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January 21, 2019, 07:59:34 PM

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Author Topic: Interest Check: OC Host Club - Light RP for downtime/uninspired (LGBT friendly!)  (Read 526 times)

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Offline ZivenTopic starter

I'm mostly looking for interest regarding something I've done on another site before. It went pretty well and only closed down because it was a special event.

It's basically a slice-of-thread where muns/players who want some potentially flirty conversation or non-canon altering conversation can go. Or just writing their character getting a little rest from their current scenarios. In general, it's just a nice way for some people to write without pressure with someone different to change up the pace with little effort or energy. Posts don't have to be long or particularly detailed, necessarily. I guess you could also think of it as "Boobies" from Space Dandy, lol. A gathering place for all kinds.

The general premise is that the host club exists a bit like Yuuko's shop from XXXHolic. Out of time and space, to a degree, allowing it to appear if and when it needs to - that is, when there is a potential customer. The RP, as stated, is generally light. You get entertained and lavished with attention from hosts - if they are available. People are welcome to write themselves as being regulars, first-timers or haven't-seen-this-pop-up-in-such-a-long-time-where-have-you-been?, as well as approach the hosts in groups of two or more if they wish. (It gives a good excuse for meetings between characters that otherwise would not.)

The hosts themselves are guys, but because they are indeed hosts, they are *properly* trained to entertain all guests of all kinds, to not question race/species/sexualities and generally be courteous to all guests while propelling conversation and exchanges.

The host cafe has its own theme (it has a rainbow theme), a menu for realistic RP and sometimes I run special events where other customers NPCs I've created show up, etc.

I could post samples from its old iteration if someone wants to see specific examples of anything.

I do have the hosts pre-picked according to the theme, but I could be talked to changing some of them or allowing other people to RP hosts if they're willing to follow correct format. Or perhaps splitting them between males/females if that would be more palatable.
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Online la dame en noir

I'm trying so hard not to get back into anime/japanese inspired rps but


host clubs! <3

Offline ZivenTopic starter

I honestly rarely do any other kind.

There's something in the suspense of disbelief from all the prettiness that just makes it seem a little more magical to me. I get that some people don't like anime-inspired RPs because they're sometimes very over the top - but to be honest you can be just as over the top with Live-action Play-bys and other such things.

I'm just enthusiastic about them because I've had almost nothing but positive experiences with it as a medium. XD

I'm glad to see that someone may be interested!

Offline LeSane

I have a sudden interest in this as well. I'm sure that it sounds a bit weird, but I've been hoping to see a host club idea sprang up. I was introduced to those two specific anime by an Ex a long time ago.

Offline ZivenTopic starter

I'm strongly considering doing it - since it's mostly for people with spare time or resources, I don't think that it would be time-consuming beyond the initial set up.

I open when I'm online for those who may be around/are available - I close when I feel enough interaction has been achieved. Anything not finished via post when I close is concluded by assumption (I suppose a sort of "fade out" from the current goings on), and can possibly be expounded upon by returning guests if they want. That way I can keep it moving, etc.

The only snag I can think of is when people stop replying while a host is with multiple people. Very likely, I'll have to establish that for the purposes of RP, people have to be okay with the idea of me writing their characters' exits (though nothing else in addition to their character). I don't think it would be fair for someone else to be kept waiting, since the point of making this is for very casual RP.

Offline ZivenTopic starter

I'm bumping this about, mostly because I'm about to get started creating the thread. I'll link it here when I finish and see if I get any more responses.