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February 26, 2021, 10:29:16 pm

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Author Topic: Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary. (F/F or M)  (Read 1570 times)

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Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary. (F/F or M)
« on: April 26, 2015, 08:27:38 pm »
Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary. (F/F)

Looking for anyone willing/wanting to play Bloody Mary from 'The Wolf Among Us'. You can be a lord, lady, or liege I don't mind :)  This story can take place around the time frame of Wolf Among Us and then continue off into the later series of the Main Fables Title to Everafter the follow up comic. There is no limit to interesting stories we could tell and ways that this could go.

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Sometimes we're ugly on the inside

I was thinking that Mary gets bound to Detective Brannigan from episode 2 who interrogated Bigby, she could have suspicions of Fabletown and just happens to be at the right place to find Mary. She investigates a disturbance at the spot where Sheriff Bigby kills Bloody Mary and ends up cutting herself on a piece of Mary's glass/mirror, accidentally binding them together. So Mary is now a spirit trying to lay low for a while, but enjoys messing with the Mundy she is bound to, for shits and giggles of course.

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But after being stuck with someone for a while you grow to like them. And while Mary wouldn't go too far, she does like her mundy, even if the cop needs to be reminded she is Mary's mundy.

Needs some work still but if youre interested let me know. PM me and lets talk.

Sample of what would be my first post, to help you see if you were interested or not :)

Sample post.
It was yet another scorching summer night in New York, the heat wave that had been plaguing the city was unlike any that had ever come before and hospitals were constantly admitting people suffering from heat stroke. Even at night the heat was unbearable and more than one transformer in the city had been blown out from so many people turning their AC units to the highest setting it could go to. So it made it quite a pain for detective Kelsey Brannigan as she remained hidden in her car on her stakeout. The auburn haired woman sat in her car with a pair of binoculars held up to her eyes, the engine was off, but she had made sure that the key was set to accessory so she could have some air and listen to the radio. It, along with her fourth cup of steaming hot caffeine helped her stay awake as she watched what she was sure was suspicious and possibly criminal activity.

 She was parked a fair distance away from the Shepard Metal works plant. A large brick, and mortar facility that had been abandoned for several years with no signs of activity on all that time. However in the past several days there had been increasing reports of unearthly wails, cries and even wolf like howls. Some of Brannigan's homeless contacts that lived near the area had told her the same thing. Some even saying that the place was haunted, or even cursed. Of course it was always hard to trust those types of contacts since there was always a chance that they were on the crack pipe again. 

A couple of days after after these reports, she would hear that there would be groups of people seen entering the facility late at night. The groups of people would also be seen exiting even later with boxes containing what looked like broken glass, and fragments of mirrors. Had this been a factory that produced such wares, then Brannigan's suspicions would have been far less. Yet it made no sense for all this glass to be coming from a Metal Works. It caused alarm bells to sound in Brannigan's head. Tonight would prove to be no exception. At first she had assumed that by glass, her contacts meant drugs, but sure enough it was actual glass, and mirror.

Brannigan watched as the people moved boxes upon boxes of glass out of the building for what must have been the third night in a row since she began watching them, but one of these people in particular  interested her. A "B. Wolf.". Resident of the Woodlands Apartments on Bullfinch street. The gruff looking man appeared straight out of a Noir fiction and even smoked cheap cigarettes. Brannigan half expected the cigarettes to be "Lucky Strike" Brand, no such luck though since this man seemed to favor a brand called Huff and Puff.  She couldn't shake it but she had this intense feeling that she had seen that man before, but after searching the police databases and files, she found nothing on the man. Her rational mind told her that it was just dejavu, but something deeper in her told her that she had seen him before, somewhere. Still she was never one to give up easily on anything, which was why she was spending her time off watching these people and looking for evidence.

Once the group finished up their glass for the night Brannigan watched them leave and waited bit longer to be sure the place was empty. She would wait until the song on her radio ended before shutting it off and getting out. Slipping on her detective badge on a small chain around her neck, she casually walked to the factory entrance in case anyone saw her and acted as if she owned the place. As sometimes a good strategy was just as simple as a good bluff. Yet, she was vigilant. This was not a very good part of town, nor was it very well lit. There could be very dark things lurking in the shadows, and her mind conjured up everything from a monster to a crack addict with a dirty shiv to a jumpy rentacop. 

With all the suspicious activity going on late at night I have more than enough to claim Probable Cause and investigate. No one can say anything to me. She thought to herself, but even still, she put a hand on her sidearm in its holster to make sure that it was there and to feel safer. Slipping into the entrance of the Metal Works, she pulled out a flashlight. The bright white beam sliced through the darkness before her as she took slow steps and kept an eye out for any signs of a drug laboratory. While carefully scanning the area she stepped slowly and quietly through the factory, inspecting nearly every nook and cranny of the factory, going so far as to even open old trash cans. It took her close to two hours of investigation but all she found was a single bullet hole in the foreman's officer, along with a shattered round which she put into a small plastic bag. "Not much to go on, but it might be useful later." Brannigan said to herself, taking special care to place the round in her pocket.

After that, she started to move back to her car, her footsteps echoing eerily through the empty building. She would barely get to the entrance before a loud crack filled the air and she felt a crunch under her shoe. She let out a squeak of fright before she lifted her foot, expecting to have stepped on something of importance and rendering all her effort pointless. The only thing there was a small sliver of a mirror, now cracked in the center thanks to her foot.

"I guess they missed some. You're coming with me." She said as she smiled down at her reflection. She bent down, and wrapped her fingers around the mirror without thinking. Immediately a burning hot sensation caused her to pull her hand back, and yelp as she felt her left index and middle finger be sliced open by the mirror's edges. Small droplets of blood slipping down its side, and absorbed into the mirror. For the tiniest fraction of a second after the blood was absorbed by the mirror there was a woman's face in the mirror with piercing eyes looking at the detective. Her face was a mask of grim seriousness for a moment before her features cracked into a predatory smile. But Brannigan saw none of that as she let the mirror shard go and held her hand in pain.

"Ow! Fucking dammit." She hissed as she looked at the cuts on her two fingers. She watched as some blood slowly rolled down from her fingers, and into the palm of her hand. She would walk back to her car, grumbling to herself that she might have to get a tetanus shot now."That was so stupid! Fuck, this is just my luck. First pass out by some kind of knockout gas at the station and now I might need stitches. Maybe a tetanus shot too." Brannigan said, loosing her cool for a moment. This whole week had been terrible! From having to answer a thousand questions from the FBI after that strange incident at the station with everyone passing out all at once and loosing track of 24 hours of memory and the several investigations being ruined.

She stopped halfway to her car and then turned, quickly going back for the shard of the mirror and, with great care, picked it up again. She would rather not have the thing but the chance that it might be useful was always there. She carried the little piece of mirror with her to her car and wrapped it up in a thick cloth from the trunk of her car before getting out the first aid kit and cleaning her fingers up. "I'll just stop by a donut shop or something to make it up to myself." Brannigan thought to herself, enjoying the fact that she was liked living that particular stereotype. Brannigan close the trunk and missed the fleeting image of a woman's face in her rearview mirror as she went back to the driver's seat of her car with her now bandaged fingers.
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Re: Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary. (F/F)
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2015, 07:28:12 pm »
Bump + I added a sample post so people can see for themselves abit more if the RP would interest them.  :P

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Re: Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary. (F/F or M)
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2016, 06:58:07 pm »
Bumpity Bump.

HAvent played this one in a while..but I kind of have a craving for it.