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Author Topic: Jinxxerz Requests (F seeking M) [Craving Daddy's Princess]  (Read 1445 times)

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First I shall apologize for this thread not being the most magical. Anyhow, on to the important things!


Greetings! I go by many names but on here I am referred to as Jinxxerz (as my username states, haha). You can call me Jinxxerz, Jinx, Jinxxeh or whatever, it doesn't really matter. A few months ago I hit 23 years of age, so there's that. I'm most definitely female, I mean why else would I have the anatomy of one? Unless it's all an illusion.. then we're in trouble here.  ::)

Anywho, I love to write various works of fiction. In fact I'm an aspiring short novella writer. I've no idea if I'll go anywhere with it or if anyone would be interested in publishing me but it's a creative outlet that I enjoy, so yup. My grammar is as you can see on here. I do my best to not get too carried away and make sure I spell things correctly but we all make mistakes. In regards to my punctuation I can get a bit carried away with my commas, so apologies in advance for that. We all have our weaknesses and such.

I've been roleplaying since my high school days. It's always proved to be a much needed distraction and good outlet for stress. It's also helped me improve tremendously on my writing skills. Now, if you would like an example of how I write I can provide an example via PM.


Please have respect for the fact I do have a personal life (though not really much of one) that does not revolve around HE.

There are times that I may suddenly disappear for a few days. (In rare events it could be a week or two, but it is only rarely.) I always do my very best to be in contact with my partners. If I go missing it is more than likely due to either falling ill or a personal emergency occurring in life.

With character development and creation I retain the right to be in control of my character(s) as I respect the fact that you have such rights to your character(s). If there is something you'd like to see in my character(s) or I yours then I do believe that is what conversation and suggestions are for. I only include this bit because I have had issues in the past where my character has been (rudely) taken from my hands. I do not like this at all. Now, in the thralls of the play I am just peachy with my partners character(s) actually guiding and/or moving (etc) my character(s). It's really something one would expect in particular situations anyhow.

I prefer a length of at least a haughty paragraph to multiple paragraphs. My length of posts can range from one paragraph to multiple, even a page length (or more). It all depends on my muse.


(I am working on an actual K-List. The one I have currently is under construction since my tastes tend to change like the wind, haha!)

Things that I have been craving as of late include: Being dominated, Spankings (Classic and Alternative; Done so with hand, cane, crop, paddle, etc.| Avoid using a Whip though), Rough Housing, Various forms of punishment, Leather cuffs, Pet play, Objectification, Hair pulling, clamps, derogatory terminology (minus the use of whore), and much much more.

Rare Craving(s):

Maybes: Needle play, blood play, water sports, drug usage, abrasions, etc.

Offs: Beastiality, Scat, Vore, Gore, etc. (Things such as those)

(Very much a work in progress)
(Anything can be paired together, get creative! )
(* Symbolizes how much I'm craving it.)

Random Themes
Fantasy (humanoid) Beings
Rebel/Militia (or anything similar)*
Roman Empire**
Victorian Era**


Supernatural  ***
The Originals**
Vampire Diaries**

Themes: Modern, Fantasy, SciFi (depends), Historical (AU preferably), Steampunk, Original World(s) with various genres incorporated, etc.

Kitten **
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
There was something about the darker side of things that attracted her. First it began with discovering the pleasures one could give themselves at night, alone, in the bedroom underneath the covers when no one was listening. It progressed further to acquiring rather intimate apparel to wear underneath a daily disguise of innocence, the sensation of hiding a rather naughty secret. As if it were a facade to the outside world. Next came the rather inappropriate purchases of x-rated literature with words depicting such intense, intimate scenery that made her toes curl.

When her first relationship came along she tried to mention the things she’d read, the desires she dreamt of but was rejected and left feeling empty. That’s when she came across him. It started with an accidental brush of skin at a work meeting. An inhalation of shock mixed with confused desire got his attention. His eyes burrowed into hers, as if reading into the very depths of her core; It was like he knew.

A friendly smile, a soft apology in a voice that sent a shiver of something unknown up her spine. Then he left her standing there staring after him as if she’d witnessed an unexplainable event. Which, in her defense, it may as well have been.

Time passed before the mysterious man showed up in her life again. This time it was at a bookstore that she frequented often, in the section her desires brought her to more than was perhaps healthy. Their hands brushed once more reaching for the same novel. The intensity of the touch was ten times stronger than it had been prior, causing her to nearly lose balance. Their eyes met seconds later, the intense stare burning once more between the two. Then he spoke. They exchanged introductions. Not quite speaking of the book they’d both reached for, it was as if it had been completely forgotten.

