Seeking RP Partners

Started by jochannon, April 29, 2015, 04:43:00 AM

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Been gone for a long time, just coming back to the site and looking for folks to work with.

I'm a professional writer, so my grammar and punctuation are good, though I don't judge other people on writing quality: what's important is that the story gets told, not the number of typos.

I don't mind playing Male or Female Characters, though I would prefer not to do MM sex scenes.

A sample of my writing style, made up on the spot:

She is not tall, but slim, the dark red dress she wears clings to every curve of her body as she walks up to you, a wide grin on her lips, her body moving, swinging in time with the music that fills the dark air.

Her long red hair tumbles across her shoulders and down her back in a waterfall of fiery-red curls, her pale skin shining in the bright lights. Her face, framed by the fiery hair, is triangular, with a narrow chin and high cheeks, her narrow jade-green eyes glint with humor as she walks up to you, her hand held out invitingly. "Care to dance?" she asks with a delighted laugh, the lively music bringing a blush to her cheeks.