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Author Topic: Action, Romance, and other ideas welcome! (F seeking M)  (Read 498 times)

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Action, Romance, and other ideas welcome! (F seeking M)
« on: May 05, 2015, 03:21:54 PM »
Plot Ideas
Roleplays I'm In

Do not reply to this thread, please! PMs only

Hi!! I'm NightWolf!  I'm a roleplayer of 8+ years who has finally made her way to elliquiy!  Why do I love it, you ask?  I find it quite relaxing, enjoying the moments I get to spend creating new worlds, getting to know knew characters, and sitting on the edge of my seat as I watch them get into all sorts of trouble.  I find roleplaying to be better than a book, because you just never know what can happen!  My characters are always female, as I've never been good at playing males.  However, that doesn't mean I'm not against writing with a female who writes as a male.  I'm open to writing with either gender!

I'm quite open to ideas, willing to play many different scenes and scenarios.  Many of my stories involve supernatural creatures, only because I love to write about the fantasy world.  I can do anything from modern to medieval, historical even! Not much is out of my limits.  However, I'm not a fan of sci-fi, futuristic, or even fandoms.  I have no desire to reenact a movie or book, or be a superhero or supervillian that's already famous.

I love detail! I can't stress that enough.  I will often write a minimum of 2 paragraphs per post, but often more. The  more detail I'm given, the more I will give in return.  Seriously, long posts make me super excited!  I will not do one liners...period!  I'm just saying, if you want to get down and dirty with my characters, give me more inspiration than that!  All roleplays I plan out are planned to be long term.  I rarely have a set goal in mind, allowing creative juices to flow freely and just wanting to see where things go.

I am not looking for pure smut!  Sexiness is all fine and good, though I'm more open to it when it's not the focus of a roleplay!  I'd like it to be an added element and not the main goal. 

Please Note:
I only roleplay in threads, pms, and emails if I'm convinced enough to do so!  I don't have the time to write in IM's, as I'm often busy with schoolwork and work in general. 

What I want in a Partner:
  • Literate- please read and write English well.  I don't expect perfect grammar, but it would be nice to know the basics! I'd also like decent spelling, please!
  • Creative- I can't be the only one to push a story along.  Throw in something new! It keeps my attention.
  • Dedicated- I don't want someone who will skip out on me in just a few days.  If things need to end, let me know! I want long term rp here, though
  • Willing to communicate- I love to talk!  We can talk about the day, or discuss ideas you'd wish to add.  But please, don't be afraid to talk to me!
  • Manners- I can't stand rude people.  I'll respect you, but I also expect the same in return

An idea of what I like:
  • Realism- risk of illness, death, pregnancy, injury.  OH and realistic sized body parts please!
  • Detail- Paint a picture of the scene for me
  • Creativity- add to the story! Throw in a monster, change the weather, provide danger. Don't just let me lead. I love surprises
  • Dominant men- many of my characters are stubborn. Don't be afraid to stand up to her!
  • Rough play- I'm not seeking all smutty roleplay, but when it happens, play rough! Knife play, choking, force, spanking, etc
  • Supernatural- I love vampires and werewolves (no not twilight bs).  I also love mermaids, wizards, warlocks, demons, angels, etc

Plot Ideas

I am open to other ideas!! Feel free to pitch me something!

Arranged Marriage:

  • The world is in utter chaos.  A great evil has risen and begun to influence the humans, causing wars to break out through the lands.  People are turning on one another left and right, committing crimes and murders.  The only way to stop the darkness is if good and evil join together.  The counsels gather, finding only one solution to be strong enough to bring the balance back.  It’s not enough to only work together, but join their sides in a holy union.  A demon and an angel, forced into a marriage and to live in disguise as humans in a small town.  Can they learn to work together?

  • In medieval times, ancient kingdoms have fallen into ruin.  Rumor had it a great power was born into a neighboring kingdom, though none knew of which one.  The princess was born with a gift, and kings from all around were desperate to secure her hand for their own selfish needs.  The problem was, no one had a clue which kingdom she was in.  The Princess had remained hidden for years, keeping her identity a secret.  Upon her 21st birthday, her father sent her away, fearing for her safety.  A political arrangement had been made for her to wed a far away king, one who kept his men from the wars and only wanted peace.  However, he is unaware of her abilities.  Can she keep them secret?


