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January 18, 2021, 04:56:30 PM

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Author Topic: Vampire: the Masquerade with a difference [looking for F/TG][UN][plots inside]  (Read 1522 times)

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Offline BardingTopic starter

I have, recently, found an old passion for an old cliche emerging from my imagination once more. To cut a long story short, I've regained my love of the beautiful melancholy and gorgeous romance that can only be found through vampires. While I am aware that, as a result of the manner of people that have, both in the media and in global roleplay communities, misrepresented all that a vampire can be, the idea of vampire themed roleplay has become almost taboo in its stereotypically bland genericism.

However, I believe that, like with all such things, it's not so much the actual style of play itself that's intrinsically godawful but the style in which the play is performed. When I talk about the generally awful cliches that have arisen around the image of the vampire in popular culture I refer to the images of well groomed, super-slick types in trenchcoats that the tasteful among us have learned to hate and that the tasteless among us regularly roleplay as. The modern vampire, or the vampire in any manner of situation is, quite simply, a hugely contested subject that I am very much willing to fight for if the results shatter all the illusions of godawful vampire roleplays forever for all those concerned.

On that note, I will move onto the actual roleplay I am seeking in itself. This is not to be a persuasive essay on the sheer potential of vampires and how often it is disregarded. Instead, I'd like to note that I am looking for someone to play out something cliche shattering with me. I feel that, of all the different ways in which every media mentionable has portrayed the vampire, White Wolf's Vampire: the Masquerade truly is the most potentially beautiful and potentially godawful of all.

Most people who roleplay this game seem to view it as an excuse to be, quite simply, goths with super powers and an extra excuse for angst. Failing that, many seem to view it as an excuse to live out all manner of horrible snuff fantasies. Failing even that, many seem to view it as akin to D&D and the like - a violently adventurous spree, punctuated by 'blowing shit up' and the use of 'kewl powerz'. Needless to say, I don't wish to play it like that and, I would imagine, neither would White Wolf. There are, afterall, SO many phrases in their books that dictate that none of the above styles of play are what Vampire is about.

In short, I wish to explore a particular facet of the game in a distinctly rules-lite style, leaving the focus on roleplay and character development; the rules only existing as guidelines - what a character can and cannot do. I would very much like to explore the more personal side of it all; yes, folks, you guessed it. I want to explore relationships in the Old World of Darkness and how a certain curse can effect them. Now, although I've narrowed it down, the possibilities are still, potentially, endless. Vampire is just so very versatile! However, first I will lay down a few house-rules with regards to what I am looking for and what I am not looking for.

I am looking for...
- A roleplayer, preferably female, to play roughly the same amount of characters as me in this situation - if you double up then so will I, if you so desire; if you play an enire cast of characters, then so will I, if you like. This roleplayer would be playing the female (or close to it) half of the relationship in most situations. Vous Comprendez?
- A writer, more than a roleplayer. There are two supremely important things in this respect and one of them happens to be how you write. I have not been knocked off my feet and, what's more, I have not felt inferior to anyone I have written with in a long while. In other words, I want it all - gorgeous imagery, metaphor, poetic license, an awareness of the English language in itself. I desperately want someone who can, at least, equal me and, through this, better me as a writer. Call me a snob, call me arrogant if you will but, if you are the person I'm looking for, you won't be afraid of what I just said. (I apologise for sounding cold and unpleasant; I am actually suspiciously nice as a person. I'm simply an idealist when it comes to writing.)
- The second supremely important quality I am currently looking for in roleplayer and writing partner is a talent for characterisation. Need I say more? I desire that each of the characters we play be as believable as the next. I want them to breathtakingly human or, if need be, realistically but brilliantly inhuman.
- A roleplaying and writing partner with EITHER a good enough grasp of Vampire: the Masquerade as a setting (knowledge of the rules is, generally, unneccesary) OR one with the mind of an eager student - if you're willing to learn then I'm willing to teach. I shall try not to be too boring a tutor.

