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Author Topic: Craving roleplay with substance (M seeking F dom/sub/switch)  (Read 888 times)

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PM ME, DO NOT POST HERE (I want to keep this clean)

I'm new to the forums, but not to Role Playing. I've been role playing on and off for several years. I'm also a writer; I've written a book, a TV pilot, a feature film script, a web series, a few short films, short stories, and currently working on my second book. Projects like the tv show and the feature film were never produced, and my first book is still in its early drafts, which is why my humility likes me to use the term 'aspiring writer' sometimes. I'm always growing and looking to improve. However despite this, you can expect quality with my posts. Don't feel intimidated to approach me either, I like engaging with people who might consider themselves to be 'less experienced' writers, and I am fairly forgiving.

Story vs Smut: As an aspiring writer, it's all about the story for me. It should be somewhere along the lines of 70% story and 30% smut, but that's flexible (sometimes 50/50 for more sex driven plots) . I want to lose myself in a story, I'm not looking just for a quick romp. I want things to feel real, not feel like a porno.

Activity: I can go from being very active, to 1-2 posts a week. I'll inform you when I get busy, but sometimes life just catches up, and I need to focus on my work or writing. I keep people informed, and I expect the same.

Post Length/Quality: I'm not expecting Shakespeare, but I do expect a bit of effort put into the post. If there are lots of spelling and grammar errors that could have been avoided by a simple look over, I won't appreciate that and will probably lose interest. I want CONTENT not FILLER. I want to hear your character's voice, I want to feel what she's feeling, I want to feel myself engaged and lost in the scene. I don't want you to simply describe everything back to me "i.e. he looked at me, and then he said...". I don't have a required post length, though if you write 1 sentence or 1 paragraph, chances are you're not trying very hard. I can write 3-10 paragraphs, depending on what my partner gives me and what moves the story forward. That's most important to me, moving the story forward. I don't expect you to copy my post length, and at times long responses will take me time to respond to. However just write what works, and help me move things forward in an engaging way.

Genres: I don't mind pretty much anything, as long as it has the right story. Sci-fi is my favourite, but I also enjoy fantasy, a bit of horror, a bit of historical, and modern.

Fandom: I rarely do fandom, but if I did it would be from an expansive world like Star Wars, Mass Effect, or The Walking Dead, and it would have to be original characters (unless you can REALLY convince me otherwise). It's not on the top of my list to do a fandom, but of course it depends on the story.

Ons and Offs: Please click the link

Schedule: It varies, but usually nighttime, or during the day. I'm free more between mon-wed, and less thurs-fri, and hardly at all sat-sun. I'm in the EST time zone.

Pairing types: I am heterosexual
MxF multiple
MxTS/Futa (very female TS only)


Scenarios (click link for jump):

I play the submissive (preferred)
I play the dominant
I play a switch or equal (more romance based)
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Re: Craving roleplay with substance (M seeking F dom)
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2015, 06:45:15 PM »
Scenarios where I play as submissive (preferred)

All scenarios are MC as Male, and YC as Female (or TS in some instances)

My wife and her girlfriend ****CRAVING****
Themes: M/F/F, F/F, D/s, Femdom, Control, Cuckolding, Chastity, Teasing, Bondage, Caging, Toys
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
2 roles are available. The reluctant wife, and the dominating provocative girlfriend. I need someone to play one or both roles. A third person could be a possibility, or not.

Realism is important for this story, but of course it would be fun as well. We would be playing with the dynamics that a relationship like this would bring about.

The husband and wife are happy, as happy as could be. The sex is great... sometimes fine. They try new things, they try to be adventurous, but something is missing for both of them. He keeps joking about the ultimate male fantasy, a threesome with a girl. She keeps playing it off like a joke.

How the girlfriend gets introduced is up for discussion. She may be a friend who gets the couple drunk just for the sake of a threesome. Perhaps the wife wants to try out the threesome and searches for a girl online as a surprise for her husband as a birthday gift. It could be a long time friend who keeps suggesting they have a relationship together, and the wife had always been hesitant but curious. Whatever way it happens, they have a threesome.

