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Author Topic: Recruiting closed Original character Superhero game, co-gm's TheVillain & ESG  (Read 11961 times)

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And just picture my character dressed as a Hippy on some good acid and pot. LOL

Offline D12

I just picture all these stoned Hippies thanking Eve for her service and remarking how horrible the Vietnam war was.

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Here we go, the witchy woman from the 60s, Miss Spell


Miss Spell

PL 10  150 CP total   150 CP spent   

Attributes 40 PP
Strength 0
Agility 0
Fighting 0
Awareness 10
Stamina 5
Dexterity 0
Intellect 5
Presence 0
Defenses 19 PP
8 Dodge 8
6 Parry 6
3 Fort 8
- Tough. 5/12
2 - Will 12

Initiative +4

Elemental Bolts  +8 hit/12 damage
Blissful Touch +10 hit/10 effect
Skills: 13 PP 26 points

Expertise: History +5/10
Expertise: Magic +10/15
Insight 0/10
Investigation 1/6
Perception 0/10
Persuasion +10/10

Advantages 8 PP
2 Attractive 2
1 Eidetic Memory
1 Enhanced Initiative 1
1 Well Informed
1 Power Attack
1 Ritualist
1 Trance

Powers 70 PP

37 CP Greater Cosmic Magics
*Blissful Touch  Affliction 10 Avoided by Parry, Resisted by Will  (Entranced, Stunned, Unaware), Cumulative,  Incurable, Subtle 1, Reversible, Accurate 5, Enhanced Advantage Takedown 2 30  CP 
*Power Bolts Ranged Damage 12  Variable Descriptor magical (wide) 2 Accurate 4 30 CP
*Morpheus Lullaby Selective Area Burst Ranged Damage 7 Resisted by Will Subtle 1 Incurable, Sleep 30 CP
*Magic Barrier Create 10 Selective 30 CP
*Spell Mirror – Deflect 10, Reflect, Redirect, Perception Range, Vs. Magic Attacks Only -1  30 CP 
*Spectral Hands – Perception Move Object 10
*Greater Teleport - Teleport 13 (8000 miles) Extended, Extended Only, Accurate, Unreliable (5 uses)  Extra Mass 4 (800 lbs) 30 CP
* Reverse Magic & Astral Projection – Healing 10, Only vs. Magic, Stabilize Persistent 12 CP Communication 4 (Mystical Sending) Subtle 1, Dimensional 18 CP

10 CP Aura of Protection - Protection 7 Sustained, linked to Immunity 5 Magic (half effect)  Sustained

3 CP Opened Third Eye Senses 3 - Magical Awareness (mystical), Sight Counters Illusion

1 CP Dream Visions Senses 4 Precognition, Unreliable, Only While Asleep

1 CP Tantric Sex Magic 1 Quickness 4, only for ritual magic, requires tantric sex acts with partner(s).

1 CP Cosmic Weave Feature – Instant Change

Shapeshifting 17 CP
*Be Yourself - Human form – Blink - Teleport 2 (120 feet) Turnabout  Levitation - Flight 1 Platform, Subtle 1, Dimension Door Teleport 1 (2 miles) Extended, Extended Only, Accurate Easy, Extra Mass 4 (800 lbs) 15 CP

*Channel Aquarius - Mermaid form Immunity 3 (Drowning, cold, pressure), Swimming 8, Movement 1 (Environmental Adaptation, Aquatic), Senses 1 (Low-light Vision). Comprehend Animals 2 (listen, speak), Marine Life Only. Alternate Form – Move Action.   15 CP 

*Channel Sagittarius - Centaur form Speed 5, Leaping 2, Enhanced Advantage –  Move-By Attack, Lifting Strength 7 Comprehend Animals 2 (listen, speak), Horses Only 1 CP  Alternate Form – Move Action.  15 CP

Motivation – Doing Good  It's positive karma!

Identity – She maintains a relatively normal lifestyle to keep herself grounded.  Also, demons sometimes use the phonebook to find their enemies!

Enemy – The Spawn of Thrakazog.  The great demon has many offspring and some have continued their father's work.  Demon worship is out of vogue, so many have created past-life cults or self-help movements to lure in and corrupt people in order to take their souls and energy.

Power Loss – Miss Spell needs to maintain the mana flowing through her by opening her consciousness to pleasure, via drugs or sex, and her powers might falter or come up short if it's been too long or she's used too much energy.

