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October 28, 2021, 12:00:11 pm

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Author Topic: Tickling Fetish Games, seeking female chars  (Read 677 times)

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Tickling Fetish Games, seeking female chars
« on: May 05, 2015, 06:33:48 am »
I have a strong sexual/tickling kink, and this will be the main focus of my games, though I also enjoy things such as orgasm denial, force orgasms, bondage, sexy clothing, large to huge endowments on male and female chars, group sex, exhibitionism, sexy clothing/revealing clothing, teasing, and probably a few other things I can’t remember at the moment.  I like to use pictures in my games, which can be either real life or art, though if the other player prefers one over the other, we can work with that. 

I am looking for Female characters, and by that I mean the player behind can be male.  I don’t really care who is typing on the other end.  I prefer switch female chars, as I enjoy being dominant and submissive from time to time, but if you are interested in playing a female that is always dominated, we probably aren’t going to work out.  I also expect the player to be able to write 2-3 decent paragraphs.  My writing tends to reflect what is sent my way.  The larger the post, the bigger my response.  A partner who is interested in co-running the game with me is particularly appreciated, or even running the game and having me take on the player role is even better potentially, but this can all be talked about in length if the rest of what I say happens to appeal to you.  And of course, if you have any questions or ideas, please do feel free to contact me.  Please respond to this message Via PM.  At any rate, here are some basic ideas for games, with some ideas more filled out then others:

Porn Art Online:  It seemed like a great idea.  A virtual reality high-fantasy game, and one that was cutting edge, and promised the most realistic experience yet.  Not only that, but this game matches your own sexual interests.  A chance for you to indulge online in all of the things you want to do, but can’t seem to find the partner to enjoy with.  It wasn’t uncommon, really.  These days virtual reality is all the rage, and with more than a thousand different reality games, it was only a matter of time before somebody made one that fit your particular interests.  Then, you and the other ten thousand players got stuck in the game, when the creator removed the log out option.  Now, the game has taken on a decisively more kinky and sexy edge, to match the creator’s own perverse pleasures, but also a more dangerous edge as well, as reduction to zero hit points means death in real life as well.
(Note:  So, if you’ve seen the anime “Sword Art Online” you have a basic idea of where this is going.  The difference of course being that this server was a porn server, so things are considerably more adult and sexual.  I am looking for a female partner who would like to become a trapped in this new, dangerous, and erotic world. They would team up with my own player, and sex, tickling, and adventure would ensue.)

The Sex Prisoner:  You had heard the stories, but you didn’t believe them.  Now, you do.  You have no choice but too. 
The year is 2089, and Mega-Corporations have become extremely powerful, able to influence governments and be almost above the law.  The Mega-Corp’s are amalgamations of different chains, creating one super powerful corporate entity, with more capital than most countries, and surprising control over them.  The smaller companies are left to fight over the scraps, and fear or hope for the day when one of the big six come knocking on their door.  Essentially, they have broken down into six different companies, each one cornering the market in one a particular area.  There is Wal-co, which controls retail, Toyard, which controls the manufacturing sectors, Golden Harvest, which deals with mining and cultivating natural resources, Mirco-Apple, the software and advanced computer crafters of the future, Disney, which has been able to take control of almost all entertainment media, and Play-Pen, the undisputed king of adult content.  The rest of the industries out there are battlegrounds for the big six to fight over, each trying to get a bigger piece and add to their already considerable power.

You work for Play-Pen.  Or at least you did.  You were one of the best, until you learned too much, and eventually quiet.  As you were getting packed in your room, and getting ready to leave the city, it was then when the gas hit you.  Everything went black, and when you woke up, you were in “The Village”.       

(Note:  This game idea is obviously based off the short lived TV series “The Prisoner.”  Your char is a female porn star who is in her prime, but because of this she has been privy to a great deal of the corporations inner workings, not just through her work and contact, but also through her relationships, being everything from one-night-stands, to real relationships.  The point is, she knows things, and those things are a concern to the company.  When she decides to leave, she is kidnapped and taken to “The Village” a place where porn stars are sent when they become uncontrollable and can’t be trusted anymore, but they know things, potentially very important things. Of course, this doesn’t mean they are out of the porn business.  Oh no, they have to still preform.  Aside from a regular job, this is a requirement.  People are expected to show up at the studio and preform, but sometimes performances are random and on the spot, The Villages many hidden camera’s recording everything.  Of course, those who refuse are punished, as are those who try and escape. Of course, you’re character is less than happy with the situation, and wants to try and escapes while still retaining the information she has in her head. The setting will allow for some sci-fi elements, though how far that goes depends on the players.     
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