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May 15, 2021, 07:04:09 pm

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Author Topic: The Law Dogs (Sci-fi Western, Furry, female characters wanted)  (Read 3627 times)

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Offline Keelan

Re: The Law Dogs (Sci-fi Western, Furry, female characters wanted)
« Reply #50 on: May 20, 2015, 12:49:23 am »
On the topic of Keelan's pic, her character should have a small barrel around her neck. In it is of course the traditional liquor to get you up and going, but a hold-out pistol. And the barrel itself can be used as an explosive.


Player: Keelan
Name: Bianka Saint
Age: 40
Gender: F(uta)
Species: St. Bernard
Appearance: Standing 6'0" Bianka is a whopping 260lbs and in many ways could be viewed as a solid, fast-moving mountain (and she may not be the fastest, but damn if she can't haul ass with the best of them!).  Heavy-breasted, heavy-hipped, big butt, even the parts between her legs are big, as is often her puppy-like grin.  She walks a fine line between clearly relaxed and obviously on-edge and aware, and some are surprised by the mind behind her rather physical, large exterior (proves the 'big and dumb' adage quite wrong).  Surprisingly her fur is rather soft, especially her 'hair' on her head, which is shoulder-length and quite fluffy, brown and white naturally and always kept clean and groomed.  Surprisingly she's not fond of clothing, likes working without a shirt on, but when on-duty dresses in full, proper uniform armor and all.
Preferred Weapon(s)
  • TMMAP-K9: Pronounced "Tee-Map-Kay-Nine", the Terran Military Martial Arts Program, Canine Variant was a variant of the TMMAP system taught to Terran League Army, Marine, and Special Forces canimorphs.  The system is built around rapid threat neutralization, aggression, simultaneous attack and defense, all with strong emphasis on the Continuum of Force.  The Canine Variant adapts the techniques for the physiology and instincts of canimorphs, including application of claws and fangs, adjusting kicking techniques for the digitigrade breeds, and adjusting for the overall more significant physical reflexes and prowess of canimorphs compared to humans.  Bianka is rated a Master Instructor in TMMAP-K9 and was previously part of the credentialing board for PMC-Variant training programs.
  • Ballistic Knife: A common ballistic knife with a firing mechanism based around compressed air, the titanium knife is not a standard-issue tool; it's Bianka's own tool and 'toy'.
  • Telescopic Baton: A telescopic baton made of titanium alloy.  It lacks the electrical discharge of standard-issue 'stunsticks' but otherwise meets the standard-issue criteria.  Bianka simply prefers to avoid electricity in close quarters.
  • THM-K9: Terran League Handgun Model-Canine, aka "Timmy," a modification of the standard issue sidearm for Terran League planetside peacekeeping and paramilitary agencies.  The only difference is in ergonomics; canimorphs have claws, fur, and slight changes reminiscent of their digitigrade ancestors that while not preventing them from using standard human weapons, makes it noticeably less comfortable to use.  This gun fixes that and has the reverse problem for humans attempting to use it.
  • Custom Modular CQB Operator "Saint's Blessing": Custom-built by Bianca to meet her personal operational requirements and standards.  She favors it to standard-issue operators for CQB scenarios.  The weapon has a modular build, allowing her to adjust her weapon to expected engagement ranges without having to swap for a different weapon.  It's bullpup in design and made to be rather rugged; Bianka wanted a gun that she didn't have to worry about it breaking short of being melted to scrap.  It has three fire modes, but almost always is set to semi-automatic; Bianka prefers trigger discipline to letting the operator spew out bullets without her consent.  She calls it 'Saint's Blessing,' complete with a dark chuckle...
  • Saint's Keg: A small keg fit for Bianka to wear, the keg is filled with top-quality brandy, but also holds a Holdout Snub-Nose Revolver as well.  It also contains quite a hefty amount of highly stable plastic explosive, for use in an emergency of course.
Sexuality: Homoflexible Dominant
History: Created as a result of an experiment to create a working canimorph with the balls of the historically life-saving hard-working breed, and the build and physical prowess to facilitate such success.  The geneticists knew they were successful when the female canimorph was born having grown her very own and very sizable pair.  She was trained to work and to serve, and to do so proudly and happily.  When she was legally a citizen, given freedom to do as she wished, she eagerly continued doing what she'd been trained to do... only now she was making said choice and was being paid for it.

Her genetic predisposition and natural talent made her excel in close quarters and unarmed combat, but her specific specialization was as a 'Sapper'; a Combat Engineer and unit leader, with skills in armoring and gunsmithing in addition.  After years of service she was eventually brought to be an instructor, since until then most canimorphs were trained by humans and they really needed canimorphs that could train other canimorphs.  Naturally, she was all too eager, and her experience actually helped her refine the training regimens for canimorphs in military and public-service positions, from unarmed combat to weapons and armor designed to meet their unique needs.  Upon the end of her 2nd 10-year contract with the TL Armed Planetside Forces, she continued working as a private contractor for the agency regulating PMCs in Terran League Space, helping to develop specialized versions of TMMAP-K9 to fit a variety of uses.

She has since retired with full pension after 25 years of service, but nonetheless finds herself unable to 'sit and stay,' and so enlisted for a peacekeeping operation in a colony planet, which she figured was quiet enough for an 'old dog,' continuing to do largely what she'd been doing for the previous 25 years...

Sexual ons: Anal (G&R), Exhibitionism, Public Sex, Humiliating Others, Oral (G&R), Public Nudity, Cuddling/Snuggling/Petting/Romance
Sexual offs: Scat, Gore, NC as Victim (Ask OOC first)

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Re: The Law Dogs (Sci-fi Western, Furry, female characters wanted)
« Reply #51 on: May 20, 2015, 05:25:47 am »
Welcome aboard