  • Pirates are often blood-thirsty thieves with only a love for treasure and the sea.  One captain in particular was feared by all, known to leave no survivors and often burned entire villages to the ground.  One day while his crew ravaged a town, he came across a beautiful maiden, but before he could steal her away, she was gone.  Each port they arrived, she had a way of showing up, puzzling the captain.  It wasn't until one day that he’d manage to capture her.  Little did he know she was no ordinary human, but a mermaid who had been following his ship. 
  • What would you do if you were told that you’re destined to be with someone you had only met?  That’s exactly what happens one day.  A wolf wandering in human form, lonely for years, finally comes across her.  However, he doesn’t have much time to steal her heart, tell her the truth, and bring her back to the pack for safety.  An enemy is lurking in the shadows, and determined to keep her from meeting her destiny.  (roles can be reversed)
  • Out in the west, outlaws and criminals are a problem for many of the growing towns.  However, in this sleepy little town, visitors are few and far between.  When a stranger arrives, coming by the moonlight, no one even suspects him to be one of the most feared men of the west.  Things begin to look suspicious as people turn up missing, and their visitor only seems to come out at night.  One night, though, a woman catches his eye.  Unsure why, he can’t quit thinking about her, but he’s eager to find out.

  • A lonely vampire stalks the night, terrorizing towns and enjoying the game of cat and mouse.  He often spends nights haunting his victims before finally taking a bite.  However, it was a game that grew old after time, and now he looked to dabble in new adventures.  A woman caught his eye, one so sweet and pure that he just couldn’t resist.  Instead of simply sucking her dry, he decides to use her.  He haunts her dreams, making her fall for the mysterious man. The more she dreams of him, the more control he takes of her mind.
  • Upon the rocky seas, a massive and relentless storm pulls a ship into the depths of Davy John's locker.  It would appear that no one could survive such a disaster.  However, one young sailor manages to float upon a barrel to an empty island, leaving him stranded with no way to escape.  A lonely mermaid living in the lagoon spies the sailor, watching his every move as he works to build shelter and find food before planning his way off the island.  At first, she finds him fascinating, growing to enjoy his company, even going so far as to leave him little gifts without revealing herself.  Eventually, he decides to build a small vessel to help carry him to a port, but the maiden of the sea refuses to let him leave for fear of being alone.  His good fortune begins to turn around, his hard work destroyed each time he started anew.  Finally, one day, he catches a glimpse of her from the corner of his eye.  No longer focused on escape, his new goal is to capture the illusive creature.
  • A war had raged for years between werewolves and humans, and slowly the creatures were becoming extinct.  They had grown to be misunderstood thanks to a few rogue packs that had given into their natural forms, turning into soulless monsters who killed simply for the taste of flesh and blood.  One night, an innocent pack was raided and slaughtered, though the group of humans let one survive.  Taking her captive, she was taken back to their camp where she remained locked up in a cage, abused, beaten, and raped.  Ready to let the heavens take her soul, a man from the camp takes pity on the beast.  Not because he finds the wolves to be innocent beings, but because even they deserved a dignified death.  Instead of letting her rot in a cell, he brings her back to health and offers a proper execution....or does he?
  • It's not uncommon for those with power to fall prey to the temptation of abusing it.  They hold no sense of responsibility or have a care in the world who their gifts can destroy.  It is why a band of barbarians have grouped together to take out the savage power dwellers.  The problem is, two great leaders wish to rule their armies separate ways.  Can they learn to work together to win the war? Or will their disagreements lead to downfall?
  • In an ancient kingdom, it's ruler had grown old, and the time had come to pass the throne onto his daughter.  She's a headstrong woman, refusing to believe she needed a man to rule by her side. Seeming as how she's rejected every suitor come to call, the king has no option but to send a message throughout the lands that all men of age were to come compete for the princess's hand.  His enemy has gained knowledge of such games, and in attempt to take over the kingdom the easier way, disguises himself and makes way for the tournament.  However, it wouldn't be such an easy task, as the princess was also competing for her own hand, against the kings knowledge. Does the warrior discover her secret, and will he rat her out?

I will be adding to this thread as inspiration strikes.  However, if you think we might be a good match, don't hesitate to hit me up!  I'm open to many plot ideas,  So, throw an idea at me and see what happens!
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Re: F seeking M for action, adventure, and other awesomeness
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2015, 06:16:38 PM »
Added three new plot ideas under "Action"