They end up at the cafe next door exchanging pleasantries over coffee. Things progress from there. He invites her to dinner, she accepts. They continue on like such for a few months until things get past a rather lovely liplock to a rather intimate session between the sheets. He does something she’d never experienced before and her reaction makes him pause, almost afraid he’d misread her but her follow up reaction assures him he’d found the right girl.

Technically this could go any way, but I had a rather particular idea for this prompt. I see this as a backstory of sorts for a relationship that bloomed between two complete strangers. The girl has always had fantasies and desires that are considered strange to those who wouldn’t understand. She’s always had the desire to be powerless, helpless, vulnerable. Wanting to hand over the power and control to someone who would be willing to take it, make her his. Use her as he pleases while also showering her in affection, but also discipline when required. It’d involve a lot of pet play and such things that go hand in hand with it. Collar wearing, crawling, sweet little mewls, and many things such as that.

His Inspiration **
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
He’s a rather peculiar artist. One who sees things in a different light than most could even fathom. What he desires most is a muse to fuel his art, to become whatever it is he imagines, what he desires. Someone who will also be there to serve all his needs no matter how primitive or menial. If he had someone who could fulfill this role he knew that everything would set right into place.

He’d gone through quite a few partners, never finding the right one that could fit what he needed. That is until he saw her at one of his photography showings. The way she tilted her head, her right hand tucked under her chin, her face scrunched in a manner of contemplation; it all screamed to him. It wasn’t just the fact she had aesthetically pleasing features, it was the way her aura stood out to him, like a beacon beckoning him to pose her in the multiple images that flowed through his mind.

After a while of watching her dissect his photography for a while he finally decided to approach her. Never having been one to tip toe around, nor involve himself in small talk, he was rather blunt with what he wanted of her. Telling her he wants to use her for his muse, to be with him 24/7, that it would involve serving his every whim. He expected her to give him a look that screamed he was crazy, reject him and walk off, but to his surprise she was quiet. The quiet made him unusually uncomfortable, causing the strange artist to fidget in a way he’d never done before. Soon she put him out of his misery with a simple yes.

Sooo this is a bit of a random idea that floated into my head. I’m not usually one for art themed plays, especially ones with such a naughty nature, but I’ve been having a rather huge pet play craving happening lately and my objectification fetish has kicked into overdrive quite recently. Many other kinks can be incorporated into the play, as well.

I did have a particular image of him using her as the subject of his photography. Of course it wouldn’t be anything a normal photographer would shoot. It would be more on the lines of her being tied in peculiar positions with designs painted onto her flesh, a pretty gem danging from her nipples. A favorite of mine is her being positioned in a way that depicts her as an innanimate object that holds clutter atop it. Perhaps a lovely meal sits atop her stretched out form tied down to a vintage wooden table, or she’s placed in a position that allows her ass to be angled in a way that a candle is sticking straight upward, nestled into her tight anus between her spread reddened cheeks. Everything else being covered by a cloth to keep focus away from her lovely candle holder ass.

Let me know what your thoughts are if you’re interested! Oh and the genre doesn’t have to necessarily just be modern. It can have supernatural themes maybe even scifi, or fantasy would be lovely.

Making Deals ****
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It’s always been a well known fact that making deals with the devil could land you a place straight in hell but that didn’t matter to Orlaith. She wasn’t living her life for herself, she’d always been living it for her younger brother from the moment their father abandoned them. Being about 9 at the time, her brother no older than 4, she was approached by a beautiful man with piercing blue eyes that saw her right down to the soul. They were living in a shitty foster home at the time barely getting what they needed to survive. All she wanted was a good life for her brother, she didn’t care what kind of life she was given just that she didn’t want to be separated from him.

So when this beautiful stranger came to her one day he offered her the impossible. A new life in a new home where her brother would have no memory of the life they were living now. She could have a good go at it too. All she had to do was promise to give him something he wanted when he came to her again in the future. Willing to do anything for her little brother she agreed straight away.

The next day social services came in and took them to a brand new home with loving parents that were part of the upper middle class. Her brother was the golden child. Always getting high marks, talented in many arts as well as sports, everything a parent could wish for their child. Orlaith on the other hand was pretty much average in her marks. Nothing extraordinary stood out about her except her ability to speak with the dead. That made her the outcast in school. She didn’t have much friends, only a few that were like here in the sense of being socially awkward, considered ‘tainted’ to the other students.

