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Author Topic: The Rapture (Apocalypse/Survival) [Experimental Systems](Open to All!)  (Read 264 times)

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Offline Deity of the ArchaicTopic starter

Hello, and welcome potential survivors, to a new hell on earth.

This is a systems world based on a D-20 with several aspects regarding survival, which I will get into in a moment. For starters, imagine a barren wasteland that used to be Earth. Nuclear warfare tore the world apart, and nuclear winter has struck. Almost all the population is dead. Those who died reanimated as grotesque beings, slow moving but vicious in numbers. You must struggle as a survivor, finding supplies and weapons to defend yourself. You may kill monsters. You may kill each other. You may sleep with players. You may rape players. You can work together. You can work alone.

It's up to you.


A player may have a maximum of two characters, and must fill out a character sheet for each one. Every character has to have at least 2 defects, and number of attributes which are effected by the defect. Attributes work in the same sort of way that it does in D&D, where performing a certain action pertaining to an attribute requires a roll of a D-20. If the roll is higher than the attribute, the action fails. If the roll is lower, the action succeeds. There are also diseases and viruses that can be obtained that bear negative effects and may or may not go away. Lastly, there are two sets of inventory modifiers: Space and Weight. Packs and pockets will give space which items will have certain occupancy values. Weight is determined by dexterity and cannot be passed under any circumstance. Fall damage is a factor and bone integrity is a factor.

-Metabolism- Static. The ability to conserve energy gained from food and water.
-Hunger-(on a scale of 30 points) GM will determine when a hunger roll must be made. A high roll will determine how many points are deducted from hunger, minus metabolism. If this reaches zero, your character will starve to death.
-Thirst-(on a scale of 30 points) See hunger, as it functions the exact same way.
-Dexterity- Static. The ability to do physical activity. Used in fatigue and moving object rolls. Also determines maximum carrying weight.
-Fatigue-(on a scale of 30 points) GM and actions determine when fatigue rolls are made. Functions similar to hunger and thirst. At 10 points player will be sleepy. At 5 points, player will be sluggish and delirious. At 0, the player will pass out.
-Temperature- (on a scale of 40 points) Determined by environment with the temperature rating of the clothing worn. At 5 player will start to develop frostbite. At 0, player will freeze to death. At 25, player will start sweating profusely. At 30, player will start to see mirages and hallucinate. At 40, player will die of heat stroke.
-Mental Stability- Static. Affected by drugs and murdering people. Affects perception, charisma and intellect.
-Perception- Static. Ability to see. Mostly static. At 0 player is blind. At 5 player requires glasses to see (unless effected by mental stability). Also determines how well a player can use a ranged weapon.
-Agility- Static. Determines the player's ability to dodge, run, and jump, among other things. Hindered by bone breaks.
-Intellect- Static. Ability to solve problems, puzzles, and perform tedious tasks. Affected by mental stability.
-Vitality- Static. Determines bone strength and health. Static.
-Health- (no true scale, but hp can vary in between 15-40 hp) Player's life. If this runs out, you die. Can be recovered through various medical treatments. Players will take bleeding damage from large wounds unless patched up.
-Charisma- Determines conversationally successful a player is. Affected by mental stability.
-Strength- How hard a player hits with melee weapon, as well as how well the player can take hits.
-Luck- Static. Self explanatory. Duh. Used in luck rolls for most tasks.
-Libido- Static. Determines how long you can go without an orgasm. Reversed; the higher the number, the worse.
-Radiation- (on a scale of 30) Starts at 0. Gains .5 every turn spent in a radiation pocket. Radiation sickness begins at 20, and death comes at 30.

Base stat is 10 for every static attribute
-Gigantism- Player is larger. +2 Strength, -1 Agility, +2 Vitality
-Dwarfism- Player is smaller. -1 Strength, +2 Agility
-Dyslexia- Letters and words are jumbled. -2 Perception
-Narcissism- Self Important. -2 Charisma, +1 Intellect
-20/20 Vision- Perfect Clarity Eyesight. +10 Perception, -1 Mental Stability, -2 Luck
-Far/Near Sighted (Astigmatism)- Blurry in respective focus. -5 Perception (without glasses or contacts)
-Kleptomania- Take things subconsciously. +3 Luck, -2 Mental Stability
-Dementia- Insane. -5 Mental State
-Sociopathic- Disregard for human life. No mental stability loss for murder, -2 Charisma
-Hyper Intelligence- Super Smart. +5 Intellect, -2 Charisma
-Prince Charming- Charmed I'm sure. +4 Charisma, -2 Intellect
-Rapey- Super Creepy. -5 Charisma, +5 Strength
-Nympho- Sex Addict. +5 Libido
-Ambidextrous- Can use both hands equally. +1 Perception
-Short Term Memory Loss- Forgetful. -1 Perception
-Oafish- Not intelligent and very clumsy. -2 Intellect, -2 Dexterity, -2 Agility, +6 Strength, +3 Vitality
-Limber/Flexible- More Agile. +3 Agility, +1 Dexterity, -2 Strength
-Squeamish- Doesn't like the sight of blood, gore, and vomit. (-2 Intellect, -1 Perception, -3 Mental Stability, +5 Metabolism) in the presence of blood, gore, or vomit.
-Skinny- Thin as a rail. +5 Metabolism, -2 Strength
-Chubby- A little on the heavy side. -2 Metabolism, -1 Agility, +1 Vitality
-Color Blind- Can't see in color. -1 perception
-Buff- Muscular. +2 Strength, +1 Vitality, +1 Dexterity -1 Intellect
-Asexual- No Sexual Attraction. -10 Libido

You may also allocate 5 points to the attributes of your choosing.

