Chikao Begs Again!! (mostly M/M, with other options)

Started by Chikao, April 29, 2015, 11:29:58 PM

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All plots are flexible!! If you like the setting but not the characters then PM! If you like the pairing but not the setting PM!

A roleplay is for both partners, not just one. Your wants and needs are just as important to me as mine!!

Which brings us to the OFFS:

If you have a plot you want to do then here I am, I'm up for pretty much anything EXCEPT....
NO Scat/watersports
NO Vore/gore
NO Furry/ werewolves
NO Vampires
NO Incest
NO underage sex
NO non-con

((basically I'll do anything so long as it's a consenting human adult, so feel free to shoot me an idea))

*I try and match my partner's writing length but I don't tend to write more than a paragraph or two and in certain situations I won't write more that two sentences. NO essay writers please!*


Pending Taken Crave

NEW  Golden Blade:A magic blade sealed in a giant slab of amber lay untouched for centuries in the abandoned castle if legend. None travel there due to residual magic from the Great War. Only one of royal blood who possesses the determination made draw the sword from it's slumber. However, the sword is also a person. When war comes once more who can draw Natya from their tomb.

I will play the blade if I could get a prince to opposite me. I've been leaning towards M/M on this one. Yay for battle husbands!!

Forest Fallen: A woodcutter lost in the woods stumbles across an injured someone. Or maybe even visa versa? I will play my characters Sven; a clumsy but caring woodcutter. I was thinking for the opposite maybe something inhuman like an elf or something like that but it can be a person as well if you'd prefer. The initial plot would be to get whoever got injured home and rested but if the characters bode well we can always work out more. PM for more discussion.

Road Maps: (any)
Where would you go if you could go anywhere? This is a question a certain mid-life crisis adult is wondering. Working hard at a mild-mannered job they now have so many vacation days stacked up they MUST go on a vacation legally. Where to though? Why not everywhere. A rented camper RV and a chance encounter could always change this person's life for good. All it takes is a road map....

Cat Toys:(any, preferred M/M)
Veterinary Assistant and a cat owner get close after a small scare with the pet. After being helped out quite a bit they begin to get even closer. A lovely tale of growing closer emotionally and sexually (light consensual bondage is a crave for this one.)

For the vet I'm thinking a strong, collected individual with a good head on his shoulders and a hidden kink. For the owner they would most likely become the 'sub' though while that could mean they are sweet and naive, i wouldn't mind a pushy bottom who gets what they want from the one tying them up.

From the Pallet to the Heart: (any)
Ever been in that position where it's you next two meals or a new tube of paint? Well this person has, and they picked paint. 'There's a reason it's called starving artist' they say, maybe this is why. So why is it that this simple tube of Naples Yellow just changed a person's life forever. Could this painting of the love of their dreams be real, honestly, truly, real. Apparently so.

OC1 would be a painter, too poor to even afford the moth to fly out of their wallet. With their last bit of money they buy some paints in hopes to make a masterpiece. The incredible work of art (OC2) comes to life in hopes to ease its creator's woes. Slow romance with a spice of sex as OC2 becomes the breadwinner and OC1 somehow begins selling paintings. On the fast track to the high life what will happen between painter and masterpiece.

Endless Universe: In the far future Space travel is decently common. Trade between galaxies has been going along peacefully for quite sometime. Tour-ships have a spike in popularity. There are the luxury cruises or if one does not mind the space they can rent a cruiser shuttle, a small ship varying in amount of rooms and space depending on how many people are going. It could be a family, a pair of honeymooners, a single room....Or maybe just a mis-booking. Two people expecting a single cruiser end up accidentally getting double booked on a honeymoon suite. Due to the fixed course of each shuttle once they are one they'll be out there, alone, for one whole month. Two strangers together amongst the stars in a romantic themed ship, what could go wrong?

Battle: Tuor Ezekial Wyght, King of Anagyros, one of the most feared Axis powers of the land. His kingdom is not vast but with it's smithing and mining it greatly overpowers almost all who try to oppose. The kingdom is seated within a mountain making it difficult to attack directly. The only hope of elimination the king, and therefor the empire, is to infiltrate the kingdom with an assassin. But who will conquer whom? (I will play Zeke, and you would play the assassin!)

-Sweet couple, been together for ages, recently broken up and heart broken finding new loves...or maybe each other again?
-DJ spots a lovely dancer on the floor or visa versa
-Traveler meets a local. Language barrier doesn't always get in the way of attraction.

Character Bank:

Johannes/Hans: Hardened rebel/soldier. He regrets most of his life choices and yearns for a simple life that may not be so easily achieved.  A dying planet or warring setting are most appropriate.
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Periwinkle
Build: Toned but still slender
Extra: Should wear glasses but rarely does

Sven: Sweet and naive, he is a woodcutter, very physically fit and muscly with the heart of a housewife. He just wants to spend his days whittling and relaxing at home but isn't adverse to exploring the forest. Fantasy or medieval setting are best suited for him.
Hair: Medium brown
Eyes: Sky blue
Build: Beefy, but not quite like a body builder
Extra: (none)

Dove: An older slave, Dove can range between 35-45 in age as a used slave that is very good at following orders when he's not cowering in fear. A gentle partner that can teach him to trust and love is what I would like for him.
Hair: Flax
Eyes: Honey brown
Build: Muscle structure is present but lack of nutrition gives him a weaker vibe despite his size
Extra: Visible freckles despite having very dark skin