In the end, the wife loved it, and wants to try it again, finding her bi-curiosity turns into promiscuity. She loves being with a woman, and the husband loves being with two. However the girlfriend suggests a different dynamic to the relationship. She wants it to be all about the wife and herself, so she wants to play around with a bit of D/s. She suggests locking up the husband in a chastity belt, and setting some rules. The wife finds the idea fun. The husband is reluctant, but it's 2 against 1, and he has a slight submissive craving, so he has no say.

Things start to slowly spiral out of control. The wife is going out with the girlfriend more and more, while the husband is forced to clean up and take care of things, or else risk extending his time in his chastity belt. The bedroom is less fun for him as he is forced to keep his chastity belt on, while he pleasures the two girls. His tongue gets very sore, and he gets very intimate with a lot of toys (like a dildo gag). Sometimes, the husband is kept out of the bedroom, or to be wickedly fun, locked up IN the bedroom, forced to watch and listen, as his wife and girlfriend make love. This can involve bondage and some pain elements, but is more about the loss of control.

It can also be a bit more vanilla, without the bondage and chastity elements, where the wife and girlfriend simply shut out the husband over time, and he's forced to listen to them make love while he's in the other room. Though this version would have to be discussed.

Oh, no! I shrunk you!
Themes: Macrophilia, Loving or Mean Giantess, Real Life Situation, light D/s scenario (or equals)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
YC and MC are chemists working at a laboratory, working on a secret formula designed to shrink items for transport. It's an idea worth billions of dollars. They can get the shrinking formula right, but they can't get the re-sizing formula down. Whenever they re-size the item, it explodes. One day, after YC causes an accident, MC get exposed to the shrinking formula. He shrinks down to 1-inch

YC freaks out, and instead of reporting the accident, she takes MC home with her, to keep him in hiding. Little does she realize, MC has had a crush on YC for years, but never said anything. YC takes care of MC, and things begin to develop between them. She perpetuates a story that MC just up and quit, and left the country. However people start to grow suspicious, especially when YC starts to smuggle in MC to work in secret, to help work on the re-sizing formula.

This is meant to feel real, but some fun scenarios can come out of it, such as MC being carried in YC's panties or bra, or MC being inserted into some more 'intimate' parts. You can play your character a bit more temperamental, and the punishments can be fun to play out. Or she can be loving. Characters can be discussed. The D/s elements don't have to be strong and they can be equals as well.

Step-Mom knows how to punish
Themes: Step-Mother X Step-Son, Femdom, Incest, MILF, Light Bondage, Spankings, Paddles, D/s, Light BDSM, lingerie, authoritative outfits, voyeurism
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
YC is MC's new mother, and he doesn't care for her one bit. He's eighteen and almost out of the house to college, and now has to deal with a woman who insists on being his mother. He had a mother. She died. He doesn't need a new mother, not now.

She feels she needs to be the mother, as he is so rude and behaves with such terrible manners. She wants to be there for her new step-son, but he won't let her in. So she suggest to her new husband, that she and her step-son spend a summer together at the cottage alone, to get to know each other. The husband, having a business trip for the entire summer, agrees it's a good idea. The step-son hates the idea, but clearly has no say.

The Step-son, however, has a secret. While he doesn't like his new mom, he thinks she's really hot. I mean smoking suburban mom, trophy wife, hot. Being at the cottage is hard when she's outside sunbathing, and he can't help but try to sneak a peak at her when she gets out of the shower. Then one day she actually catches him looking!

Well that's the last straw. He's rude, obnoxious, and now he's spying on his own step-mother! Well she takes him immediately by the hair, throws him over her knees, and starts to spank him. What's this, he's getting a hard-on?! Oh now he's going to be locked up in the closet for a full hour! He hasn't learned his lesson, how about a day?

This goes on, and she tries various forms of punishments. However as time goes, they both start getting turned on by this dynamic, to a point where he'll do something naughty just to be punished, and she'll find fault in everything just to punish him. This gets a bit out of control, and they start to bond, just not in the way they originally thought.

Note: This can be altered and discussed. This one is obviously a bit more smut based than the other ideas, but I still want a story, as mentioned.

