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Author Topic: Female looking for Male werewolf  (Read 352 times)

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Female looking for Male werewolf
« on: May 01, 2015, 12:12:16 AM »
I'm looking for a modern day werewolf story. A male werewolf and a female human.

1. Male character: will turn werewolf when he is 16
Female character: My character will be human but is a hunter.

Our characters grew up together. They were best friends since they were in second grade.  As they grew together they both ended up having mix feelings for each other. 
Your character leaves before his 16th birthday so he could learn to control his wolf form with his family.

Being that he was her best friend and her crush my character ends up getting sad and fall into a depression. 

During this time a new pack of werewolves ended up hunting down a lot of people in this town killing them. The one family that they killed was my character’s family. From there on she became a hunter. Hunting down werewolves.

During a fight between her and some werewolves she is injured and left for dead. That is when your character comes in and saves her. Not telling her he is a werewolf not yet anyway. Not till he knows he could trust her with that information.


2. Alice was on a camping trip with friends. They had been there to hunt while Alice was there to take in nature and draw what she could for her college art class.

During the trip Alice was sitting up against a rock as she began to draw the wild life that was around her.  Her eyes where on a fox near a river. With a smile she tried her best to draw fast so she wouldn’t miss this creature. Though Alice saw the creature look up and ran off. Looking behind her stood a puppy a wolf cub. Alice stood up scared that the parents would be near. Looking into his eyes she bit her lower lip and began to move slowly. Seeing that this cub’s tail had began to wag as if it was time to play.

A friend of hers came out with a gun looking at the wolf and Alice. Aiming for the wolf Alice got to her feet and pushed the baby away. The sound of the gun caused the cub to cry out in fear as Alice laid on top of her bleeding.

The guy ran away thinking Alice was dead. The rest of them all decided to leave letting their secret in the woods.

What Alice didn’t know is that she just saved the sister of a young alpha male werewolf.

3. Jessica only had three friends growing up. Her older brother and neighborhood boy that was her older brother’s age. They were only two years difference between them.

Once night Jessica was sixteen headed to the park with her eighteen year old brother. He was there to help her with an art project and also had to keep an eye on her since it was dark out already. That night was a full moon and what they didn’t know a werewolf was lurking.  As they were walking back to the car the werewolf attacked. Jessica and her brother was able to run away but he got bitten.

The next day their best friend was gone. Nobody understood by. Though the brother had a feeling that it was him who attacked him. He kept it to himself.  With research he was able to find away to keep control of this new beast in him and be able to stop transformation from time to time.

Years went by Jessica was twenty-one working at an art museum. One morning she was watching the camera’s when she saw that her best friend had came in. He looked different but she saw it in his eyes.

When news reached her brother that he was back in town his anger got the best of him which allowed him to become dark and evil.

(I’ll play the brother and any other characters unless you want to take the male characters. This story I want based on two old friends falling in love even though there is werewolves out there wanting to kill humans which is where her brother will join.)

4. The story of Red Ridding Hood was completely wrong. The wolf never ate her grandmother to where they had to kill the wolf. The hunter though was a hunter that was there to kill werewolves even normal wolves. Hood was the last name of the female family members who protect werewolves from hunters.

The women had rules though. They were allowed to marry but could never tell there husbands there real jobs. Each time their children becomes sixteen the would be sent away to their grandmother to learn the ways of the Red Ridding Hood. Another rule was that they could not fall in love with the werewolves.

She had been watching over the werewolves for five years. At the age of twenty one Jessica Red Hood was falling in love with the alpha of the pack. She tried her best to avoid him as much as she could.

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Re: Female looking for Male werewolf
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2015, 01:39:07 PM »
added a new plot

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Re: Female looking for Male werewolf
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2015, 10:00:28 PM »
plot 3

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Re: Female looking for Male werewolf
« Reply #3 on: May 04, 2015, 10:21:38 PM »
added plot 4