Quirk – Girl out of Time  While she gets the basics, some details of modern life still elude Miss Spell, and her attitudes and language can appear dated too. 


Fiona Butler was working on her Masters in History at UC Berkley in the late 1960s, a serious, buttoned-up woman unlike many of her classmates at the time.  Her roommate Windflower (formerly Betty), tired of seeing her do nothing but study night after night, dragged her to a party, a wild one.  Fiona wasn't into it until she was told “You can't look dignified when you're having fun.”  No one else there looked dignified, drinking, smoking who knows what, engaging in the free love.  She tried some of the beer, a little of the grass, kissed a boy with Windflower, kissed Windflower... then things got blurry.  She experienced a tremendous epiphany, able to see the threads of energy that weaved the world together, just like the threads of history that made the tapestry of the modern day! 

Such revelations weren't uncommon for people under the influence, but they usually faded in the morning.  When morning came for Fiona, she was floating three feet off the ground and her hair had grown down to her ass!  Her clothes were all gone too, but there was probably a logical explanation for that.  The weird lizard men with swords dragging Windflower and some of the other girls to a hole floating in the wall... not so much.  Fiona used her newfound magic powers to save the girls and soon learned that new age of Aquarius had weakened the weave of the world.  Bad things were coming through, and some people were getting access to bad powers. 

She took a hiatus to learn more about magic and to protect people from these extrasensory and extradimensional threats, as well as enjoying the counterculture lifestyle she'd been thrust into.  She needed to liberate her consciousness with pleasure to keep her mystical energies flowing, and sometimes she did that with other heroes (and heroines!) she teamed up with.  That was all strictly on a friendly basis, she didn't join any of the teams of that time. 

Late in 1969, she followed the demon lord Thrakazog, architect of many of the evils coming to Earth, to his home plane and after a climactic battle, sealed him in stone for 999 years.  When she returned to Earth, she found decades had passed!  She's joined the Cadre to help find her way in this strange new world and to make sure that they and Overwatch are on the right path.

She maintains a secret ID and her own apartment, working in a used bookstore.  She's looking into resuming her Masters, though that might take some forging of transcripts.


Miss Spell is a cheerful, optimistic and good natured woman and sounds vaguely spacy, though she has a very keen mind and a practical grounding in history, unlike many of her contemporaries.  She strives to find non-violent solutions, even with strange monsters, since everyone is a person, in her view.  Even in combat, she'll prefer to use her Blissful Touch or restrain people in a barrier instead of blasting away with raw power.

She's not always happy with the actions of The Man (even if Captain Nichols, as the Man, is a woman) and will speak her mind about what Overwatch or the Cadre is doing... or not doing that they should!  She's a mellow, easygoing person and is still exploring the new world she's found herself in, which has good and bad things about it.  But no cities on the moon!

Miss Spell is a powerful sorceress adept, able to channel elemental forces, teleport anywhere on Earth, levitate herself or other objects, erect mystical barriers, deflect other magical attacks and even undo the damage magic has done to people.  She has a spell that brings pleasurable bliss to anyone she touches.  Her opened third eye lets her sense magic and see through illusions.  She can even channel the aspects of some zodiac signs, becoming a centaur or a mermaid. 

A 5'8” woman of Irish ancestry, with carrot red hair, pale skin and green eyes, Fiona has a busty, healthy figure.  Her costume consists of a loosely closed fringed half vest and a panel skirt held together by a belt of silver medallions, exposing her hips and a fair amount of leg.  She wears rimless rectangular glasses, a green headband with a a pentagram medallion held in the middle and several bracelets on each wrist and one ankle.  She goes barefoot or in sandals.  No bra, naturally.   In her secret ID, she goes with T-shirts (often tie-dyed) and bellbottom jeans, with hoop earrings.  She was issued a tactical jumpsuit which she wears with the zipper open all the way down past her navel, the medallion belt, headband and a large pentagram necklace.  She doesn't have any tattoos and the only thing pierced are her ears.  She's rather casual about nudity, at home, around the base, on the beach... and she doesn't shave or even trim her thick red bush.

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Miss Spell is good to go, post to character roster.   thanks

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Just did two modifications on her, changed the area attack to a mental one, a sort of sleep spell, and did a 2 point exchange on Fort and Will defense.

Where is the character roster?

NM on the second question, found it.
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