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November 29, 2020, 02:27:14 PM

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Author Topic: Love's dom. desire, aggerssive F for shy M (One story open, ideas welcome)  (Read 761 times)

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Offline LoveTheWayYouLieTopic starter

Hello There and welcome to my little request thread!
The Name is Love, and I have the itch for some good old fashioned play! Yay me for the depraved and distrusted thoughts of my sick mind. Mahaha! Anyway! Thank you for coming to my thread, and lets do some talking on the matter in which I am seeking to fill, shall we?! I am very open to many things, so please feel free to message me and chat! There is a list of my kinks that we may have in common! But may not apply to all plots!

 A list of kinks I'm looking for in this are as follows;
*Oral (Giving and Receiving)
*Begging (Receiving)
*Biting (Giving&Receiving)
*Clothed Sex
*Drug & Alcohol abuse
*Face Slapping (Giving and Receiving)
*Jealous Lovers
*Hair pulling
*Cum Shots
*Internal cum shots
*Plot twists
*Strip Tease
*Swallowing cum
*Abuse (sexual, verbal, physical, mental, emotional)
*Adultery (Craving)
*Dirty talking
*Pregnancy  (Craving)
*Face fucking (Male & Female)
*Hand cuffs
*Public places (Craving)

I am seeking for this to be medium to long term play, and I'm looking for someone who is literate. Please be able to write three or more (preferably) paragraphs, and be willing to move the story forward in some way. Multi-character play is a necessity as it helps move things forward in a story as well.

The fun part! Ideas for this pairing! These are all ROUGH IDEAS, nothing has been fully fleshed out 100% so please feel free to message me your take on things! Also, I like slightly shy men. I like men who dont just take control and attack a girl, I like boys and men who are a little more timid in bed and sex but once it gets going they find their groove. I like my females to be more aggressive at the start and like to nudge them into sexual situations.

*~*The Affairs of Power and Struggle.*~*

Elements of this story: possible incest (depending on partner), Mild alchoal and drug use, adultery, possible pregnancy (depending on partner), drama, love and lust, slight age gap. (3-6 years).

This is just a rough idea, as I dont have it very formed out. I know that it will start of rather smutty, but then smooth out into story.


Two rival massive corporations have been at odds since the ground up. They had once started as a family business, but a brother and sister had their differences and the company split into two different businesses. Constantly in a race for who can have the bigger money income, the newest phones, cars, everything. And time has passed that its just normal for them to be at odds, but both make enough money to make heads spin.

All through word has spread that because of the marriage between the the CEO's son and a television company, well, the company that owns 95% of tv. The company was going to merging with the TV company to become one of the largest power houses in all of the world.

The other company, knows they are done for. They will still be a large power house in the world. But nothing like their rival will be. Thats when the daughter to the CEO decides to take matters into her own hands. She is hungry for power, money and fame and doesn't want to give it away just because someone is getting the upper hand, she believes in taking that hand off. (She may seem like a bitch but she can be a real lovely girl, just she has drive to be something) She starts by charming everyone under a fake name at a massive party for the celebration of the merge. But her eyes on the other companies married son.

Plot twist: Since the companies, long ago started as a FAMILY business. The Son of CEO who gets married to the TV owner's daughter is the cousin to the other companies CEO daughter. They don't know because their families don't communicant like that anymore.

BUT! Thats just an idea, I'm fine with the companies starting out as a friend business and there is no incest undertones! Its just an idea!
I'm also playing this general idea out in others settings outside of modern. Such as Victorian, medieval, something along those lines. But I dont do scifi, but I might do mild future. I'm open to ideas!

Picture references
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The young woman:
The young man:
 Image for fun :) NSFW
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SO! If you're interested in this idea or have some of your own! Please feel free to hit me up in a message! Thank you!

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Re: Dom F Seeking Sub Male. (two plots open, one incest)
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