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Author Topic: Dreaming Ferrous and the Occasional Myr  (Read 272 times)

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Dreaming Ferrous and the Occasional Myr
« on: April 28, 2015, 11:14:16 PM »
What I Want
. Collaborative story-telling can be a curious, fantastic, provoking endeavor. Or, not - I am admittedly picky. I'm story heavy and erotica moderate-to-none, so what I crave most is the building of a powerful tale. Eros is the frosting, sometimes thick, sometimes thin.

The Approach
. It takes two to make a duet, so while one person may be the progenitor of the idea, I like mutual input into the shape of the story. I respond well to idea pitches, particularly if there's some flexibility in where it goes from there.
. I mainly prefer forum stories, but may be persuaded to storytell over a chat client.
. I am also occasionally willing to write out excellent ideas as solo stories for others, if you have a concept you're struggling to shape on your own.
. My Desires & Disinclinations are in no way exhaustive, so feel free to ask about anything unlisted.

! Please send a Message instead of replying to the thread !

. Gender/Sex: I prefer non-binary fare, but am comfortable writing or writing with F. M bits are fine, but typical M personalities just don't do anything for me.
. Genres: Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction
! Plot! A little structure goes a long way, and I much prefer tales that are interesting enough to last several acts.
. Unique Characters: Compelling character design is pretty necessary to ensnare my interest for more than single scene. Bonus points for dynamic character arcs.
. Intensity: Whether it be fear/horror, dramatic revelation, or sudden life-changes, I like stories that push a character to the limit (or beyond).
. Kink: There's a chest of kinks I enjoy; ask if you want to know more.

. Submission: I never play submissives or slave-minded characters. I'll play with s-types, but I prefer switchery.
. Extended Sex Scenes: It can last more than a paragraph, but the most erotic sex writing, to me, is a thrilling encapsulation, rather than a play-by-play viewing. Think sex scenes in film, rather than porn.
. Snuff, Vore, Scat, Enemas, Expansion: No thanks.
. Too Short / Too Long: Ideally, you're a couple paragraphs type of poster. One-Liners and Purple Prosers won't be a good match for me.
. Trope-Tastic: While I am incredibly fond of multiple animes, I'm antipathetic at best toward many of the genre's tropes. This isn't tacit rejection of all tropes, so do ask, but the rejection rate is higher here.

Writing Samples
. The Curse  [Light-H]
. In The Blood  [Light-H]

Available Stories
. Imprisoned Evil [?/?]
Setting: somewhere between Dark Ages period and Victorian/Gothic periods
Genre: Fantasy, Thriller/Horror

Kinks: Corruption, Possibly NC and/or non-Humanoid
Protagonists: Royal Scion

Plot: It's hard being the youngest member of the royal family. You won't inherit much, you aren't given much responsibility or expected to do much, and you're often compared to your better supported, better loved, and more accomplished older siblings.

None of your efforts to be more noticed or to become more useful have succeeded. You love your family, but you burn with jealousy, anger, and despair.

Something could change that, though. Something tickling your dreams, and whispering promises of power. Something hidden and locked away, deep in the bowels of your family's castle.

Something dark and sinister, meant to sleep away the centuries and millennia in imprisonment... unless you free it, in exchange for glorious gifts.

. The Black Manse [?]
Setting: Gothic or Modern, contained estate
Genre: Supernatural Horror

Kinks: Fear, Possibly NC and/or non-Humanoid
Protagonists: See below

Plot: The tales have floated around for countless years, whispered between scared children, mocked by insolent teenagers, and warned from knowing parents. Time's boot has done little to grind this ancient house into the dust, and its origins are all but forgotten. Yet the tales speak of some great treasure, or impossible power, obtainable within.

It guards its secret (whatever it is) with a decisive hand, though; many who investigate find nothing but death within the maze of an estate.

For whatever greedy or altruistic reason, you've decided to venture forth, defy the tales, and claim this mystery for your self.
Never mind the obituaries hanging around the house like a pall.
Never mind the gut-clenching feeling that worms inside when hanging about its gates.
Never mind the black wood that still gleams fresh, devouring sunlight and ignoring decay.
Never mind the lights that flicker some nights in the windows.

The secret will be yours.

. Vigilante Waltz [?/?]
Setting: Modern or Historical, Urban
Genre: Dark Romance (Comedy optional)

Kinks: None upfront
Protagonists: See below

Plot: Whether through a mutual support group, a shared workplace, happenstance or else, two individuals begin working together to purge the 'streets' of sexual predators through vicious torture and murder. An unexpected romance blossoms on the road of death they pave.

. Just Killings [?/?]
Setting: Near-Future or Alternate History (Steampunk), Mostly Urban
Genre: Action/Thriller

Kinks: Rough lovers, possibly some bondage
Protagonists: Two Contract Killers

Plot: Killer 1 has an old vendetta to fulfill, and their latest job is self-assigned revenge of the grandest order. Killer 2, at the top of their game, gets a contract to take out Killer 1 before they can complete their mission. The hit goes wrong, though, and Killer 2 gleans more information and some sympathy for the righteous vengeance... but there's no way two contract killers are just going to trust each other like that. Still, Killer 2 helps Killer 1 along as the contract deadline looms. What will Killer 2 ultimately do, and how will the pair handle a romantic complication?

. Dilution [?]
Setting: Horror-Fantasy Wilderness Mindfuck
Genre: Horror
Format: Choose Your Own Adventure

Kinks: Variable, per discussion; probably Extreme
Protagonist: See below

Plot: You, whoever your character is, wake up in a small, dusty shack. A pain at the back of your skull weighs you down like weights strapped to your limbs. Dully, you wake to your dimly lit surroundings.
Tools of various sorts adorn the walls and ceiling, more than you've ever seen in a single room before.
As you pull your cheek from the cold floor, you notice that it slants downward, toward a drain. Recent stains trail from the drain toward... a table. One sitting on a giant screw.
Wobbly, you get to your knees, and then to your feet.
Now you see that the table bears belts, ready to strap a victim in for whatever... one does with strapped victims in a small wooden shed filled with tools.
Turning, you see windows so caked with grime or paint that you can't make out what lies beyond them. But there is something between them.
A door.
As you start to move toward it, you hear the groan of a wooden door opening behind you. A door you didn't notice.
And the heavy breathing coming from behind lasts but a moment before it turns into a bellow of rage.

What do you do?

. Sisters in Murder [F/F, +?]
Setting: Baldur's Gate Trilogy
Genre: Fantasy

Kinks: Incest (if godspawn counts)
Protagonists: Imoen & BG PC

Plot: A modified version of the trilogy, with the primary romance being Imoen & the (female) PC. I'm kind of bursting with ideas for this, so I'll leave that for hashing out via message.
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Re: Dreaming Ferrous and the Occasional Myr
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2015, 01:45:15 PM »
Sisters in Murder, Vigilante Waltz, and Just Killings added.

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Re: Dreaming Ferrous and the Occasional Myr
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2015, 12:06:38 AM »
Dilution added.

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Re: Dreaming Ferrous and the Occasional Myr
« Reply #3 on: May 14, 2015, 05:28:26 PM »
Added Imprisoned Evil and The Black Manse.