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Author Topic: New Demon looking for partners of all shapes and sizes; come and play! :)  (Read 983 times)

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Offline JohusTopic starter


What is a demon, first and foremost? That is the most important question one can answer, before knowing what Johus is truly. Before one can even answer that question on its face, certain facts must be revealed, certain truths must be understood, lest the answer lack all meaning. To this end I create these words, so that ignorance might be banished, and the truth might offer comfort unlike any other.

All is energy, and energy is all, no matter if it is a life form or inert matter. What we call matter is energy congealed, trapped and bound within the pattern that surrounds us all.  Time is no more but a dimension of space, a means for this energy to spread itself around, as it seeks an even distribution. We call this experience existence, and we think of it as fixed and set, but like sea foam atop a crashing wave, we are no more then middling existence, in the great cosmic dance.

All is energy, and energy is all,  matter to thought to want and hunger, none of it is anything but energy in motion. In every thought there is transformation, the energy given shape and direction, moved into the cosmos in a different from then it was. A man might take in the hatred of another, and from it gain compassion and humanity, where as another might take in hatred and turn it into further hate, visiting more heinous sins on those who did nothing to him, and continuing the cycle on. In each breath and each thought, every mortal creature affects the flow of the universe, aware of it or not however is up to them.

Once enough of one kind of energy is formed, it creates a pull to its own kind, much like the works of magnetics. Like calls to like and more of it begins to form, congealing thoughts, emotions, desires and fears pulled into a single creation. From the void it takes shape, given its heart and mind by the thoughts that brought it together. Some are beings of pure love, where are others know of no joy. Some are watchers content to observe, where as others take a more active hand in the affairs of mortals, though all are driven by the energy that forged them, and ever must they seek it out. Even the most kind of these creatures must inculcate themselves with that self same energy, lest they fade to nothing, as some will choose to do.

This energy is not fixed, nor does it remain constant either, forever having  to take in new as it expends and transforms what it has, it is then subject to the influence of the new. Wherein it changes in every moment, capable of utterly transforming itself if the proper conditions should arise, a demon is nothing easily understandable. Even as it might change, it seeks to spread its own energies, taking from those around it as much as it gave, manifesting thoughts and desires as it passed, should the passerby have a similar enough energy. Like would call to like, as it were.

Now this is general demons, where as we are discussing one in particular, and his details should be understood, lest someone find themselves in well over their head.

Jo`hus is a demon of lust and desire, borne of the most noble debaucheries that were gathered from the ancient world, the ones that people tried to hide from each other. He seeks out the extreme though never by force or conquest, lest that be what is desired, preferring to slowly let desires come to pass as he ever more corrupts his current lover.

Where as most see loyalty to a partner as a virtue, he sees it as a sin. To deny yourself pleasure for the sake of someone else sounds like foolishness and self martyrdom to him. To hear him speak of love, it must be open and forever giving, it must never seek to posses, nor have any expectation of anything. To this demon, mortal love, solitary in its confinement, is the antithesis of love, as it binds and restricts through punishment of the heart. This defies the demons understanding, and he seeks to correct such an oversight.

He looks to the things mortals call “sin” and in most respects he does not fully understand it, that they would deny themselves joy and pleasure, for fear of what others think; though these others well in truth, have just as many desires as the one they look down upon for fulfilling such a want. All are filled with shame at the thoughts they have deemed “inappropriate” and yet these thoughts do not end, so there must be some reason for them. He seeks to liberate mortals from the shackles of there own conditions, offering them freedom to be who and what they are, even if that is a harlot... it is still a far happier existence, when one fully accepts who and what they are. Jo`hus, in this sees himself as the hero, though is more then likely the villain to a dozen farmers whose daughters he has taught such freedoms to.

He could be called proud, but that is not wholly accurate. He is like a man always in on some joke, but never sharing it with anybody. To him, it is all a joke, an attempt for mortals to find meaning, and they go about it by denying what they are and who they want. To him, one must first totally embrace what is, before there can be any improvement, and most mortals think deception of self and others is somehow the means to enlightenment.

He understands perfectly the “why” and therein lays his problem; to him the truth is so obvious, but so many people have invested in the deception. To them, it is their life, the whole of who and what they define themselves as, even while in that definition, they deny essential parts of their nature, and think that is what must be, how life is supposed to happen. He sees past all the banal lies and trappings of society, and looks beneath the flesh of it all, and in that he sees something more pure, something true and unrelenting, but denied by most, if not all.


A demon of this nature is a very open minded thing, preferring to ferret the wants and desires of his partner, and only avoiding a few extreme things. Below are listed the kinks and fetishes I would just as soon avoid, though about most any other I think I am open minded, as well is the character.

Mutilation; as in the bloody and horrible dismemberment of another person.

Scat; not to pooh pooh those who are into it, I just would as soon avoid this kind of shit. (puns intended)

Infintilism; this and other such fetishes with seem to remove the sex itself from the sexuality.

Bondage for the sake of art; this is one of those ideas that is great to look at, and even watch a scene happen involving it, but I have never enjoyed playing myself.

While I am certain I will come across others, these are the main concepts and fetishes that are not to my or my characters liking. Nearly everything else, from homosexuality to rape and all the way back to seduction and charm, I enjoy fully. I like long posts, and I really enjoy playing in IRC, though I am not opposed to board role play, it is simply a different venue, and one I have not learned as well yet.

I am also going to list a few of my favorite things, so that it might help people know the direction I want to take role plays involving such things.

I am a huge fan of transformation and corruption. I think that the idea of “freeing” someone from the confines of morality and society is a great story point, and its a wonderful way to reflect upon our own choices in how we live. I like to use the character to explore the notions of humanity, as he is my attempt to look at these things from the outside (or at least a bad attempt at it).

I love to counterpoint the intellect with sexuality, and fold the two together. During a romantic encounter a person is often times more honest, as his or her mind is obviously elsewhere, so responses are more honest and more like the actual person, depending on the degree of pleasure they are experiencing. Some people do not like playing out the actual sex, preferring to imply it, which is fine. Please keep in mind that these sorts of scenes require that level of interaction.

I absolutely delight in  “liberated” characters, who are more open and free. They make for a wonderful scene when two people who have no real agenda meet. A demon and a pixie can actually have a perfectly wonderful conversation, providing the pixie is not just some hyperactive nuts little thing. I like people who have fun with characters, but I do not want to play with an archtype or a caricature. Give me something dynamic and alive, something that is more than one emotion, or one type of thought, and then lets see what those two creatures talk about, what they have in common and where they differ. Such is the reason for RP for me.

If you would like to RP with my character, or have a scene or scenario in mind, or have one going he would seem to work well within, please drop me a line! I am always up for RP when I have free time! I look forward to hearing from you soon. :)
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Offline Aragem

Re: New Demon looking for partners of all shapes and sizes; come and play! :)
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2008, 11:02:15 pm »
I think I might be interested in playing with your demon.

Offline Tad

Re: New Demon looking for partners of all shapes and sizes; come and play! :)
« Reply #2 on: November 05, 2008, 06:36:55 pm »
I have a couple ideas that might work with this.