Gantz needs skills. (F for M) Fandom.

Started by Lustful Bride, May 04, 2015, 09:32:59 AM

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Lustful Bride

After giving a long binge reading to the hyper violent manga Gantz I found myself really craving to play in that type of universe, though id love to mess around with the cannon slightly and make it our own thing instead of just following through with the same storyline and such.

The basic idea is that a Gantz unit is getting rather tired of loosing group after group after group against the hidden alien creatures and decides to trade another Gantz unit for one of its newest arrivals. A female mercenary recently killed on a contract while fighting in the global war on terror. (For a price of course.)  So when she arrives at The Room, she knows without a doubt that she was killed and thinks that because she killed others for money, she is having her soul questioned and that this is all a test. So she makes it her prerogative to try and keep as many members of her group alive as possible, especially some nerdy otaku kid who has no place holding a gun of any type.

Some of the initial changes I'm making is that due to her skill set she's given a different type of energy blaster, more rapid fire but slightly less powerful than the ones her other teammates are using.

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So if you are familiar with the setting and lime the thought of a nerd perhaps getting a woman way way out of his league then please drop me a PM and lets share thoughts and such  ;D

Also, I really need a better title,  :P