I am not looking for...
- Writers-cum-Roleplayers who would put their character in a trenchcoat and mirrorshades without, first, writing me an essay justifying their actions (God, I really am getting into this whole teacher role, it seems). I hope I do not need to reiterate that I desperately do not want to be writing about clones of Matrix characters with the addition of retractable fangs.
- Writers-cum-Roleplayers who are only interested in the sexual side of this exercise. While there is, most likely, to be, at the very least, a good deal of sexual tension (and what follows on its heels) in this collaborative story, it is the emotion behind it (or, in some cases, the lack thereof) that is to be the focus of the thing itself. (Yes, I'm aware that White Wolf tend to state that Vampires don't/can't act sexually except as part of a facade, I prefer to fudge this concept in what I believe is a justifiable way - Vampire can feel passion but normally though their Beasts, in a similar way to the passion they feel while frenzying or feeding. They are highly emotional beings, rather than entirely cold and numb creatures, the manner in which they show this simply varies from Vampire to Vampire. I'll gladly explain more about this if asked.)
- Writers-cum-Roleplayers who are, to put it simply, average on the writing and characterisation fronts.

Thank you for sitting through that. If you believe you meet the criteria, then please read on.

Offline BardingTopic starter

After having gotten that out of the way, I'd like to speak a little about the kind of romances and relationships we could, potentially, explore here. I am aware that not all relationships are the same and, as people are varied, so too are vampires to a similar degree. As a result of this, relationships that involve vampires are likely to be all the more unusual than those involving only humans.

To clarify, in all of these situations, I would be playing at least one male character (unless I am doubling up or playing a cast if necessary) and you, my prospective roleplaying/writing partner would be playing a female or, in some situations/if necessary something distinctly androgyne or closer to both male and female (often older vampires shun gender or at least singular gender as a vain, human idea). I am open minded with regards to the gender of characters my own characters become involved with; however, I do prefer that they retain feminine features of some kind.

  • Vampires and their Ghouls/Ghoulish herds - You may, while reading this, be aware of the relationship that exists between a vampire and his/her Ghoul. While the actual circumstances are distinctly variable there is always one constant factor; the obsessive and self-destructive manner in which the Ghoul loves and adores the Vampire from which they feed. Ghouls are, quite literally, addicted to both the vampire's personality, forgiving all possible flaws through an essential and obsessive but artificial love, and to the vampire's blood, without which the Ghoul will fall ill and, if applicable, resume aging at an accelerated rate (Ghouls are immortal and do not age while they have a vampire's blood in their system). How the vampire in question actually treats the Ghoul is the decidedly variable factor - some may treat their Ghouls as paramours, seeming to adore them as the Ghouls adore Vampires; some may arrange entire warped families of closely knit but competing Ghouls about themselves; some may treat their Ghouls as the typical image of an extreme, BDSM culture styled slave; some may have a dealer-junkie relationship with their Ghouls...The list goes on. As you can tell, the possibilities are rather exciting. (I have, also, had the idea of taking it in turns to play out scenes involving one of us as a Kindred and the rest as their human and Ghoulish herds. Now THAT could be interesting too.)
  • Vampires and other Vampires - Whether this be a Sire/Childe relationship or simply an almost human seeming relationship that has sprung up spontaineously between two Kindred, the possibilities here are almost all the more endless than those that exist between a Ghoul and his/her vampire. While two Fledgling Kindred, both embraced by the same Sire, effectively making them kin in terms of blood, could, through the shared trauma of the Embrace, become almost primally and inextricably enamoured, so too could a pair of older, machineering Kindred, having been taking part in the circularity of vampiric Courtly Love for years upon years. In turn, Sires often embrace their Childer out of some form of love or obsession. As I said previously, the possibilities are equally exciting as before, but now with the added powerplay of a shared curse.

As a final note, here is a list of my favourite Vampire: the Masquerade clans in descending order (favourite first, least favourite last), just to give you an idea of the kind of situations, characters and styles I prefer.

Gangrel (when played well and not as generic bruisers with animal bits)
Tzimisce (when played well and not as monsters with knuckledusters grafted onto their fists)
Followers of Set

After that parting shot, all I can really do is hope that this little search yields some favourable results. Please, if you are even remotely interested, do PM me. Samples of writing will, most likely, be requested at some stage. Please include anything you like in your PM - ideas, character concepts, writing samples, experience with Vampire: the Masquerade, what interested you about this request...Anything. I hope you get the general idea :D

I hope to hear from you all soon. Apologies for the LONG roleplay request. I wouldn't blame you if you skim read.

