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Author Topic: Looking for female for male story idea (Df for sm,mxf)  (Read 208 times)

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Looking for female for male story idea (Df for sm,mxf)
« on: April 25, 2015, 03:21:03 PM »
Looking for a female  co writer to play a female character in my idea. The idea is as follows:
Dustin went down the stairs and out the door to his apartment. It had been a long day, and he wanted a drink. Problem was there was not anything to drink, and it was too far to walk to the grocery store. A walk to the closer gas station would have to do. With a pocket full of change, he set out into the early night, turning left once he left his yard to follow the street to the gas station as he had done many times before. The night air was cool with a slight breeze. The night had fallen leaving only the street lamps as the only illumination as he went along. Everything was nice and quiet.

He was about half way down the hill when a car came up beside him. Dustin stopped as the window rolled down. A feminine voice called from within the car.
"Hey! You walking to the gas station? I am going there too. You want a ride instead?"

Dustin thought to refuse at first since he couldn't really see who it was due to it being dark. "UM I'm fine. Thanks though.” He smiled though he doubted they could see and began walking again. The car slowly rolled along side and the woman called out to him again. "You sure? I don't mind."

Dustin wrestled with it in his mind. He didn't want to be rude, but it was also a stranger as far as he could tell. But then again it was just to the gas station. "OK sure." he said finally.

"Hop in back," said the woman. Dustin did and settled into the seat and closed the door. The back seats were nice, very soft. Maybe leather? He couldn't tell in the darkness.

"Buckle up!" came the female's voice from the front .He didn’t mind. Their car their rules, he reasoned. He heard the windows roll up.

"OK" he said softly, pulling the belt over his front and clicking it in securely. He expected that was what she was waiting for but the car stayed still...

"Good boy," said a voice beside him. His eyes widened not realizing there was someone in the back with him.

"Huh?" he turned toward the voice. A shiver of unease shot up his spine.

Before he could say anymore, he felt a body climb over his. Hands grabbed his head and forced his mouth onto something warm, soft. He moaned and struggled but the weight of them and the seat belt made it difficult.

"Shh! It's alright baby. Suck my nipple in your mouth now. Relax. All will be alright." whispered another feminine voice in his ear. He felt the car move as his hand fumbled for the door handle but found there was none. He tasted something sweet on his tongue and realized that warm soft something in his mouth was a breast. He squirmed but could not get away. He felt the woman’s hands unzipping his pants as he was forced to sit and suck.

"That’s right you love to suck my breasts. They make you feel happy and relaxed, especially the special drug on my nipples.  Don’t worry baby it will just make you sleepy. Just keep sucking. Everything will be fine baby.” the voice reassured him.

Dustin moaned as he was forced to suck her nipple. He was beginning to feel dizzy. Was she drugging him? He squirmed more but it amounted to nothing due to the strap of the seat belt. He tried to push her away but his arms felt weak. His zipper opened and he felt a hand reach in and pull his cock out. He moaned as the same hand began to stroke him.

"MPH mmphh,"he protested into the woman’s breast. The car was still moving. Out of the corner of his eye he saw them passing the gas station.

"Shh... shh... baby. Just suck. Relax. My breast makes you so sleepy. Don’t worry I won’t hurt you. Just gonna fuck you till you go to sleep. When you wake you’ll be in your new home.” the voice whispered in his ear.

He could only moan around her nipple as he began to feel drowsy and weak and surprisingly aroused. His lips sucked as he listened to her sing song voice in his ear. His body became warmer with each press of her body to his. He let out a low moan muffled into her chest when she took his cock inside her and her hips began rolling back and forth. His struggles soon ceased as she kept fucking him. The drug was really affecting him as his eyelids felt heavier and heavier.

"Good suck my nipple like a good baby.  Let me fuck you to sleep.  You like being fucked to sleep don’t you baby?" the woman continued to speak in a sing song voice while she rode his stiffening member. She cried out and he felt her muscles contract around him, "OHHH yess more!!"

His mind was fogging over. He could not think. He could not resist. She felt so good riding him. His cock ached inside her. His body felt so tired and heavy. His arms lay limp at his sides as he continued to suckle her breast and take in more of the sedative. His eyes were nearly closed but he could vaguely still hear her in his ear.

"That’s right. Just drift and sleep. Sleep and cum inside me baby. Good boy. Suck and sleep. That’s all you need to do. Suck and close your eyes. Sleep and cum for me," she cooed in his ear as she began rocking faster, more urgently.

Dustin felt her pussy milking his hardening cock. The drug was both making him very aroused and horny and helpless. His cock tingled with every contraction of her wet soft core. He moaned though all that came out was a soft sound as he came into her. His seed filling her womb. His eyes closed shortly after. The world went black as he sank into a deep slumber.

While he slept he kept hearing soft voices in his dreams.

Dustin woke suddenly. His eyes looked around expecting to be in the car still, but to his bewilderment he found he was lying in a bed.

"Where am I?" he wondered out loud.

"Welcome to the island," a female voice answered him back.

Dustin nearly jumped off the bed in surprise. His eyes searched frantically settling on the girl in the corner. She had a warm smile on her face. She was wearing a black and white maid’s dress uniform.

"Who are you?" he asked startled. Had she been there the whole time watching him?

"I am Mina. I have been charged with seeing to you getting adjusted to your new home and duties here," she said rather chipper.

"My new home...duties??"He repeated confused. He looked up at her not sure he believed what he heard. His eyes widened as realization dawned on him.

He had been kidnapped!
This is where the story kicks off. I would play the role of Dustin and I am looking for a female to play either Mina, The Mistress or perhaps some other person who has been kidnapped, or maybe one of the other  creatures  in the story. PM me if this interests you. Details can be discussed in pms.  Partner must be able to give at least two to three paragraphs.
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