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May 27, 2018, 10:41:43 PM

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Author Topic: Kicking my muse in the butt! Vague character idea for any story here (M for F).  (Read 177 times)

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Offline KoibitoTopic starter

So! Long story short for some reason recently, my interest in anything creative recently has just vanished. My muse isn't responding to anything be it working on cosplay, playing games, watching anything, writing, it all just became 'meh' all of a sudden. Of course this is rather unsettling and so I'm here to try and spark it again!

My method? Shooting out the first character idea I can think of outside my usual box so to speak to try something new, unique, and hopefully something that can get me out of this funk!

So without further adieu, here is the random idea I have for a character to play:

I'm picturing a modern day young man (though the setting is up for discussion) with a peculiar set of companions that offer vast abilities. I like the idea of someone with, in a sense, a shoulder devil and angel. I imagine a boy (of age probably around the 16-18 range) with two spirits that are tied to him in some way/follow him around. These two possibly could grant him some sort of power, maybe each turns into a set of armor or transforms him or offers some sort of power each (of course angel and devil/good and evil spirits are the first things that come to mind and so this too we can discuss). I'd think they'd be typical small, float around him spirit looking beings and perhaps they can change size or are just big enough to interact with him, sexually and or otherwise, and maybe they have some transformation as well, getting stronger the more he uses their powers, but I'm just tossing random ideas out here. Heck it could even be a female and be your character with me playing the spirits, it's all up to play with.

I would like a story with a good, fun plot, lots of action, some adventure, character development, and I also see no reason we can't have that and a lot of smut thrown in there too~ I'd play the aforementioned male and I would like my partner to play at least one of the spirits but both would be preferred. With such a bigger plot, doubling up will be a must anyway, but either you could play one, I could play the main and the other, though I do still think both should be females to some degree (maybe some futa elements could be included?).

With this, most types of stories could be done. Perhaps this is his power in a larger cast of characters with the same, but differently manifesting, power? Some spiritual blessing for some purpose? Beings sent to him to aid in some goal? As my muse is very much unconscious at the moment this is definitely a plot to come up with my partner together.

As a partner I am usually very prompt. I cannot measure my post frequency in '__ times per day' as I'm usually just on for extended periods and post as fast as my inspiration and speed at posting will allow me. I post as much as I am given to work with with my partner so if you give me a lot, you'll get a lot in return and I'm not a stickler for more instant scenes that require multiple posts. I of course don't expect so much frequency and length from my partners to a degree, but since the point of this is to inspire, I really will need a frequent partner for this one. I would prefer someone who could post at the very least a few times a day on average though I won't hold small spats of being busy; vacations, sudden life stuff, and the like against anyone, I would just like to know if you wont be posting for a longer period of time than normal.

If you think we're a good match and have some interest in playing such an angle with such characters, shoot me an idea and lets come up with something great!

And in advance, thank you so much for your help in reigniting my muse~