Offline playfullchick76

I liked what you put in. you have a love of style, romance, and desire only the best, as do i.

I have looked up the site for kindred the embraced, but i admit, i was truly taken in by the tv series, kindred the masquerade. Only 6 clans, to keep it easy for the masses to follow and understand, but i loved it, and was sorry to see it end.

I have roleplayed it occasionally in the old yahoo roleplay rooms, but very few could do it well. I roleplayed my ideas in there and played it very well, i think.

My idea is as so.. I found a greater connection to the Toreador Clan. I did have a roleplay scenario which had me as a newly embraced one, embraced agaisnt my will by a fugitive Toreador and left in an alleyway. The hunt was on to find me before i was found by someone who wasnt kindred.

I wouldnt have been killed, after some fancy talking, i would have been spared by the prince.

Another one i played out well was one where i was part of a crew that stole an armored truck. I was betrayed and shot in the back by my partners and left to die. Your character could find me and offer me a choice.That one may not be to your liking, im just putting it down becuase the person i played it out with liked it and played it well.

I play it out in my head, any roleplay that i do. I feel what my character would feel, thus i had few complaints, and my grasp of english is perfect. I dont abbreviate words, and i dont put in less than 100 percent skill and class into any roleplay that i do.

So if you do want to give me a chance at it, let me know. I love the world that i saw in the tv series and thought that it could have gone a lot further if it hasnt been cancelled, so what do you say.

Offline BardingTopic starter

I would love to give you a try. However, I am looking for something more similar to the game, potentially, than the TV show. Your ideas do sound promising but, please, elaborate via PM if you like? In the meantime, everyone else, I'm still looking.

Offline playfullchick76

im not familiar with the roleplaying game, but i have looked up the official site, and found out about the other clans that didnt make it into the tv series. The series did draw me in and was very informative, i learned a lot from it.

Id play someone new to immortality, new to the rules and lifestyle, yet getting in touch with my new nature. I can play it out well with you if you want to give me a chance.

But if you find someone better, i;ll understand.

Offline Marguerite

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Aye, interesting and good luck to you.

Offline BardingTopic starter

I've had a few responses but, well, I'd very much like to get a few more. Nothing's finalised yet and, um, you never know what you're gonna get. In the meantime, I've had a few ideas...*plots*...*schemes*

Offline playfullchick76

So tell us, the more we know, the better we can figure out how to make it good for you.  For my top rated idea for this, its still where im a newly embraced toreador,against my will, but spared by the prince, and perhaps you are tasked with teaching me what i need to know.

Offline Trieste

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What? Setites near the bottom of the list? You clearly haven't met the right Setite, darling.

All of the clans are interesting. It's been years since I've played this, though. This is strictly oWoD and not any of the Requiem stuff, ja?

Offline BardingTopic starter

What? Setites near the bottom of the list? You clearly haven't met the right Setite, darling.

All of the clans are interesting. It's been years since I've played this, though. This is strictly oWoD and not any of the Requiem stuff, ja?

I get that Setites can be fun if you're after kinda *fap fap yum yum* stuff but, ur, I dunno if they go along with my style of play. E.g. they're a bit too bound to their religious dogma and, as a result, lose a bit of personality, I feel...Oh, and they're kinda less...I dunno..Tragic and more bonheur de vivre.

I likesh Malks...And Malks who pretend to be Toreador...

But yeah, this is strictly oWoD; no pseudo-mythological claptrap with fancy red hardback bindings here :) I hope that suits y'all?

Offline playfullchick76

i know that im interested, and are happy to play it out. I have skill, imagination,and the will to use it.

Online Lilias

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My interest hasn't waned. I'm just being patient.

Offline BardingTopic starter

Right. I haven't forgotten any of you, apart from those who have backed out. I'm simply gathering all potential interest and trying to talk to most of the candidates...

Offline playfullchick76

cool, just tell me if you want me to be a part of it, im willing and eager to.

Offline BardingTopic starter

You'll certainly hear if this turns into a larger game, you might hear if this remains a solo thing :) Same for you, Lilias! Don't lose hope!