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Author Topic: Captain Malteses ideas thread (MxF and MxM)  (Read 1198 times)

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Captain Malteses ideas thread (MxF and MxM)
« on: April 28, 2015, 08:23:16 AM »
I seem to have room in my roster for fresh stories again. So here are some new ideas... or old ideas, refurbished.

While my characters are always men, I am open to my cowriters' character being of any gender or variation therein. And whether or not my cowriter is of the gender written, does not bother me.

Last major update: 06/Jan/2018
Quick list:
A) Tic Toc - steampunk adventure
B) Cold Vengeance - Blade Runner sequel
C) Have Garlic, Will Travel - Sherlock Holmes/Dracula/Jack The Ripper combo
D) Jeanne d'Arc, back in the saddle - Three Musketeers/Jeanne d'Arc/Inquisition combo
E) Mission: Critical - modern spy story
F) Alien and tense - a reluctant military love story in the Aliens world
G) Warriors - fantasy world, but with fairly realistic characters.


A) Tic Toc
Category: Steampunk
The Great Steam War is over, the world rebuilds and new technologies start challenging the old spring-and-cogwheel and steam engine way of doing things big small and new. The electrical battery is just one new invention to be exploited, and one of the smaller effects is that the centuries-old clock and watches technologies is being left behind. So is the clockmaker and war veteran who returns to Bernsdorf to find that his craft and trade is reduced from creating art to repairing cheap and old massproduced junk. Still, there is enough work left for an eight fingered watchmaker to keep him with a roof and food. Life goes on.
Until a stranger comes to his door seeking help with a mechanism far more complicated and dangerous than keeping time on a schedule. Maybe the war isn't as over as it seemed to be. Maybe life isn't going to be as dull as it seemed to be, either.


B) Cold vengeance
This story setting is based on the original Blade Runner, but set afterwards. (I have not seen the new movie, so any similarities are incidental.) The rebelling replicants have been hunted down and 'retired', and the Blade Runner has left town with his Rachael. But they are not the last of their kind. One more replicant who landed with the pirated ship, is not dead as reported after all. He is on a mission of a different kind. Where Roy Batty and the others wanted life, Troy Abyt wants death - the death of the entire system that created him and by creation doomed his kind to brief lives as slaves. It does not take long for the authorities to notices their mistake and send another Blade Runner to clean up. It might not be as easy this time. Because to Troy, a Blade Runner is the perfect key to get into the robot manufacturing facility of Tyrell Corporation.
Comment: I have wanted to play an android for some time, but never have. And I love this movie with its combination of science noir and poetry.


C) Have Garlic, Will Travel

The university will have to find another lecturer for a while. Dr Van Helsing and his highly specialized skills are needed elsewhere. There is a rumor of a woman who walks the streets of London at night, bleak and beautiful, making off with stray random pedestrians and bleeding them dry then leaving with no trace but yet another fresh corpse. The confounded London Metropolitan Police calls her Jackie for the way she offs her victims. Jackie the Ripper.

I am seeing this one as a study in the Victorian/Edwardian era of Sherlock Holmes, Dracula and indeed Jack The Ripper - an era where elegance, wit and gentlemancy were the ideals. I have not played a gentleman for some time and Van Helsing interests me because he has many similarities with Sherlock Holmes but is not identical; they are both scholars but van Helsing teaches where Holmes likes to be mysterious. Van Helsing have suffered the death of his son and his wife is at a mental hospital, while Holmes always lived only for his craft.

As for my cowriter - I can work fine playing against either a Jack or a Jackie, this door swings both ways - I am hoping for someone who equally appreciates this time period. Not just the visuals and the culture, but maybe the intellectual mindset as well. Imagine our characters having a heated argument about van Gogh's ear and you might see what I am hoping to play against.


D) Jeanne d'Arc, back in the saddle

She was born a mere scribe's daughter, as playful and innocent and hard worked as any French child of the era. But as she entered the cusp of womanhood the visions started to come, strong and clear and commanding, and on her 15th birthday she stood before a gaping king as she told of his secrets she could never have known, and of things that were shortly to come. By the time she was 17 she was the King's greatest secret weapon and one whose virginity was worth more than gold could measure, but then the war she had prophecied came and she rode in the front of her king's army as a shining beacon. And the army she led against the enemy, won. Jean d'Arc was now a legend.

But the Church was livid with anger, that their exclusive rights to perceived miracles had been challenged by one who could give real miracles. And so the cardinals slandered and wronged her, brought her to court on false accusations and finally got what their wanted. Jean d'Arc being executed by being burned to death, her caped slender form eaten by the flames. The church could barely wait until the fire was over to start selling her bones as holy relics.

However, the body that wasted away to lies and fire was not Jean, but that of another young woman who had succumbed to illness hours earlier and whose body had been put on the fire by the only man who could and would do such heresy - the always hooded executioner, himself a man once condemned by cardinals to die for having other notions than them of what was right and wrong. Now she, as he, would live to see another dawn - provided they escaped unnoticed, and fast!

But the Church does not forget and the Church does not forgive. And when the charred remains of that young body happened to have a few old wounds Jean had never suffered, the cardinals knew they had been cheated of their prize. The Fléau Roux, the Red Scourge which was the Church's tool of secrets and violence, rode out. There would be no public trial this time. Heresy, as illoyality, need not even mock justice. The hunt was on.


E) Mission: Critical

A successful South Korean business woman is secretly a former SK Special Forces soldier, and and an even more secret past as a private security contractor with connections to foreign secret services. But all of that is behind her, until the evening a former contact and French officer stands on her front door - with a mission proposal, and an offer she can't say no to.


F) Alien and tense

The Alien 2 story ends on a slightly different note and Alien 3 starts differently, as both Private Vasquez and Lieutenant Gorman makes it out on the backup shuttle with the other survivors after all. But all it means is that they too get crashlanded on a sparsely populated industrial wasteland - but in a different pod, and landing somewhere else entirely. The question is, will the aliens or the planet manage to kill Vasquez and Gorman - before they kill eachother? 


G) Warriors

Men of war love easy battles and weak foes, the wind in their back and underlings bringing them fresh water while the enemy's throats are parched. Men of war want good plunder and great, great superiority in weapons and numbers. Men of war are looking for profit and good tales to brag about.

The warrior is different. The warrior, having defeated an equal foe under neutral condition, reels and staggers from the battlefield with cuts and abrasions and broken gear, and the memory of the dying enemy's burning gaze and final bitter words cut deeper on the warrior's mind than the wounds on her body. Memories that will haunt her in dreams. The warrior fights because it is necessary, or because she can't turn her back on the taunts of even a superior enemy. She might return to her homesteads emptyhanded, or she might not return at all, but if only the words of her death and defeat is what returns then they will be honorable words. No. the warrior is not a man or woman of war, but a result of war, and the bitter resolve to not be ruined by it.

What a pity that when she runs into a soul brother, he is her sworn enemy.
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