True Mates (f lf m)

Started by wolventears, April 27, 2015, 11:50:54 PM

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I've tried this one out a couple times before but it always has fallen through. I would like to try once more for this as I love the plot.

My character is in an abusive marriage. One night, her husband came home drunk from the bar and decides he wants a little lovin'. He tries to force it on her and when she fights back, he hits her, blacking her eye and swelling her cheek. He basically rapes her and after he is passed out unconscious, she needs to get some fresh air. So, she leaves and walked the block to the park. She is swinging, trying to figure out how her life had gotten so bad.

Your character, the beta in his pack, has just relocated to this town, needing a bigger home due to the large influx of pup births. He is taking a walk that night to check out the area and stumbles upon the park. As he begins to walk past, a breeze blows his way and a scent fills his nose. He freezes and his wolf is instantly on it's feet because it knows that scent. His mate is near.

What happens past this, the initial meeting and how he gets her away from her abusive husband can be discussed.

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