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Author Topic: Quitefancy's roleplay thread [seeking male characters]  (Read 758 times)

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Quitefancy's roleplay thread [seeking male characters]
« on: April 28, 2015, 09:00:54 PM »
Since I've been away from E for a time, I'm redoing my request thread so that I can start fresh! I'm finally at a point again where I think I can handle some new stories and I'm excited to get something going!

Please PM me if you're interested, don't post here. I feel like it makes things easier to keep track of.
Be interested in collaboration on a story, where we both have input, ideas and a say in the plot. I love working together to create something sexy, fun and worthwhile!
If you're not interested anymore, let me know. If you're not going to be available for a while, let me know. If you think there's something you'd like me to do differently or change, PLEASE let me know! Communication is key friends!
I don't have a post length requirement but I think it's really important to put thought into what you're writing. Don't post an 8 page post just because, and I don't mind short posts here and there, as long as the story is being furthered!
I'm looking to play opposite male characters, but I really don't mind who plays them.
I like to play on the forums. (:

Let us get to some ideas!

Something Wicked This Way Comes
The idea here is essentially a summoning of some sort. My thoughts are that a group of high school kids find an old book in their school library that has a spell in it to summon a demon. They decide to try it for a laugh, since of course, it's not going to work anyway. One of them offers to be the "sacrifice", the one who will tempt the demon into our world and subsequently belong to the beast. To their confusion and horror, the summoning works and now our sacrifice is under the command of a demon from another world.

We can play this a LOT of ways, clearly! I'm looking for people who would want to put some good thought into it. Maybe the sacrifice simply becomes a toy of the demons whims, someone to torture and rape and nothing more. Perhaps the demon thinks the sacrifice is a great choice to help with some kind of world domination. I would like this to be on the darker side, so perhaps a demon who will coerce, blackmail or even force his sacrifice to pleasure him could appeal. Thoughts? I'm open to suggestions, but I will say that i think i would prefer a demon who is either humanoid or can change his appearance to be humanoid.

A Little Tease
Our poor girl has just been dumped dramatically, in front of the entire school. Her relationship was the only thing keeping her from being labelled the school slut again, and the dumping stung. As any girl would do, she decided to find a way to make him jealous - find another guy, attractive, but without the same social status as the jerk who dumped her in front of everyone, and carry on with him.

What I would like is a sweet, well meaning kind of guy, maybe a little nerdy. Probably a virgin. She would decide to use him to let off some steam and also rub her absence in her exes face. Their relationship would be one of convenience for her - she is essentially using him as a booty call, maybe even getting him hard then leaving him hanging a few times. This goes on for a while, maybe our boy putting up with it because he's young, horny and wants to lose his virginity. But eventually, he snaps. Our girl calls him up in the middle of the night for some nookie and when she tries to send him home unsatisfied, he decides he's not going to take it anymore.

I think this could go a lot of ways. Maybe he gets really dominant with her and she discovers she enjoys being told what to do. Maybe he forces himself on her, then blackmails her into continuing the relationship. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Lots of potential, but the game MUST have things being turned on their head in some manner or another.

Big Bad Wolf
In this play, I'm seeking a Wolf to my Little Red. This can be played in a lot of different ways - traditional werewolf, anthro, shapeshifters. I think there's a lot that can be done here! I don't have a specific thing that I'm looking for, but tell me if you have ideas! I think a historical setting for this might be more fun then contemporary, but I'm very open.

Droit de Seigneur
From Wikipedia, "refers to a supposed legal right in late medieval Europe allowing feudal lords to have sexual relations with subordinate women. Also known as jus primae noctis, it allegedly allowed the lord of a medieval estate to take the virginity of his serfs' daughters." If you don't think this sounds like fun, I don't know what you think fun is! I think it would be interesting to play this out a few different ways. Perhaps the lord just ritually deflowers all women in the village before their marriage night and what we play out is a particularly resistant bride. Maybe we play it as a bride who doesn't want to marry her intended and offers herself to the lord as a mistress to avoid having to be married to a man she detests.
Another idea, maybe we play with a young lord who's father had always participated in this tradition, but when he assumes his role as lord he's more hesitant to be involved with the ritual. A young, scared girl is brought to him and they develop a friendship, romance or sexual relationship despite his misgivings.
If you're interested in this but want to go more raunchy, maybe we play it as the lord forcing himself on the bride, then finding that he's so drawn to her that he keeps visiting her bed even after she's married. So many options!

