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Author Topic: | violelia's fandom thread | [ m lf > f ]  (Read 638 times)

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| violelia's fandom thread | [ m lf > f ]
« on: April 28, 2015, 11:50:15 AM »
Quick Fandom request thread as my main is pretty full / cluttered.

My main thread for more information can be found here.

Right now I'm quite interested in stories revolving around Comic and Star Wars universes. (the latter shall be added in afterwards.)

Do note that none of the stories are set in stone, they're all available for discussion if you're looking to head towards another direction, or have another pairing in mind.

Plot 1: Bruce Banner x female villain.

Based on the themes of “Convince me”, a character must keep the other ignorant of certain occurred events. An example would be at the end of the first Captain America movie, when they thawed him out of the ice and he found himself inside a room fitted to look like one from his era.

In this story, a certain organization would have wiped out the Avengers, controlling the world in all of its entirety, a group firm on the destruction of all that stood in their way, something like HYDRA perhaps. They would have killed all of the main members of the Avengers, some might have escaped, but they are of no consequence, HYDRA already won, there was nothing left between them and world domination… except for the Hulk. The only Avenger they could not kill. They know of his strengths, his abilities and with rage further fueling the green monster due to the loss of his comrades, he was practically invulnerable. They could not allow the man to turn, yet they were unable to kill him either, for the being inside of him would emerge the moment its host was in danger.

They could not let Bruce Banner know the truth, yet they could not take his life. Drugging the scientist, they moved him to an underground facility, one as large as an actual city space, built for the sole purpose of containing the man responsible for the Hulk’s slumber. They would pump him full of experimental drugs, trying to brainwash him, meddling with his mind, inserting false memories of a destroyed world, of radiated lands beyond the underneath city he resided in. It would prevent him from leaving. 

Your character, would be one dispatched by the highest of HYDRA command, a woman with only a single mission, to convince Bruce Banner that everything was alright, that nothing was amiss. To lie to the man, and to do whatever she can, in order to prevent the Hulk’s inevitable emergence.

I feel that there are quite a few female super-villains that could work in this role. Or perhaps even a Black Widow that never left Russia. They would feed him false memories, letting him think that he’s either married or engaged to your character, that they’re living happily in the underground city, something like the recent, “Total Recall.”

Plot 2: Daredevil x Any Femme Fatale.

When I think of Daredevil, the first thing that comes to mind is not only his enhanced senses, but his inability to properly see the world around him. I like the idea of pairing him up with a deceptive female of sorts, someone who relies on her abilities to charm or to attract the males around them. Someone who’s more than a little manipulative, with poison on their tongues and daggers beneath their fingertips. It would be a perfect match with someone like Matt Murdock, who is able to sense even the smallest, the most practiced of a lie, to see through their motives with nothing but the use of his senses. Who while able to grasp their attractive features from their scent and the rustling sounds of their clothing as they walk across the room, is entirely immune to their physical charms.

The story would revolve around them approaching him for their own hidden motives, their concealed agenda intriguing him, prompting him to accept their request, knowing that they have something else planned from the very start. The obvious few that would partner up nicely along with Matt Murdock would be a few of the more, “secretive” or downright “seductive” females, such as the Enchantress, Mystique, Black Cat, Maria Hill, Black Widow.

Plot 3: Batman x Poison Ivy.


I have this idea whereby the masked crusader was unmasked publicly, revealing Bruce Wayne as the Batman, divulging his identity not only just to the world, but to all the villains that he had ever came across. The ones that would be waiting for him at Arkham when the bribed judge sentenced him there shortly afterwards. He would be thrown into Arkham, stuck with the general population, trapped with the thousands of criminals that he had personally sent here. They would be after his life, going after the caged bat even as he sends hundreds of them into the infirmary. But as strong as he was, even the slightest bit of hesitation, the slightest hint of a dropped guard, could have taken his life. Someone could have stuck a shiv into the side of his ribs while he waited for his food, they could sneak into his cell at night and while he's asleep, or they could try to gang up on him while he was in the shower. It was only a matter of time before one of them got lucky. 

Yet amidst all the killers and thieves, he found himself the most unlikely of allies. Pamela Isley, also known as the Poison Ivy. While she and Batman clashed on multiple occasions back in the past, she had always appreciated the things Bruce Wayne did for Gotham. From trying to provide clean and renewable energy through his Wayne Enterprise technology, to trying to “greenify” Gotham by opening more than a few dozen parks and botanical gardens around the less profitable parts of the city. And it made her realize that just maybe, Batman is not as bad as she thought him out to be. 

While the story could still take place with other female villains, I do like the idea of them both together because of the things they can accomplish. The idea that she had always liked Bruce Wayne for the things he done for the environment, and trying to return him the favor by tending to his wounds within the prison walls. A romance would most definitely develop between the two.

Plot 4: Bruce Wayne x Selina Kyle.


I also like the idea of a relationship between Selina Kyle and a Batman-less Bruce Wayne, for them to exist in a Universe without heroes. Where his parents survived and Bruce Wayne grew up to be the ruthless emperor of the financial kingdom. This will be more of a powerplay / domination themed story. Selina would still be the Catwoman, but not as experienced as she would like to be. Perhaps he was her very first big "mark." She would join Wayne enterprise, filling the position as Bruce’s secretary in order to access his schedules and ultimately steal the pearls he kept in his office space, a necklace that would cost tens of millions. Except in this story, he would have found out about her motives beforehand, waiting for her on the night of her theft, not only catching her in the act, but also “educating” her the consequences of stealing from a Wayne.