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Author Topic: Another round of desires  (Read 374 times)

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Offline Insatiable SadieTopic starter

Another round of desires
« on: April 30, 2015, 11:52:39 AM »
All of the names used are simply place holders and can be easily changed.

Be sure to PM me with any questions you have about a particular plot. I prefer to get all the details sorted out before we begin to avoid any confusion or miscommunication.

Her Secrets Revealed – At work/school, everyone thinks that Layla Stanwick is just a sweet innocent young woman who has probably never went past first base. No one knows that beneath her sweet exterior is a kinky little sex kitten who longs for a strong man to mold her into his own personal toy.  That is until Jake her boss/co-worker/classmate discovers her blog. In her posts she delves into the details of the fantasies she has about her ideal man and all the naughty things he would make her do.  He has always thought she was cute but never was into that type of girl that she appeared to be but after reading all of the entries learning how similar their tastes are he decides  to see just how far she is willing to go for the right man.

Crossing the Line – He has had a crush on her since she first became friends with his parents.  One night she calls from the bar to see if Sandy could give her a ride home but Jeff is the only one there. He picks her up, and on the way to her place he starts working up the courage to finally tell her how he feels. When he walks her to the door, he kisses her and against her better judgment she ends up having sex with him. She regrets it and the next morning when he comes to take her to pick up her car, she plans on telling him it can never happen again. Unfortunately, he makes it impossible for her to resist going back for more.

The Old Jenkins' Place -  Carly had lived next door to Mrs. Jenkins for a couple of years before the elderly woman had to move to an assisted living facility. The elderly lady was like a grandmother to her and she would often help her with errands and check in on her from time to time. With the security fence surrounding her property, the only way anyone could easily see into her yard was from the upstairs guest room at Mrs. Jenkins place. The house sat empty for nearly 3 years before her son came to make renovations on it so it could be put up for sale. Since he was rarely there while she was home, Carly thought nothing of continuing to skinny dip in her pool and lay out in the nude. He sees her out there naked one day and decides he is going to fuck her one way or another. 

Under the Cloak of Darkness – Awakened in the dead of night only to be drugged and stolen from her bed, Shae finds herself in the clutches of a mysterious man. She has no idea why he has taken her or even where the tiny cabin is. All she knows is she is a prisoner. Her captor keeps his distance, never saying much or paying her any attention. The harder she tries to befriend him the colder he acts to hide the fact that she is growing on him. He knows that if he wants to get paid, he has to stick to the plan no matter how hard it is for him to do.

Betrayed by Blood – Peyton has fallen hard for Marcus, and tries to get him to notice her. Unfortunately for her he only wants her sister Carrie. When the handsome young man asked her out, she accepted, swearing that she knew nothing of her sister's feelings but Peyton didn't buy it. She vowed that one day she would get even with her sister. She bides her time and waits until Carrie falls deeply in love and gets engaged to Joe. With little time before the wedding she has to work quickly. How long will Joe last before he gives in to her twisted plan?

 Also be sure to check my other requests threads since most of the plots there are still open as well.

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Re: Another round of desires
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2015, 10:36:34 PM »
Outcasts - When Kelsey's parents are killed in a mysterious accident she is sent to live with a distant relative who wants nothing more than to get her hands on the girl's inheritance. When she discovers that there is much less than she thought it would be she decides to get rid of the girl as well. She sells her to a man who traffics women into sexual slavery. One of the buyers there purchases her after seeing the interest that a notoriously cruel Master has in her. His plan is to take her far from there and resell her to a much kinder brothel owner he has done business with in the past. Along the journey he finds himself for the innocent.

Offline Insatiable SadieTopic starter

Re: Another round of desires (more plots to come)
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2015, 11:26:38 PM »
Name: The Nightmare Next Door

Content: non con possibly turning into consent/bdsm/extreme

Scenario: The house had only been on the market a few days before it was sold to a mysterious man. Once he moved in there were a number of large items delivered and a lot of noise coming from the basement. It was something that Natalie would never have noticed if she hadn't had her windows open. It isn't long before she notices more odd behavior. The more suspicious she became the more certain she was that the sinister man was up to no good. She knows there is no way the police would check it out just because something didn't seem right over there, so she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Setting: Neighbor's basement

Requirements: Description/photo of male character and sorting out minor details on the kinks that will be included are a must.

Other info: For the long version of this RP it can begin earlier with him moving in. While there would be no sexual involvement with her until she is captured, he will have others there before her so liberties can be taken with exactly what he does with them. Also, I am open to this starting off as non con and gradually turning into a situation where she wants to continue the treatment she is given.
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