Warcraft plots! (F for F and F for M)

Started by Usani, May 04, 2015, 03:23:28 AM

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Idea #1: Usani use to be an Undead Blood Elf (Dark Ranger) who served at the right hand of the Queen Lady Sylvanas.  She served her from the time she was human to their untimely deaths by Arthas.  Well, Sylvanas was able to break free from his grasp but Usa wasn't so lucky.  She now serves as one of his minions and is forced to fight innocent people when they mean no harm.  Usani only fought humans and other creatures when they meant her Undead family harm but now she has to kill anyone no matter what and it's driving her mad because the bloodlust grows stronger each day.  But the voice of her Queen still lives inside her mind but it's also beginning to fade, can Sylvanas reach her and save her in time before it's too late?

Please read my O/O page before PMing me, the page is in my signature.  I would like it if someone could play Arthas for a short time while Usani is still under his rule.

My character:

Idea #2: What happens when Lythia is captured by two Forsaken and is brought to the Royal Quarter of Undercity?  Lythia has been the interest of Sylvanas for quite some time.  She has been watching this Warlock and licks what she sees.  And she will finally get what she wants and make her Sylavanas's sex slave.  So, I want this to be a gentle Dom/sub story.


Idea #3: So my rp partner dropped so looking for someone else to please start this story with me.  I already have a starter for it and a little more explanation on the plot!

Sylvanas had a true love that fought along side her when she was a High Elf in Silvermoon but when Arthas became the Lich King and he raised the Scourge her lover Usani became one of them after she became the Banshee Queen.  Well, when Sylvanas recovers her body she looks for Usani.  Usani is slowly spiraling into madness but there is a part of her that is still alive that is crying out for help and Sylvanas can hear it in her mind which means there is a mental connection that is still there and only she can save Usa.  When she finally saves her she breaks her from his curse and turns her into a Forsaken to fight with her and take down Arthas and The Scourge, after she will basically become Sylvanas' right hand and rule Lordaeron along side her.

2.)OC Lorilla x Durotan Lorilla (Human) has been commanded to spy on The Warchief of The Frost Wolves, Durotan.  Apparently he's been planning an attack on Stormwind with a group but what happens when he finds her hiding?  He decides to have some fun with her and see if he can persuade her to switch sides and he has is ways of convincing.  He decides to let her know why she should switch sides by fucking her and tells her if she switches sides he will fuck her as much as she wants as long as she works for him.

Idea #4: Human Hunter x Illidan Stormrage- So, as of right now I only have one idea in mind but it's not much.  So, maybe someone is willing to help me expand on it?  I really want to do a plot where someone plays Illidan Stormrage against my Human Hunter Brittany Mae!  Basically she will go into Black Temple in search for him but she ends up being captured by his guards and brought to him before she even gets a chance to fight back.

I want this to be a bondage type plot where he makes her his sex slave and she pretends to hate it but secretly she's wanted it for a while.


If anyone wants to add to this story or anything please PM me.  :)


Anyone?  Im also thinking maybe she could be an Undead BloodElf.


My character is a Dark ranger which is basically an Undead Blood Elf and I'm willing to do this story twice!



Added a new plot craving for my Human Lorilla and Durotan!


Still haven't found anyone!  My main things are the pairings, I will be playing the sub female in all of them.  BUT, if you have a different an idea for one of the pairings I am open to any! :)