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April 22, 2018, 03:26:00 PM

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Author Topic: More Plot and Less Sex! Fantasy, Adventure, and Romance! [M for F] [10/25/17]  (Read 420 times)

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Offline ShenyoTopic starter

I've been on an incredibly long break from writing, so I'm hoping to ease back into it and shake the rust off. I'm definitely not a slow poster, but I am limited to evenings due to work and such. I'm open to PM/Thread/Email, and if you are partial to email I could probably get in an extra post or two during the day!

As the title states I'm looking for something with fantasy, adventure, and romance. Sex has a time and a place, and if you go into it without any build up it's rather pointless in my opinion. It's much better to develop a relationship with either affection or tension, and give some meaning to it.


The first thing to do is determine a theme! How might our characters meet?

Pure Coincidence - These two characters should honestly never have met, but by pure coincidence they happen to be in the same place at the same time. Generally once might be in trouble and the other might lend assistance, or perhaps one takes offense to what the other is doing and tries to stop them. From there on out they are together, willingly or not.

Fate - It is in someone's designs that these two characters meet. But perhaps the first meeting is inconsequential, and they part ways. Soon enough they find themselves together again, and again, and again, and soon realize that despite their best efforts they cannot be rid of one another. The question is if this is a good thing or not, and why this might be happening?

Forced Servitude - The female character summons purposefully or accidentally a creature of unknown origin, and results with the male character. It may have been intended for 100% mind control, but something went amiss and they must merely obey most commands, but nothing they are completely against doing. Working out the rules and seeing how it plays out can be quite enjoyable.

The World

Where will we be? I'm on a high fantasy kick currently, but with a good idea for another type of time I could be persuaded. Here are some random ideas:

Nature Based - Sprawling forests with rivers, lakes, and mountains. Small villages dot the area, but you're mostly on your own in a place like this.

City Based - Traveling in and around massive cities, exploring guilds of magicians and the houses of nobles. (Typically I like vampires to be mostly in control in these setting types.)

Ruins - Fresh battle grounds or long forgotten graveyards, our characters need to move through perilous environments including trapped ruins and castles, perhaps searching for something of value or herded their not of their own choice.

Extreme Biomes - Magical or natural, our characters need to move through ice caves, volcanoes, and/or planes of other dimensions. Definitely in high fantasy/high magic settings!

Let me know what you think, I'm always open to suggestions! I do have a particular character I have been interested playing again, a bit demon and a bit anthro. It isn't required, but it would be great if I could!
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Offline ShenyoTopic starter

Here's a little sample to get myself going again as well as give you a taste!

It was becoming harder to breathe. The cold in the air stung fresh with every sluggish step. The forest was supposed to be a short cut. The skies had been clear but hours ago. Yet already the winds were howling through the trees and threatening to bowl him over. They may have even caused him to lose balance were it not for the snow up to his thighs keeping him in place.

The clothes on his body were built for colder weather, but nothing like this. The only thing not soaking wet was his scarf, and that's because it had already frozen against his body. With arms folded tightly against his chest, he tried desperately to pin his cloak shut in his clenched fists. That cloak of forest green and trimmings of gold was a stark difference from the dark trees and white landscape, or would have been were snow not plastered against it.

With a final step he fell forward against a tree, hoping to catch even a small reprieve from the wind. Sleep beckoned him, but he shook it off. He knew better. What he didn't know, was where the sudden voice came from.

"You're almost here..." A small voice came over the wind, or perhaps with it. Gripping the tree hard enough to leave marks, he pulled himself up and peered around the thick trunk. Where had that come from?
 He wondered. Was someone else stumbling through his frozen hellscape with him? In a sudden calm the wind died down, and he could see a structure in the distance. It was large. Very large. And he knew for a fact it shouldn't be there.