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Author Topic: ferrously Myr, in Dreams and Dance  (Read 1138 times)

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ferrously Myr, in Dreams and Dance
« on: April 28, 2015, 11:14:16 PM »
The Way You Taste

. If it's a one-shot, then kinkaliciously, let's roll.
. But I prefer longer fare, stories that bend and wind with twists and surprises, slicing into hearts past the veil of text. My imagination and real life already give me plenty of sexual satisfaction - I'm here to wow and get wowed with jaw-dropping writing that shudders the bones.
. While I don't need to write love-stories, if there's no heavy emotional core to a relationship, I can't be bothered to care.

My Hand in Yours

. I occasionally write excellent ideas as solo stories for others, if you have a concept you're struggling to shape on your own.
. My Desires & Declinations are not exhaustive; ask away.

~Please send a Message instead of replying to the thread~

. Genres: Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Magical Realism, General Fiction.
! Plot! Concepts that can go for miles draw my interest far more than fizzle-bangs (though I know, we all want quickies sometimes)
. Compelling Characters: It's what's in the character and not the size of their T&A/D&A that matters.
. Intensity: Whether it be fear/horror, dramatic revelation, or sudden life-changes, I like stories that push a character to the limit (and beyond).

. Submission: I never play submissives or slave-minded characters. I'll play with s-types, but I prefer active conflict (brats, primals, switches, and so on).
. Overly Long Sex Scenes: Detailed sex scenes are fine, but the most erotic sex writing is more thrilling encapsulation than a dozen uses of 'thrusting' in the same sequence. This is part of why interesting character emotions and relationships matter - they give depth. Without that, well, see above.
. Snuff, Vore, Scat, Enemas, Expansion: Not my kink.
. Too Short / Too Long: Ideally, you're a couple paragraphs type of poster. One-Liners and Purple Prosers won't be a good match for me.

Writing Samples
. You Will Love Me [NC-H-Solo]
. Assorted Poetry

Story Threads
. Corruption Needs No Radiation [M/M/F]
Setting & Genre: Fallout

Kinks: Non-Con, Corruption of Youth
Characters: Father and Son, Hapless Merchant

Plot: A father is teaching his recently 18-year old son the ropes about sex... by preying on a hapless merchant who strays too far without sufficient protection. He uses drugs to help urge his son on to further depravity.

. We Are More Than Our Scars [?/?]
Setting: Modern
Genre: General Fiction
Narrative Twist: Both characters will write and use original poetry, in-character, throughout the story

Kinks: ???
Protagonists: Damaged Lovers

Plot: Coming out of long and tortured relationships, two poetic souls consider giving up on love and the romantic life, for all of the torture it delivers alongside the ecstasy. Their resolve is shaken in a chance meeting - but that isn't enough to convince either of them, no matter how strong the sparks. It'll take a lot of soulful expression to get them past their baggage and into a golden future.

. I Would Have No Other [M/F]
Setting: Victorian Dark Fantasy
Genre: Supernatural Horror

Kinks: Incest, ???
Protagonists: Brother & Sister

Plot: The stubborn daughter of a wealthy necromancer lord has come of proper marrying age within society. Unforgivingly, her father is applying increasing pressure for her to marry for political gain, despite her utter disinterest in doing so. Fortunately, her brother is determined to see her remain single - because he wants her for herself. Now, if only he can make her interested before revealing his secret...

. Team Napalm [?/?]
Setting & Genre: Pokemon (Brutal Dark version)

Kinks: Probably a lot (???)
Protagonists: Team Napalm duo (essentially psychopaths)

Plot: Team Rocket's shit and you're going to show them. And those pokemon trainers. And any pokemon who doesn't want to get in line with your agenda. Really, fuck everyone, one way or another - you're going to show them all. You're fucking Team Napalm and you just want to see this world burn.