Is she crazy?
Themes: Extreme Bondage, Pain, Tease and Denial, lots and lots of sex
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Is she crazy, or just in love? YC met MC one night at a party, and honestly they both hit it off. While MC liked YC, he wasn't ready for a relationship, after having a really bad one. However YC just really likes him, so she texts him a lot, shows up at his work, finds him outside of his apartment, and just won't leave him alone. He starts to get strange vibes, and starts to push away from her.

As he pushes away, she starts to become obsessed. She knows of a phenomenon called Stockholm Syndrome, and decides that it's the best way to get MC to fall in love with YC. So one night she finds him at a bar, and spikes his drink. Next thing he knows, he wakes up tied to her bed the next morning.

From there, things start to get really out of control... and a little bit crazy...

Where women Rule
Themes: D/s, femdom, Extreme BDSM, Extreme Bondage, Orgasm Control, Tease and Denial, Chastity, Orgasm Ruin, and much more...

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This is an idea for a world, and not a specific scenario. Ideas and characters can stem from this-

In the world of Isilium, men once ruled. They kept women as slaves for any which thing they pleased. However a silent rebellion grew, and the women overthrew the men by poisoning the air so that only men were affected, making them weak. Shock collars were locked onto their necks, making it impossible for them to disobey the women whom they once called slaves.

Since the day of the overthrow, the leader of the female resistance, Malence, decreed "Men have mistreated women for far too long. As punishment, we will treat them as they had treated us- worse even. They will forever be our slaves, our pets, and nothing more than objects for breeding and labor. They will have no rights. They will be tortured, and ruined, and they will never know pleasure. They will be punished until the day they die, and so will their kinship."

Houses grew, and there is a struggle for power amongst the women. Some of the women interpret the words of Malence in different ways. Some treat men with a small degree of respect, and are far more loving towards their slaves, while others have a hate towards men so strong, that they purchase as many as they can so they can torture them for sport.

For example, some may take the words "they will never know no pleasure" literally. So pleasure slaves are not allowed to feel pleasure themselves unless it is accompanied by pain, and they are certainly not allowed to orgasm. Breeding men are simple strapped to a table and milked dry, while fed a steady dose of shocks with any orgasm so they cannot enjoy it. Slaves are used for housework and labor, and whatever else their mistress so wishes, such as torture on the slave for her stress relief. Pets are trained and used for amusement. Most men grow up into a world of slavery, and as such they know nothing else. Women grow up learning about the history of their world, and what men once did to them. So most women feel they need to let out their anger towards them. However some houses may not agree with these treatments.

A lot can be done with this world, and different characters and situations can come out of it.

The Queen and her prisoner **taken**
Themes: D/s, Femdom, Extreme Tease and Denial, Bondage, BDSM, maybe a bit of romance? (loosely based off of Once Upon a Time)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
YC is beautiful, sensual, and has powers that puts fear into her subjects. She is the queen, and she has never married, yet craves something more, and that is power.

MC is the leader of the rebels. He is fierce and strong.

One night he sneaks into the castle to kill the Queen, but instead gets captured by her female guards. When they are about to kill him, the Queen saves him, wanting to keep him for herself to interrogate. She can't help but feel an attraction to the man, and he to her, despite their differences. She finds that around him, she feels different. Everything is alive, vibrant, and her powers are stronger. In fact, she realizes that the more aroused he gets, the more powerful she becomes.

So she decides to test it one night, and brings him to bed. Indeed at the crescendo of the night she sets the bedroom on fire with just a flick of her wrist. She does become more powerful with him arousal. However after he orgasmed, the power went away.

She knows what must be done. To be the powerful queen, she must keep him always aroused, but to never let him reach climax, or he gets punished severely. The guards are tasked with keeping him aroused while she is away, while she keeps him close every night. They may choose to have fun with him, trying to see if he'll cum, which he knows won't end well.

Feelings may develop between them, or she may get more devious as time goes. It's up for discussion.

Anything to do with Femdom

Any ideas involving D/s where my character is the sub, and your female character is the dom, I would be willing to discuss. It can be extreme, or it can be light. It always involves the loss of control, and almost anything goes (with some limitations as mentioned in the O/O thread).

