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May 14, 2021, 03:08:43 am

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Author Topic: I play male characters and enjoy worldbuilding! (Human/Monster/DM)  (Read 1238 times)

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Offline Adamska JamesTopic starter

I'm looking to write with creative people who want to play as female characters or just world-build and throw ideas at the wall to play-test all kinds of little scenarios. (so it doesn't matter what your gender is necessarily).

So here's kind of a run through of what types of things I write.

I am a big fan of just doing small episodic smut stories, instead of going hardcore and making a long story type roleplay.
When it comes down to trying to write through a more complicated narrative than "These people/whatever meet and they freak" I try to get really creative so be prepared to throw ideas back and forth for a while.

Tales of great adventure and intrigue, more excitement, less focus on just the romantic pursuits.
- Rival archaeologists fighting through ancient ruins after the same prize. (This one leaves a lot of extra detail to the imagination and can really be inserted in almost any setting with almost any kind of characters)
- Pokemon journeys fraught with battles, rivalries, comedy, danger, and all sorts of possible sexcapades depending on partners preferences. (some people prefer to have only human pairings, some go absolutely wild with anthro's or even just straight up besiality; I'm honestly not committed to one specific kind and can be very flexible)
- Fantasy worlds of adventure and unlimited possibility. (tricky ruins, very friendly natives, anthro's to straight up bestiality and other weirdness.)
- Scifi stories with time travelling cops and treasure hunters, cyborgs, and even Lovecraft horrors spanning the universe.

On's and Off's are best displayed via the link on our profiles so feel free to creep that real quick.
Highlight reel from that though:

Anthromorphs, Extraterrestrials, Female Partners, Shapeshifters, Small Breasts, Supernaturals, Tentacles, Normal Human Partners
Want to Try / Maybe
Female Characters, Gender Transformation, Male Partners, The Fae, Undead

Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, Superhero(Mostly OC or Marvel), Western
Dragon Age Setting, +Earth, Forgotten Realms, Original Settings, Shadowrun, Star Wars

Sexual Elements
Competition with Others, Dirty Talking, Foreplay, Oral, Roughhousing, Sex Apparel, Sex Toys, Vaginal
Want to Try / Maybe:
Being Kidnapped, Bondage, Breasts, Coercion and Blackmail, Fingers in Mouth, Forcing Competition, Giving Fellatio, Kidnapping Another, Multiple Partners, Performing Cum Inflation, Perverting Nature, Pleasure Control, Squirting, Strap Ons, Vaginal Deflowering, Vaginal Virginity
Dislikes but can sometimes be convinced:
Anal, Being Branded, Being Humiliated, Being Spanked, Branding Another, Breath Control, Controlled Breath, Face Slapping, Fear, Feeding, Footplay, Frotting, Gagging, Gaining Weight, Giving Vaginal Fisting, Hair Pulling, Lactating, Pain and Torture, Receiving Vaginal Fisting, Scrotum Worship, Snowballing, Spanking Another, Suckling, Throat Penetration, Watersports
No Go's:
Being Castrated, Being Mutilated, Being Pregnant, Castrating Another, Giving Anal Fisting, Giving Enemas, Giving Rimming, Hard Vore Victim, Humiliating Another, Intestinal Penetration, Mutilating Another, Needleplay, Performing Hard Vore, Receiving Anal Fisting, Receiving Anal Sex, Receiving Butt plug, Receiving Enemas, Receiving Pegging, Receiving Rimming, Scat, Soft Vore, Verbal Abuse
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Offline Adamska JamesTopic starter

Re: I play male characters and enjoy worldbuilding! (Human/Monster/DM)
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90 %
Almost done fixing this thing up now!