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Author Topic: Looking for intense plots M/M or F/M.  (Read 282 times)

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Looking for intense plots M/M or F/M.
« on: April 25, 2015, 01:18:59 PM »
Welcome to my devilish ideas.

Who am I?

My name is Eternal Snow. Or 'Snow' if you prefer that is my internet writing tag name and had been inspired by a anime 'Full moon wo shagashite'. I am 23 years old and have been writing privately for 10 years and role playing for nearly 3 years but haven't been at school for nearly 6 years? So my grammar may be a bit shocking to some of you and may not appeal to most. I will not hide the secret of the fact that I do have a learning difficulty but I have been making improvements. Anything that anyone had picked up on I will change and keep that in my head to stop making future habits but if spelling is an issue for you I might not be an 'ideal' partner. Despite being 100% English.

What am I looking for in my partner?

☑ I am looking for a long/short term partner.
☑ Someone who values over plot then smut. (Smut is good but chemistry is just as equally as important to me)
☑should also be noted that If you're a passive player who has to be constantly pulled around on a leash, I'll be more than likely to drop our role play out of pure frustration. I don't mind taking the lead from time to time, but I certainly expect you to do the same. First and foremost, role playing is all about collaboration. If both sides don't put their all into it, the role play is bound to fail.  Please tell me if your bored!!
☑ I'm not a big fan of one liners, and would prefer if you refrained from writing them. Ever. While I don't expect every post to be the size of a novella, some in depth descriptions of your characters thoughts, feelings, appearance and surroundings helps bringing the world to life, and also gives me something to work with.

What I'm not looking for a partner?

☒Non-communicator. If your bored with the plot or not heading in the direction that you preferred. Please tell me. I'm Psychic-medium that works with spirits. Not a telepath. I can not read minds.
☒ This is a big, no no with me. I've written with a few people that had a descent plot I was prepared to make it. But I hear nothing from you, you give me that giddy feeling that you are just as equally as excited then nada, nothing. That is not cool and ONLY to tell me my grammar is not your thing with me.
☒ Please understand I am a part time carer and a full time tarot reader and Medium. I work with spirits around England. Weekends are generally effected. But I will inform you :).

I have explained that I'm Dyspraxic and not been at school in centuries. Please understand. If my rules don't scare you then by all means PM me.


Seme, seke or Uke?

I am a versatile. Which means I can play all three, and have no preference. My characters are unpredictable. I cannot say if they are Top or bottom at the first glance. I'm tired of disappointing people because they are not top enough or bottom. They actually became Seme because they desire challenge. I really love fighting for dominance. It gives the characters more freedom to decide for themselves.

Fandom or OC?

Both. I used to be weary of role playing in someone else's character. I realised though that I actually enjoy Fandom characters but made it my own. Sometimes I will borrow worlds from stories I have written. Or characters so yes I'm open to both original characters and Fandom provided that I have learnt their personality and history. Don't feel pressured if were are doing a fandom. I'm very relaxed even if you don't feel you can pull the character off. Just know the facts and I'm cool.
What kind of characters do I like to play?

Diversity, a character that is moulded to a specific plot. No characters are repeated twice. Nor I have a specific character made up for you. I feel like learning our likes and dislikes will give us a bit more freedom. My characters can range from fantasy to blood sucking vampires (non of this Edward Cullen shite)  Sparkly and good looking, to Fantasy dark-horrors of bone chilling ghost's. Angst, is my favourite putting my characters to the tests. Seeing them deal with situations. To normal fun loving plots my taste is as wide as the sky.

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Offline Eternal0snow92Topic starter

Re: Looking for intense plots M/M or F/M.
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2015, 01:54:01 PM »
Possible pairings~

✰ Fantasy
- High Fantasy
- Low Fantasy
- Dark Fantasy
- Urban Fantasy
- Gothic Fantasy
- Steampunk
- Fairytale
- Science Fantasy

- Freestyle Fantasy
- Folklore
- Arabian/Thousand and one Night

✰ Historical
- Victorian
- Witch Hunt
- Medievals
- Vikings
- Japanese
- Chinese
- 18th Century
- 16th Century
- The Renaissance  ****
- Native American
- The French Revolution
- Pirate *****   - Ancient Rome/Britain/Greece
Medieval Britain/Europe
Medieval fantasy
Early, high or Late middle ages
Viking era
The Tudor Era
-The Baroque Era
-The Georgian Era
-The Regency Period
-Civil War era
-The Victorian Era
-WW I or WW II
- Arthurian Legend

- Supernatural
-Modern setting - Limited options.

✰ Science Fiction
- Dystopian
- Post Apocalyptic
- Apocalyptic
- Space
- Aliens
- Orwellian
- Cyberpunk
- Steampunk
- Science Fantasy
- Time Travel

✰ Slice of Life
- High School
- Romance
- Comedy
- Slice of Life
- Family
- Drama
- Realism

✰ Darker Themes
-  Action
- Angst
- Thriller
- Mystery
- Survival Game
- Psychological
Possible Pairings
❂ Don't hesitate to come with your own ideas! :3

Student x Teacher
Student x Student
Teacher x Teacher
Tutor x Student
Teacher x Headmaster
Student x Student Council President
Student x Librarian
Student x School Nurse
Nerd x Bully
Nerd x Popular Guy
Boss x Chairman's Son
Boss x Employee
Single Father x Gay Neighbor
'Straight' Dude x Gay Dude
Artist x Artist
Artist x Author
Normal Guy x Trap/Trans
Prostitute x Rich Person
Rebellious Teen x CEO
Innocent Teen x CEO
Vampire x Human
Vampire x Dhampir
Prince x Bodyguard
Prince x Foreign Spy/Assassin
Prince x Royal Wizard
King x Royal Wizard
Peasant x Wizard
Demon x Demon
Demon x Human
Fallen Angel x Demon
Fallen Angel x Human
Angel x Human

Prostitute x Client
Arabian Prince x Peasant
Arabian Prince x Stripper/Dancer
Genie x Human
Scientist x Test Subject
Scientist x Assistant
Thug x Normal Guy
Gang Member x Gang Boss
Gang Member x Gang Member
Gang Boss x Normal Person
Gang Member x Normal Person
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Offline Eternal0snow92Topic starter

Re: Looking for intense plots M/M or F/M.
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2015, 02:34:05 PM »
- Assassins creed
- Black dagger brotherhood.
- Dark series by Christine Feehan,
- Dragon fury novels,
- Lords of the underworld series,

- Harry potter,
- Lord of the rings,
- Avatar,
- Abraham Lincoln
- Underworld,
- Chocolate,
- The Shawshank Redemption (1994,
- Spirit away,
- Terminator,

(I may add more)

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