(MC in bold)
Popular Girl/Geek or Loser (no stereotypes)
Bad Girl/Nice Boy (no stereotypes)
Mistress/Slave or Pet
Obsessed Girl/Boy

Current Roleplays:

The Queen and her Prisoner (Keidance & Shale)
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Re: Craving roleplay with substance (M seeking F dom)
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2015, 12:33:04 AM »
Scenarios where I play as dominant

All scenarios are MC as Male, and YC as Female (or TS in some instances)

Note: I'm less inclined to play the dominant, so I only do 1-2 RPs at a time of this. I also will never have MC call your character a slut/whore, nor will he engage in full non-con rape, or beatings (except spankings)

ALSO, while I'm open to suggestions, I'm also going to be very picky with who I play these particular scenarios with.

When she walked into class... **taken**
Themes: D/s, Loss of control, some bondage and pain, romance
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I won't be doing anything extreme with this. Maybe a bit of bondage and spanking, but nothing more. I also won't be using words like slut or whore. This is just about controlling a young woman. I will be picky with this one, as I want to RP with someone very good and descriptive. I'm looking for realism.

My character is an English teacher in high school (or college), thirty years old, and really good at his job. He really believes in what he's doing. He knows the girls in his class seem to swoon to him, always wanting to spend time outside of class with him. Yet he never gives into that temptation, despite how beautiful they are.

Then your character comes along. She's 16 (or 18), has the cutest freckles, shapely figure, and seems so innocently perfect. She asks for his help in tutoring. Going against all his warnings signs, he agrees. They meet only in the library, at his insistence. At first it's innocent, but with a touch of the knee and a touch of her hand later, his mind begins to reel.

He writes her a list of homework that she needs to do at home to help improve her grades. Your character agrees. Then he gets daring, and in one line on the list he tells her to wear an outfit he likes, for the next day in class. He wasn't sure if it was too far, but seeing her in that skirt, teasing him all day, drove him crazy. To his surprise, she shows up in the outfit the next day.

With each command, things get more and more daring, and he begins to control her regular life, and slowly their sex life.

The Shelter
Themes: Owner/Pet, Powerplay, Bondage, Discipline, Spankings, Shocks, Semi Non-Con (never full out non-con), MxFxF
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
There is a place where you can go, when you're down on your luck, when you need a change of life, when you need to become something more. It is only know as The Shelter. A mansion, hidden away in the mountains and forest, where girls who feel out of place in the world, go.

As YC comes to the door, she meets an enigmatic man, handsome, strong, stern, but loving. He brings her in for an interview, and he never explains why. He asks her to strip naked, and examines her closely. If she passes, he explains, "here you will become my pet. You will never speak words ever again. You will never have control ever again. You will obey, or be disciplined. I am a kind owner, but I won't be afraid to make my voice heard. I will use you for my own sexual whims if I so please. If you agree to these conditions, you will always be guaranteed that you will have a roof over your head, food to eat, and someone to care for you."

She is given a choice. She can walk over to the table, sign the contract, and put on the shock collar, which will never, ever, come off-- or she can walk out the door.

This story can go a few places, but as mentioned, realism is important to me. We can discuss a few things, but it cannot delve into the absurd or odd. This is a very sensual, and loving story. It can involve multiple pets, and I would be willing to play this with more than one person.

(MC in bold and plays dominant)
Master/Slave or Pet
Popular Girl/Geek or Loser
Creator/Android or Created Girl (think weird science)

Current Roleplays:

When she walked into class... (Shale & CrypticSayings)
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Re: Craving roleplay with substance (M seeking F)
« Reply #3 on: May 12, 2015, 04:17:04 PM »
Scenarios where I play as switch or equal (more romance based)

All scenarios are MC as Male, and YC as Female (or TS in some instances)

Thieves and Liars **taken**
Themes: Romance, Stylish Action, Heists, Gadgets, Switches
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Max Cole is a career criminal, a thief to be specific. He's a kleptomaniac and adrenaline junkie, who really loves to get his fix of danger and shiny objects. As a kid he stole from everyone, the principle, the school bully, the teachers, and even his parents. He often got in trouble for it. As a teenager he grew up to be a bit more cunning, using his 'charms' to try and get away with things. It didn't always work, but when it did, he got a major rush from it.