This game would take place in a land where certain castes of the population are enslaved from birth, the men for labor and the women for domestic work and sexual slavery. Think Mereen in Game of Thrones. That's how it is and how it's always been. One way or another, slavery is officially ended in this land and all current slaves are freed without much thought as to how they will survive with no infrastructure to support them. I'm thinking that a group of kind hearted people from the upper caste offer to take former slaves in, to help rehabilitate them. Offer them work, introduction into the free world. I would play a recently freed sex slave, and you would play a kind soul who takes her in. Her life has always been subservience and domination, so she immediately tries to adapt to this free man as her new master. All kinds of directions we could go with this. Perhaps he learns that she can't fully break from her subservience and learns to gently and lovingly dominate her. Maybe he realizes that he's not quite as kindhearted as he thought and he takes the opportunity to avail himself of her pleasures. Lots of potential here.

To Protect a Queendom
This story would involve a lot of deceit, manipulation and dubious consent. Our soon-to-be queen is a young woman learning to rule in a matriarchal society in some vaguely medieval setting, possibly fantasy depending on what we decide to incorporate. Her queendom is vast and very wealthy due to precious stone deposits on their land and a ruler with a head for numbers.Her mother and father have ruled side by side for years, but as her mothers health declines, her last dying wish is to see her oldest daughter, her heir, married to one of the neighboring rulers to secure their queendoms safety in the coming years. Although she is loathe to marry a man from another land that likely won't respect the matriarchy she's grown up in, she can't deny her mother's dying wish.

This is where our male character comes in, a nobleman in a neighbouring land. Perhaps he's a prince but not the oldest of his brothers and thus is shipped off to marry a woman who will always be his superior. I like the idea of him not respecting the rule of a female and being an ass for it. But there's something he has or that his kingdom has, maybe a vast army, that means our queen-to-be must suffer the match and put up with his brutish ways.
There's obviously more we can talk about with this, this is just a vague starting point!

Current Random Craving
Lord take me, but I'm having a random craving for some sort of incest game, preferrably father/daughter or siblings. I'm thinking something similar to a game I did a looooong time ago, where our girl is a prostitute who is mistakenly sent on a call to her father or brother? This would absolutely involve blackmail and coercion. Maybe they use the threat of telling parents/boyfriend/school about her real job as a means of blackmailing her into sleeping with them? I'm open to ideas, I'm just really craving something dark and incesty.

That's all I have right now as actual idea, but I'm open to suggestions as well! I love anything that involves blackmail, coercion, dubious consent, manipulation, force, age differences, breeding. I'm all over the board! Please hit me up if you feel there's something you're looking for that you think I might be interested in. Can't hurt to ask!
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Re: Quitefancy's roleplay thread [seeking male characters]
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2015, 02:09:15 AM »
Current Game Craving filled

I'm looking for something with blackmail, forced sex, humiliation and maybe some light torture. My thoughts are as follows. I'm thinking maybe this will work with a student/teacher thing where the student finds something he's able to use against his teacher. She's new to teaching, young and eager to do well at her first ever teaching job. She tries a little too hard to connect with her students, is a little too eager to be cool, but she's loving her job. Until one of her students approaches her after class and shows him some damning video, picture, something he's decided he's going to hold over her head. In exchange for his silence, he gets to make use of her beautiful little body, whenever he wants.

This is something that I would like to be forced, not a situation where she grows to enjoy the interactions or thinks it's sexy. I don't mind if he gets her off occasionally, or even every time. If she has an orgasm despite herself while he toys with or fucks her, that's fine, but she will think of herself as dirty and disgusting afterwards. I would like to play this with our student being forceful and unrelenting - maybe he forces her to blow him in a broom closet in the middle of the day, or rapes her over her desk during lunch. You are welcome to do your worst, as long as she's left standing and able to teach classes.

Maybe after a time he even steps it up a notch and follows her home, raping her in her bedroom or bent over the arm of her couch. The one place she was supposed to feel safe.

As you can see, i'm looking for something a little more on the fucked up side here. Let me know interest via PM! Other games are also still available for play!
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