Her familial relationships were distant, even hers with her brother, but that was okay so long as she could watch from afar seeing her brother have the life she wanted him to have. As the years went by and she started to head towards adulthood she’d often think of what the beautiful stranger had told her. One day he would come to collect something from her and she was rather curious but also a bit frightful as to what it was. It wouldn’t be her brother’s life would it? No. That wouldn’t make sense. She’d made the deal. Her knowledge on who the man was wasn’t very broad but she had some ideas as to who he might be. The most intimidating yet intriguing one was him possibly being satan himself, but then wouldn’t that mean he’d take her soul? Make her burn in hell? Most people saw satan as a demonic being who looked hideous, but that wasn’t the case with the man she saw. He was beautiful. Angelic really.

Note: Written with intent to be set in the Supernatural series world, but doesn't have to be. Has many possibilities. Also Orlaith (MC) doesn't necessarily need to see the dead. I just thought that would make it more interesting.
More Notes: Intentional pairing being Lucifer (I've linked an image as to what he looks like. If you have a different image for the character you want to use go ahead. This is just on of his vessels I loved. Did the same for my OC) and my OC (Orlaith). As for what may happen when Luci comes back to collect with Orlaith (pronounced Orla) I imagine a few different things could occur. Such as her becoming his in every sense of the word. Dark themes are welcome. There has to be affection thrown in too, though since I feel that it would fit perfectly with Lucifer. He's got many unresolved issues including high arrogance and sense of being a higher being than humans (which I don't blame him, humans suck). But I also believe that he craves a close relationship that holds intimacy on multiple levels, including affection. But he may suddenly change his attitude after realizing he let his wall crumble. Anywho, if you're interested and have some ideas let me know!

Her Inner Child *****
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Some people find it hard to pinpoint when a particular event happened in their life. Looking through their memories they can’t exactly figure out that moment when something so subtle yet so consequently happened that changed the path their life was traversing. The same went for Emira. She couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment her rather short childhood was abruptly snuffed to be forced to transition into the stresses one had with high expectations one would uphold an adolescent with.

What she could decipher in her blur of dissatisfying memories was it being shortly after blowing out a candle shaped as the numeric number five. After that memory all the things a child loved were gone. Replaced with books, not the kind a little girl would adore reading, more like the kind you’d expect a University student to be reading. It wasn’t hard for her to read them, though. She’d always been advanced in her educational levels.

Perhaps that was the reason her parents had decided to take away her childhood. Really she hadn’t a clue and it didn’t quite matter anymore. What did matter was that she was a successful multi-millionaire thanks to her parents pushing her so hard in her studies. She graduated the twelfth grade at eleven years then went on to college courses. By the time she reached sixteen she had a Masters, after that she got a doctorate by seventeen. Within three years after that she was the silent owner of a massive company that distributed advanced technology to the highest bidder(s).

She let her older brother be the spokesperson for the company, appear to be the CEO of it all, while she sat back in the shadows to watch it all take place. He was better with public relations and keeping up appearances than her. Her specialty was creating the blue prints for what moves the company made. Who they could benefit from and vise versa. She’d always had an eye for a way to manipulate a situation to her own benefit. That said, it didn’t mean she did that often. Only when it came to her company’s success did she really use her ‘gift’, as her parents called it, but there were some situations she’d found that were a bit personal she had to use them.

Despite her success in life she’d always felt a piece of her was missing. She’d seen a psychologist once to see if one could help her figure out what was missing. The answer she’d gotten had her in denial ever since. The psychologist told her the missing piece was the ability to be a child. She’d never fully gotten that opportunity. Because of that all attempted relationships failed because she was so guarded, so stiff, not really able to let herself go and be the real Emira that was hidden behind the steel walls she’d put up.

She knew who the real Emira was and thought it to be something that wasn’t healthy. Someone who wanted to be a little girl. That was who she hid behind steel walls. It was unfathomable for her to let herself behave in such a manner. There had been a time she was allowed to behave, when she was five and under, but now she was a grown woman and had to behave as such.

Notes: So what I’m thinking of for this particular plot bunny is that Emira meets someone either at a party held for the elite who are associated with her business and those that held relations with hers. And that someone is whom your character would be. He sets his eyes on Emira and can instantly see the hidden potential in her. Being intrigued by said potential he approaches her and things go from there.