One time, however, he stole a few thousand dollars from his minimum wage job and he got arrested for theft. To teach him a lesson, the judge put him in prison for six months, even though he wasn't yet an adult. There he met a man, once a professional thief, who taught him a few tricks on how to become something better. He explained the importance of lock picking and learning about hacking. He told him techniques for manipulating people. He was taught how to sneak around and break into place.

When Max got out, he vowed to improve his craft, and to become the best thief he could possible be. He started slow, at the bottom of the scale. He stole from small shops while they were closed, a few thousand dollars here or there. He was never caught, and never left any trace.
Eventually he made his way to the big stuff, like fancy cars, jewellery, and electronics. He still wanted to go bigger though.

Word got around about him in the criminal scene. He was then approached by a company, asked to steal a prototype for some secret weapon from a rival corporation. He gladly took the offer, because they were paying way more than he thought was possible. This is retire for the rest of your life on a private island kind of money.

As he first does some recon, he notices another person scoping out the place. Upon further observation, and a confrontation, he discovers that she's another professional thief approached by the same company, hired to do the same job. They wanted to make sure it was done no matter the cost, and whoever completed it would get the money. Max and the other thief were pitted against each other and didn't know it.

The place is a fortress, and the job proves to be more difficult than expected. A lot of work goes into stealing this prototype, but more importantly his rival is cunning and dangerous, and he can't help but find himself drawn to her. He would love to work with her, but the problem is he's been a lone wolf his whole life, and he doesn't trust her. It seems that she doesn't trust him either.

So the game is on...

The Famous Girl Next Door
Themes: Romance, fame, opposites, the glamour and downside of fame, reality vs screen
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
After years of trying to get there, she's finally made it. She finally landed a big role, opposite to another famous actor who's known as a bit of a playboy. With this role, she starts to get noticed on the streets, and is getting invited to all the big parties. Even her co-star is paying attention to her, wanting more than just to 'practice lines.' Everything is right in the world, and she's loving the fame and fortune, yet despite her agent's suggestions, she wants to keep her small apartment in New York to keep herself grounded.

Then he moves in next door. After a big breakup, he's just moved into a new apartment, in a new city, with no friends. He's really alone here and is looking for anyone to just connect with. He's a bit of a romantic at heart, but right now his heart is a bit broken. He's really into solitude and curling up with a good book, and doesn't keep up with pop culture.

When they first see each other, there's an instant draw. At first she's not sure if he just wants to get in bed with a famous star and brag about it. Then she realizes he doesn't know who she is. He's not exactly looking for anything, but this girl is beautiful and just seems so real and genuine, which is what he needs in life... for once.

He likes his quiet life, and she likes the fame and glory. He's a bit of an introvert, she's outgoing. They shouldn't work, yet they do.

She's a Pornstar
Themes: Romance, Screen vs Reality, Fast Paced life of a Pornstar, Fish out of Water
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Similar to The Famous Girl Next Door RP idea above, this is a story about opposites, and fame. This one is based more on The Girl Next Door, but only borrows the concept. I like the concept, but not the characters or story.

They were childhood friends. He moved away and they lost contact. When he returned, however, they reconnect again. After a bit of time, he finds out that she's actually now a famous pornstar. He's not sure how he feels about this. He tries to make it work, and so does she, but there's always that tension. He feels out of place in her world, and she wants to make things work between them, yet it's difficult.

This one is a bit more vague, but a lot of things can be done with it.

Current roleplays:

Thieves and Liars (Shale and BaronessAiyanna)
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Re: Craving roleplay with substance (M seeking F dom/sub/switch)
« Reply #4 on: May 19, 2015, 10:18:51 AM »
Inspirations without plot


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Re: Craving roleplay with substance (M seeking F dom/sub/switch)
« Reply #5 on: May 25, 2015, 03:52:09 PM »
Added current role plays, fixed up the organization, and added/fixed a few plots.