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Author Topic: (Warhammer Fantasy: The Pure and the Profane) Three Players Sought  (Read 544 times)

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   No one knows how long there has been a wishing well in the town of Süßwasser.  Local legend has it that—weary from a campaign against Chaos forces in the Barren Hills—Sigmar and a company of knights found a beautiful white stone well here, where the elvenwoods gave way to stony hills.  They were dirty and weary.  The water was sweet and fresh, cleansing minds and bodies.  They slept the sleep of the just, and the spirit of the well, Sweetwater, comforted Sigmar with a loving embrace in his dreams. 

   Years later, after he'd won the title of Emperor but before ascending to the Heavens, Sigmar granted title to this land to a loyal knight, Bremen.  Rather than establish his keep around the well, Bremen dug his own on a rise overlooking it and built the keep there.  He commanded that four acres of land be declared henceforth property of Sweetwater, spirit of the Well.  Beyond Sweetwater's land, he established an inn—Sigmar's Rest—a smithy, and a meeting hall for prayers. 

   Men and halflings found this strip of land to be fertile and rich.  Dwarves and men established a variety of mines in the hills.  A town grew up at the foot of Bremen's Keep.  It came to be known as Süßwasser.  The meeting hall was expanded into a temple of Sigmar with attached chapels to the major faiths of the empire, including a shrine each to the pantheons of halfings, elves, and dwarves. 

   Prayers to Sweetwater gave way to a tradition of wishing at the well at sunset and tossing in a flower, but the only concession Bremen's line has ever yielded too Sweetwaters sovereignty over those four acres is to allow four cobblestone paths to be erected so that people can readily access the waters of the well. 

   Every few years, a young man of tender heart, just come of age, confides in his friends that a beautiful nymph—fire haired, clad only in a few leaves—had come to him in the night and taught him the ways of love. 
*   *   *

   In the year 2523, a small band of companions departs from Altdorf, capitol of the Empire, on the road for Süßwasser. 

   Who are you?  Is this a joyous homecoming?  Are you a son or daughter of house Bremen, returned from university?  A descendant of the old midwife Anna, fortunate enough to receive a scholarship to study high magic rather than be left to dabble in hedge magic all your days?  An initiate to a priesthood, taking a pilgrimage to your home town before seeking where your god will call you next?  A merchant, a ner'do'well, a messenger? 

   Or just a visitor who can't stand by while innocents suffer? 

*   *   *

Notes:  Süßwasser is a non-cannon village—not quite a town—south-west of the Barren Hills, in the High Forest between Unterbaum and Castle Reikgard. 
   It trades with a small High Elf community in the forest, though most aren't certain where that community is actually located.   The population is predominantly human with scattered halfling influence.  An extended family of dwarves work as smiths and miners in the Hills. 
   Local threats include beastmen out of the forest and a clan of giants somewhere in the hills.  The second are dangerous, but can usually be bribed into leaving in peace with a barrel of ale. 
   I'll be making an effort to refer to the town as Süßwasser, but I don't have the keyboard for it.  Sweetwater will suffice. 

*   *   *

   Good morning everyone.  I'm hoping this game will be a grand adventure full of violence and intrigue, with the added drama of at least some of the characters having emotional connections to the setting. 
   Lynx,  Hephaestus, and I were hoping too bring in some romantic/erotic tension as well, which was why we were advertising for three 'rolls'. 
   A female character for my gentleman to woo. 
   A male character for Crow's gentleman to woo. 
   A female character for Lynx's lady to woo. 

   This game will be using the Warhammer Fantasy 2nd edition.  It's fairly straightforwards, and I'm more than happy to help with character building and system.  (In fact, I hope people will work with me on the first!) 
   The setting has a gritty, somewhat realistic feeling to it.  Starting character classes include Soldier, Wizard, and Initiate.   They also include Barber-Surgeon, Charcoal Burner, Servant, and Peasant.  Anyone can be a hero if they have the heart and will to stand against the forces of Chaos. 
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Offline Sethala

Re: (Warhammer Fantasy: The Pure and the Profane) Three Players Sought
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2015, 07:48:19 pm »
Never played WFRP, but I'm willing to give it a go.  Probably going to play a character for Lynx to have fun with, though I'm certainly open to sleeping around with the rest of the group...

Offline Purple Dusk

Re: (Warhammer Fantasy: The Pure and the Profane) Three Players Sought
« Reply #2 on: May 06, 2015, 07:00:32 am »
Oh! 2nd Editon WHFRP - colour me interested!  I'll go for a male character but depends on what the role is really.

Offline avorae

Re: (Warhammer Fantasy: The Pure and the Profane) Three Players Sought
« Reply #3 on: May 06, 2015, 09:29:29 am »
I've got your back Muse. Count me in to play the one you need to woo.