Themes: Things in which one would associate with a dom/sub relationship but with the aspect of MC behaving in a combination of behaviors related to a little girl and that of a mature woman. This is something relatively new that I’ve found myself intrigued by.

Pet Show******
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
For the longest time she knew she was different than most people. Whenever she saw a collar while walking past the pet section at the store she would be drawn to it, intrigued by the design it may have, longing to pick it up and try it on. But due to not wanting to draw attention to herself she avoided it. At halloween she would dress up as a feline and let herself indulge in wearing a collar like she always craved. No one would be the wiser that it actually sexually satisfied her, made her feel a beloved warmth between her thighs leaving her panties wet with her sweet juices from the sheer excitement she felt with the tight presence around her neck.

She read about communities that existed where it wasn’t seen as an oddity for someone to wear a collar, to have kitten ears, or even a tail. To want to crawl after a master, mewl up at them and roll onto your back pawing up wanting a sweet caress. Oh how she envied those in such communities. It was where she wanted to be. To feel free. But she had the hardest time with coming to terms with what it could mean for her every day life. How would it affect her? Would she be considered normal? What would her family think?

One day she didn’t care anymore. She finally reached out. Meeting someone who could introduce her to the community that wouldn’t judge her for wanting to behave in such a manner. When she entered that world, was introduced she was shown much much more than she even knew possible. There were shows that one could participate in with one’s owner showing off the skills they’d learned. How well they were groomed, the different tricks they could do, it amazed her. She wanted it all.

Notes: So this would obviously include pet play and pet play shows. This idea came to me not but 5 minutes ago. I’m already excited for this play. So many possibilities for this one.

Daddy's Princess *******
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Ebony was always the perfect girl growing up. Everyone expected the world from her because of her ambitions to do perfect at everything. She appeared to be an innocent sweet, outgoing girl that everyone’s parents wanted their daughters to aspire to be. That everyone wanted their sons to date. Ebony had the perfect boyfriend, the perfect everything, but then she ran away. The pressure of everything finally made her crack.

Everything had been a facade for the young girl. She was a product of her expectations. Sure she was talented at many a thing but she didn’t want to be that perfect girl everyone expected her to be. What she wanted was to be someone who didn’t have so much pressure and expectations placed upon her. She wanted simplicity in her life.

So she ran from everything after a few years in college. She just disappeared leaving no trace of herself behind. With fifty grand in a bank account under a new name she gave herself and a new location she always had wanted to live a care free life in she made her escape.

With her new life beginning she got a simple job as a waitress at a nice establishment she met many a new person who always treated her with kindness. She made friends a few friends who she could bond with quite easily that wouldn’t pry into her past. Through the friends she made, who were incidentally in the same group, she was invited to a party of sorts that was something she’d never experienced before. At that party she met the man who would change her perspective on life for the good.

Note: This plot bunny can go many ways. I've been craving doing something like this for a while now. With Ebony's behavior I'm thinking she'll become comfortable with her Daddy to the point that she'll behave like a little brat at times but then like a sweetie pie at others. Many a kink can be involved. I'm looking forward to that for sure. Some ideas for that being bondage, spanking, public-ish scenes (perhaps at parties with their friends who I'm thinking will be very much like minded in the lifestyle), some pet play, etc.
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Re: Jinxxerz Requests
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Added a new plot call The Drohwa! (Apologies if this counts as a bump. From what I understand from reading the rules it doesn't seem to constitute as one, but if so apologies once more! )

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Re: Jinxxerz Requests
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I've added a new plot bunny called Taking Control! I'm rather excited about it, haha!

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Re: Jinxxerz Requests
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Modified a few things!

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Re: Jinxxerz Requests (F seeking M)
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Added new plot bunny! Kitten

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Re: Jinxxerz Requests (F seeking M)
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Added yet another plot bunny! His Inspiration

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Re: Jinxxerz Requests (F seeking M) Updated~ {Craving Supernatural Play}
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Added a few fandoms.

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Re: Jinxxerz Requests (F seeking M) Updated~ {Making Deals}
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Updated: Added Her Inner Child

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Re: Jinxxerz Requests (F seeking M) Updated~
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Updated! Added Pet Show!

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Re: Jinxxerz Requests (F seeking M) Updated~
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Added Daddy's Princess