier with the Psionic abilities that Desmon displayed naturally. The gift came at a heavy price, however, the moment we was old enough, he’d been drafted in any number of Red Star military programs and experiments. For years, Desmond floated between fieldwork and training designed to test his limits, with regular lab visits, supposedly routine, though he suspected anything but. At first, he was happy to serve the cause, especially in a setting where his abilities were appreciated, rather than feared, as they had been by many friends and family. After so many years, however, he was looking forward to the terms of his draft being up.

 After years of ‘service’, when he finally tried to leave it all behind him, Desmond found himself called back in, this time by a riot team. Thought he put up a good fight, thanks to his years of training, even his abilities couldn’t overpower their sheer numbers. Eventually, he woke up to find himself in a specially designed prison cell, in the heart of a Red Star laboratory.

He’d tried to escape, numerous times, each one ending in him barely being caught once more, and placed under even tighter security while scientists rushed to understand what made him so… different. When he wasn’t being carefully tested and guarded, he was kept immobilized. The lab had become his home, the only hint of the outside world coming in the form of gossip and discussions between his captors. With news spreading of a supposed neutral city about to launch, it was only a matter of time before Desmond would try again. This time, however, he’d be patient. They couldn’t go forever without making a mistake…

I’m willing to start off Desmond’s story in a variety of places. Perhaps you’d be interested in playing his rescuer, a scientist he takes hostage during his escape, or start later in the story, as a Utopia officer who suspects he might not be an average citizen as he hides out…

Sophie Andrews

To a select few, Sophie was a prodigy. To anyone else, she simply didn’t exist. One of Red Star’s top operatives, she’d been hand picked at an early age for espionage. Her parents had wanted nothing but the best for her, sending her to Saint Elizabeth’s School for the Gifted Mind, a prestigious boarding academy on Orion III. Within a year, her top marks in nearly every academic and athletic program got her selected for the schools “advanced curriculum”, a training academy for the government’s top operatives, both male and female.

Marksmanship, negotiation, Federation and Red Star history, close quarter combat, seduction, everything imaginable was covered in Sophie’s training. By the time of her ‘graduation’ from Saint Elizabaeth’s, she had already performed her first mission, and her first kill.

In general, however, Sophie prefers to complete a mission without getting her hands dirty, if at all possible. If the job calls for it, however, she will rarely hesitate. Within a few years, she quickly advanced to the Red Star short list, nearly a first pic for any mission requiring discretion.

Her most recent assignment finds her slipping herself into the society of the New Utopia as she assess how much of a threat the ship could pose to the Red Star, as well as smuggling in a demolition team should the Utopia be considered a serious threat.

Other Characters

If you like the idea for the setting, but none of the above characters do much for you, I’m more than willing to work out other ideas as well. Perhaps the ship’s captain or other high ranking official, a civilian cook in the market district, an operator for a VR entertainment facility, any number of possibilities that could turn into a grand space opera. Feel free to pitch ideas to me as well!

Fantasy Sci-Fi
Voyage of the Entrada

This idea is an expanded version of the Entrada era of my Breaking The Seal Request Thread.

Nearly a millennium ago, disaster struck Earth. An ancient seal on mankind's magical power was broken, and practically overnight, the world changed. Traditional technology became useless over time and more and more magical interference got in the way, leading to a second industrial revolution as magic-driven replacements were created.

Over time, global communication has returned, better than ever, in the form of the Arcanet, a triumph of magic and human ingenuity that uses the natural flow and presence of magic as giant network, allowing a freedom of information that even the internet was never capable of. With nearly every machine still in use being at least partially magical, often fueled by it's user's own magical energy, mankind's carbon footprint has never been smaller. The world is a near perfect blend of nature, magic and machin. With the world settled, mankind inevitably turned it's eyes skyward. It was time to find what else was out out there, possibly even new worlds to colonize.

A collaboration of the world's nations set to work on a joint project. The brightest minds and most dedicated articifers, engineers, and enchanters were called in. The end product; the Entrada, a massive colony ship, bound for the unknown, it's sole purpose to discover what was out there. While the crew, ship security, boarding team, and police force were all carefully selected military, the main bulk of the ship, made up of dozens of residential decks and countless lounges and congregation areas, was entirely civilian, optimistic and adventurous individuals of all walks of life looking for excitement, adventure, and even a new home for some.


Captain Elinor "Ellie" Scott

Although some would argue that a Solden Crusader was an odd choice for the Entrada, Elinor's strong-willed resolve, wide range of magical ability, and a keen sense for detecting it made her an easy choice for candidacy.

