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Author Topic: Jonesing - Feed my addiction [MxM Request, but negotiable]  (Read 457 times)

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Offline OperaGhostTopic starter

DISCLAIMER AND WARNING: Yes, I know who these characters are. However, the pictures inspired me into other thoughts and stories. I'm hoping you can do the same here. Pretty please? Currently, I only have the muse for MxM stories in one-on-one, unless you are a very special friend to me and I can manage something for you. Gender of player matters not to me. Stories will not be forced into romance and sex. However, if they happen to develop that way, it is up to the characters and the plot. I write for the sake of the story. I am also currently job hunting and may not have every day that I can post for you. But I promise my best effort and at least 3 posts a week while I am busy in this thing called Real Life. I like to call it the Mundane Existence. So while I'm busy there, in the Mun, please forgive me and be patient. I will also message you and let you know if there re any issues or if it may take me longer to post. Also, random warning: I may be willing to flex some of these genders and general ideas, but please ask first. I work evry hard to make my characters real and natural as possible. I hate Mary Sues, Damsels In Distress and more than anything - empty-headed, two-dimensional, cardboard-cutout, vapid, shallow, ridiculous wastes of perfectly good grey matter and flesh.

That aside, down to some plot ideas I had and some quick info. Message me privately and we can discuss it or any other ides you may have. If you got music or a song that inspires you to RP, link me! I love a good tune and idea!


Deep in a catacombs, the city dares not venture. In this cold and unforgiving place of the dead, bodies are left to its guardian to be placed in the tombs. There are many legends on what lurks down there, but there is much speculation and no truth. Some say it is the soul of a restless Ice Magus who once lived in the won, others say is is a frost monster hungry for the flesh of the dead. When a violent or wrongful death happens, it is said the strange lurker comes up and kills the murderer, leaving nothing but frozen chunks of the body scattered in their homes.

What lurks and hides down below is nothing less than a Dhampir, who found himself in a unique position indeed. With bodies and the dad brought down often, he drinks from the lifeless forms to sustain himself. Taking it upon himself to bury and find vengeance for the wronged, he often filches the food form the houses he visits and takes food or sometimes a good book to keep himself entertained. His quiet existence, he fells, is better kept at a distance from people. With the powers of ice, snow, fog and rain, he has resigned himself to following the lessons of his Sire father and being nothing but the monstrous half of his blood. With his mother's death as a small child, he lost his humanity and abandoned his softer human sensibilities. He is nothing but a stalker, a killer and a caretaker of the dead; more lifeless than the dead he cares for.

I would be playing the Dhampir (AKA HALF VAMPIRE) in the story. This can go a range of ways. It could be a lot of fun to play with a character who tries to reawaken him to his humanity and feelings rather than being a cold bastard. Human or not doesn't matter. This would also be interesting to see perhaps an angel take it upon themselves to change his ways. Either that or a human Vampire Hunter stalk him down and try to kill him. This story is likely to potentially have romantic tones, but does not have to be there or a focus.


He's been the unassuming butler to a noble for almost six years now. Not a hair out of place, not a thing amiss in the manor or castle even once. Everything is spotless and on par at all times, and it's thanks to this one man. But how well id he really know his butler after all? Not enough, it seems.

While a noble relative is visiting, the greedy fool attempted a coup and a murder to take over as head of the family. With their eyes on the head of the noble rolling, the butler manages to step in with a blade and a cool smile. Who knew that he had skills in guns, swordplay, espionage and homemade bombs? His lord certainly did not.... In the least.

Yeah, this plot is a little Black Butler, but what can I say? However, I have thoughts to have the butler as an emissary from another noble house or even a foreign country, assigned to watch over the noble (your character, of course) and to protect him. At least, until a bargain can be struck between the countries - either through marriage or treaty or what have you. Would love to do this as a Steampunk RP, but that's my crazy brain talking. All the same, foiling kidnapping plots sounds like fun! XD


It's always quiet and cold and lonely in the Cells. Nothing but endless visions fed to the police department of crimes and bloody murders. So much death, it seems like he would have broken down and died from the heartache by now. Always locked up and force fed drugs to keep him quiet and happy, it seems that nutritional slop they feed him would come to an end. This is the live of a Spotter, a unique individual with the gift of sight. Of what has happened and what is to come. With his brain hard-wired at birth into a small computer chip built into a tiny box on the side of his head, the little comfort he has is the internet.

Chess. Seems like a dead game, but many people still play. And it's the Spotter's favorite distraction between the horrendous visions that rock his waking and sleeping mind. But when a hacker slips into the network and starts to play with him, he finds an unusual challenge and a new friend. At least, with someone to play and talk to, he doesn't feel quite as hollow or haunted.

Based loosely off of a game called Presentable Liberty. If you haven't played it yet, I suggest you do. Wait until dark, no distractions, sit and focus on the game. Worth it. Made me cry pretty hard. This would be a Cyberpunk setting and the Spotter would be played by myself. I originally thought it to mostly be just the games and conversations between them, more of a deep-thinking art piece. However, it could turn into a fun Action/Thriller/Suspense if he were to get busted out by his Hacker friend. Let me know your thoughts.


Love of music has kept this Sound Technician at his current job behind the console of a soundproof booth. His cocky grin and casual, laid-back, devil-may-care attitude seems to be getting him nowhere in his life and he loves it. Where better to work with music on a daily basis and critique the latest and greatest singers with a smile and a mic?

Seems like this new latest and greatest singer could be the next greatest thing to music. Or, at least, that's what the rest of the world is saying. But the second he steps into the booth? The Sound Tech keeps heckling him and taunting him form the other side of the glass. So the Rock Star loses his temper and dares the Sound Tech to sing his song, if he thinks it's so damn easy. Crawling out of his booth for once, the singer's band starts up and the Sound Tech lets his voice fly.... And the Star himself couldn't be more upstaged.

I would love to start a rivalry with my sound Tech and a Rock Star who needs his ego knocked down a peg. Could be a lot of fun, really. This could also be great with a Talent Manager chasing after him to try and get him famous, or even a chairman of a music company who wants him for the same or to scout talent for him. This story has a lot of promise, too, to be with a band member, like a guitarist or drummer - one the Star throws a temper tantrum and quits, the Sound Tech getting roped into filling in for the AWOL Singer.


The life of a Pierrot is quite an odd one. Who knows what goes on in the minds of a circus clown behind his mask or make up? Are they really as cheery as they seem? Or are they just as soft and fragile and wounded and lonely as the rest of us?

With the circus life on the move, the Pierrot as learned to hide behind his mask and keep smiling. Even when he is without it, no one in the circus seems anything other than the smile on his face. Perhaps that mask is completely impenetrable after all.

This one will be a romance based RP. I had either the idea of setting it up as a failing circus or perhaps a rich lord or noble buys the circus to come perform for him for a week long. I would prefer Victorian/Edwardian/Steampunk setting on this one as well, if at all possible. Again, I will be happy to supply the Pierrot himself.
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