TG Love [tg/m tg/f m/m] the tg is f to m

Started by traci80, April 27, 2015, 05:00:58 PM

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  I write in third person and use PMs. I average 2 to 3 paragraphs per post. I can play either the TG character in the following or everyone else.

  We have 16yo twins. They started out as brothers. One of then decided being a boy wasn't for him. He is now one of the prettiest girls at school. She has small, but perky breasts. She has a nice girls ass. She also has a penis which due to the hormone treatments hasn't kept pace with her brothers. It still gets erect. Tho she dresses to catch the eyes of boys her personality is very much that of a tomboy.

  She may be cute, but being a girl that possesses a penis means starting a relationship is difficult. Guys don't want a girl that has a dick between her legs. Her brother tells her what she needs is a bi-boy. She thinks about it for awhile and goes on her Facebook and more or less advertises for bi-guys. She hints that she was discreet and might be available for just sex and nothing more. To her surprise she gets replies from some guys from school and two girls. To her even bigger surprise her brother ends up hitting on a few of the guys.

  Also willing to hear similar ideas you have.