. The Winding Road [F/~]
Setting & Genre: Fantasy (e.g. D&D)

Kinks: Wide open
Protagonists: Virale, magician type

Plot: A solo seeking GM type, really, who wants to see what kind of shenanigans we can get up to along Virale's (mis)adventures toward power.

. Imprint [?/?]
Setting: Medievalesque
Genre: Dark Fantasy

Kinks: Innocence, ???
Protagonists: Sacrifice & Guide

Plot: Raised from near birth to be a holy offering, the sacrifice grew up in seclusion, with religious training and minimal teaching otherwise. Over the course of their maturation, they fall in love with one of the Guides responsible for protecting them, shielding them, and teaching them the holy ways. They flee before the sacrifice can be offered up in death to the divine - and the world begins coming apart in their wake. Will they manage to find a route to salvation and redeem the world while getting to keep their lives or love - or are they just another doomed set of starstruck lovers?

. Dreams Before Death [?/?]
Setting: Near-Future
Genre: Sci-Fi / Dark Fantasy

Kinks: ???
Protagonists: Rival Dream Thieves

Plot: Secrets are like currency, and the richest secrets are worth billions or trillions when put into the right hands. Specialized Dream Thieves infiltrate their targets' sleeping minds to retrieve, record, and interpret secrets from their lives, with varying degrees of success in the endeavor.

What begins as another day on the job for two top thieves in rival companies devolves into a fight for humanity's future, as something decidedly inhuman begins stirring across all dreams as it rises from its ancestral sleep.

. Written in the Stars [F/F]
Setting & Genre:

Kinks: ???
Protagonists: Light & Dark

Plot: Two childhood friends are reshaped and flung across the stars from the same incident, each growing up on a different side of the force - but the hard truths each 'knows' ring false in the shadows of their conflict and the fires of their love.

. Sisters in Murder [F/F, +?]
Setting: Baldur's Gate Trilogy
Genre: Fantasy

Kinks: Incest (if godspawn counts), ++
Protagonists: Imoen & BG PC

Plot: A modified version of the trilogy, with the primary romance being Imoen & the (female) PC. I'm kind of bursting with ideas for this, so I'll leave that for hashing out via message.

. Mirror Image [F/F, ??]
Setting: Wide open
Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy

Kinks: Incest, ???
Protagonists: Psionic Twins

Plot: Abandoned by society and family, set to be sacrifices on the eve of adulthood, these twins were capable of more than anyone expected. After escaping captivity and death, they have only each other to rely upon to survive the dangers in both wilds and enemy lands - but the closer they grow, the more powerful they become.

In Play
. Cursed [M/F]
Setting: Pseudo-Medieval/Dark Ages Eastern Europe
Genre: Dark Fantasy

Kinks: Supernatural Fuckery, ???
Protagonists: Viscount & Inheritor

Plot: While no innocent, the hapless sixth daughter of the Ruspilli family has found herself far from home and unprepared for the darkness in the Eastern reaches of the continent. Worse, the region is on the cusp of Holy War, as the Church turns its judgmental eye toward the 'heathen worship' still practiced here. Between the literal wolves at the door, the fangs in finery, and the holy torches coming, she'll have to trust the Viscount - or betray him - to survive.... and, of course, she has secrets of her own.
Several scenario ideas:
 - Offered up as a bride to the Viscount
 - Instead a member of the Viscount's family, returning from abroad
 - Set upon by brigands/wolves/worse in refugee transit and rescued by the Viscount
 - Fleeing the Church and finding refuge with the Viscount
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Re: ferrously Myr, in Dreams and Dance
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2017, 10:28:25 PM »
8/12/2016 - Edits, revisions, and seven new stories~
10/12 - Tweaks, one story down, three new ones added
11/12 - Another story down, another one added
18/12 - Another story added

8/1/2017 - Another story added
20/1 - Another story added
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Re: ferrously Myr, in Dreams and Dance
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4/12 - The rare bump.