Character Sheet
Bust(if applicable):
Penis Size(if applicable):
Mental Stability:

NPC's will do a perception roll every time you are within earshot and get a +2 boost if they have line of sight to determine if they see you.

-Common Infected: Common infected bear the resemblance of the person they once were, but are utterly mindless other than the motive to kill. They are slow but aggressive. Usually very weak on their own, but in a pack they can be a challenge. Sensitive to sound and will be attracted to loud noises such as explosions, car alarms and gunfire.
Agility: 3
Health: 7-12 Hp
Perception: 4

-Bloats: A special type of infected, where gas has built up in their bodies. They are very weak and very slow. However, it's ill advised to melee attack them, as the gas expulsion is generally explosive. The sound will also draw more infected. Blind, so only sound will attract them.
Agility: 2
Strength: 2
Health: 5-10 HP
Perception: 1

-Ghouls: A deadly but rare type of infected that packs a major wallop and runs incredibly fast. They are skin and bones, and are very easy to kill if you can land the hit.
Agility: 12
Strength: 7
Health: 5-8 HP
Perception: 5

-Screechers: An infected with its arms warped and melded into its body so it cannot attack. However it does have an ability which takes a luck roll. The ability is Screech, which will emit a piercing whine that attracts nearby infected. It's best you avoid them at all costs.
Luck: 12
Agility: 8
Health: 10 HP
Perception: 4

-Abominations: Walking tanks of flesh, usually only found near radiation zones. They are big, slow, bulky, and powerful. Dangerous in close quarters but a breeze at a distance.
Agility: 2
Health: 25-30 HP
Perception: 2

-Wolves: Self explanatory. Predatory wolves aggressive and quick. Weak but sometimes in a pack.
Agility: 10
Health: 3-7 HP
Perception: 8

-Other Survivors: These are potentially dangerous, as they vary so much. They tend to be well armed, and hostile. If they are male and the player is female, the NPC will attempt one rape roll to see if they rape the player. Stats will be assigned when necessary.

((More to be added))

All items are assigned a weight and a space occupancy value.
Make loud sounds unless suppressed finite ammunition, which can be scavenged, but high damage. There are Pistols, Semi-Auto Rifles, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, and Sniper Rifles. Guns come in all different caliber so there are no generic bullets to be found. If you have a 9mm pistol, you need 9mm pistol ammo. If you have a .308 hunting rifle, you need .308 rounds. Ect.

-Bows and Crossbows-
Like guns, but they require higher perception for accurate shots due to drop and are always silent. Crossbow bolts and arrows are not caliber specific and transferable across all Bows and Crossbows.

-Melee Weapons-
Melee weapons can be anything from a hunk of fencing to a tire iron, and do different damages based on material, weight, and strength roll. In addition, several types of melee weapons can be modified to do more damage, for example, hammering nails into a baseball bat.

Hand Grenades, Flashbangs, Fireworks, Ect. Loud and dangerous. Be cautious.

Things like the hairspray flamethrower, a Molotov cocktail, a slingshot, and other craft able things fall under this miscellaneous category.

Status Effecting Items

Canned, Hunting, Farming, ect. All lower your hunger.

Bottled water is the safest. Water can be affected by pollution and radiation, but you won't know it unless you drink it. Or if the GM gives context clues. Used to lower thirst.

-Sleeping and Comfort-
Nobody likes sleeping on the ground! Bedrolls, Sleeping Bas, Mattresses, Hammocks, Cots, Couches, ect... can all be used to lower your fatigue.

Backpacks, Handbags, Suitcases. Anything that provides mobile storage for inventory space. Increases carrying capacity.

•Pain Pills +2 Health
•Bandage/Gauze +1 Health, Stops Heavy Bleeding
•Morphine +5 Health, Roll Against Metabolism for addiction after three uses.
•Blood Packs (Must be your blood type) +3 Health, -2 Fatigue
•Energy Bar -2 Fatigue

The effects of drugs are not permanent, but addiction is rolled against metabolism.
•Marijuana -2 Perception, -1 Agility, +2 Hunger
•Ecstasy +8 Libido, +2 Dexterity, -3 Intellect. Roll against metabolism after first use for addiction.
•Speed +4 Agility, -1 Intellect. Roll against Metabolism after first use for addiction
•Steroids +4 Strength, -1 Intellect. Roll against metabolism after third use for a potential decrease in cock length and libido.

You can pick up almost anything, as long as the GM says it's there. Sometimes it's useless, sometimes it's useful. You take a gamble on your pack space.

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Offline merry

I'm interested by the setting but still have a few questions remaining.
- will there be any game master or is it only sandboxed there?
- Is it possible that you tell me a bit more about the starting situation and the background because this could be influence how I'd like to create my character?

thank you very much


Offline Deity of the ArchaicTopic starter

Hi! Yes, I will be acting as the GM. And this is a WIP so details are not finalized, so more info should be coming. Mainly I posted this to see if I peaked anyone's interest.