The Crusader order, formed in the late second century post-awakening, was a bit more of a formality for Solden in the space age, similar to the presence of England's royal guard in the old world. That didn't stop Elinor, or any of her order, from taking their position as defenders of their home country seriously. The top of her class, she was an easy choice as Solden's candidate during the captain selection process, a position she was eager to accept, curious what she might find out in the vast sea of stars.

When not in the Captain's chair, Elinor can usually be found in the archives or residential corridors or lounge, meeting her crew, learning their stories, sharing their company. A crusader at heart, she's rarely one to sit still, especially in the face of an opportunity to see something new, often leaving her XO in charge to deal with new discoveries or problems herself.

Cedric Ferther, Chief Surgeon and Medical Officer

There was a brief time where some feared that the advancement of magic would erase the need for modern medicine, but that quickly proved not to be the case. A healing spell was great for sealing a wound, but closing an infected wound, or regenerating a burst appendix back to the verge of bursting once more only created far more problems than they solved, and that was only the tip of the iceberg. Magical injuries, internal injuries, curses, entirely new types of disease, and many more factors all called not for the end of modern medical practice, but for it's renaissance. The modern surgeon needs not just an intimate knowledge of human anatomy, but a vast amount of spells and salves as well.

While the head Surgeon at Saint's Pass, one of the most renowned hospitals of the New Americas, Cedric had made leaps in medical practice and research, making him an obvious choice for Entrada candidacy. Luckily for the crew of the Entrada, the recruitment campaign coincided perfectly with his recent divorce. The long hours he took on when he stepped up to head and dedication to the hospital and it's patients were commendable, but not quite what she was looking for in a relationship.

Cedric views the Entrada as a fresh start, a chance for something new. The medical wing of the Entrada, state of the art, well equipped, and somewhat smaller than a national hospital, was an excellent chance for him to both follow his passions, and learn to make time for other things, and the prospect of being the medical officer for surface missions was far too enticing to pass up. Though obsessed with his work, Cedric is something of a romantic at heart, the idea of a new world is intriguing.

Celine Brinker, Historian and Archivist

While many of the Entrada crew were recruited from the best and brightest of their field, Celine actively sought out her position on her own, proposing to the project board that a project as ambitious as the Entrada, made to house current and future generations of explorers, needed a historian, someone to help humanity, wherever they go, remember what it was that made them what they are.

After weeks of proposal and debate, Celine was offered a position not just as historian, but as the ship Archivist, responsible for keeping record of major activity and accomplishment, both on and off the ship, a position she accepted happily.

Barely 27, Celine is nearly as old as the Entrada project itself, though she's only been part of it the last two years, studying, preparing, and collecting books, both old and new world, in anticipation of the Entrada's maiden voyage. While many people that find her in her library on board the ship might assume her to be quiet and shy, nothing could be further from the truth, as Celine’s love of humanity extends far beyond it’s history lessons.

While classified as a civilian, Celine retains a position on the exploration teams as an archivist and linguist.

Eon Stafford, Forward Battery, Surface Team 1

Many members of the Entrada's military presence have questioned Eon's right to be part of a surface team, some have gone so far as to question his position on the Entrada in general. A valedictorian graduate of The Academia of Soldom, Eon displayed some of the highest scores of any graduating Mage, earning him a position on the Entrada's magically charged forward battery, an honor that a few of the veterans of of the crew saw as a personal insult to their hard-earned status.

Despite the occasional scorned colleague, Eon maintains a positive attitude, eager to prove himself just as deserving of his position as any veteran on the Entrada. When not training or manning his position on the forward guns, Eon can often be found in any of the commercial districts, often fascinated by the variety of magic and artifacts that weren’t covered in the Academia.

Other Characters

Once again. if none of the characters interest you, but the setting does, I am willing to work with a partner to create something that does. Perhaps a male version of our Crusader Captain, a veteran soldier, an articifer or engineer for the ship to name a few places to start. Feel free to let me know what you’re looking for, and I’ll be happy to work out story details over PM.
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Re: New Sci-fi Cravings! (All writers welcome!)
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1/23/16 - Removed some inaccurate labels and fixed a handful of typos. No major changes.

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Re: New Sci-fi Cravings! (All writers welcome!)
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Almost the year anniversary fir this page!

1/9/17 - Saw some spelling and grammar errors while showing this page that needed fixing.