Interest Check - Twilight 2000 ([VAN] + [NC-H])

Started by DarthBlack, October 21, 2008, 02:36:56 AM

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I am looking for 4 - 6 players (male or female) for a Twilight:2000 roleplay, using a streamlined homebake system (a mixture of Cyberpunk & Dog Town rulesets), for both character creation and task resolution. 

The game would be a 'classical' game of T2K in that the characters would all be ex-military (American and European militaries) with a series of 'modules' or 'adventures' in Western Poland/Eastern Germany with an eventual return to the CONUS on the books where there would be further 'adventures'.  I would naturally RP all the other NPC's and bad guys.  All the material used would be drawn from the original 2nd Edition books/supplements published by GDW.

There are only a few preferences that I have.

1. Males play males and females play females (I'm not against gender-bending, but just not for this game)

2. Posting would be a combination of longer RP type posts and then short sharp posts when it comes to combat.

3. I would prefer players who are able to commit to logging on and posting at least once every two days.

Knowledge of the game setting, a basic understanding of how military hierarchy works and a working knowledge of weapons and equipment from both NATO and the Warsaw Pact is helpful but not essential.

Any questions?


The game would be centred around the following published material (and not necessarily in this chronological order):

Free City of Krakow
Pirates of the Vistula
Ruins of Warsaw
Black Madonna
Castle by the Sea
Going Home!
Armies of the Night
Allegheny Uprising
Urban Guerilla
Red Star/Lone Sta

The American Patriot

Hi there,

I haven't heard of "Dog Town" rules... What are they like? I love the Twilight 2000 setting, it was one of my first RPGs. So I have always loved the first version edition setting. I've been working on playing a variant of the Twilight 2000 campaign using the d20 Modern rules. I use to be on a T2k forum where one of the posters called Westrel had brought the first edition timeline into line with alot of the modern changes.

So let me know if you find anyone for this, i'd love a chance to play T2K again.
"Do you have any idea how we are talking about here? We are talking about the 'Butcher of Keiv'... The 'Cakemaker of Keiv' could kick all of our asses, and we are talking about the 'BUTCHER of Kevi'... Does that tell you anything?"

Story of the Accident...


Thanks Patriot, good to have you on board.  By all means, get the word out about my proposal, especially to the other E. members that you've RP'd with to generate some interest. 

Now that I've had at least one bite, I'll be posting more material over the next few days about character generation, the ruleset, background setting, etc.

First up, my homebake system works on the characters having template or archetype characters.  The ones listed below are the ones that are currently available - if there is a archetype not listed that you'd really like to play then by all means post here or PM me.

Twilight:2000 archetypes

1. Infantryman
2. Special Forces Operator
3. Military Police or Intelligence Agent
4. Doctor
5. Armoured Crewman
6. Mechanic

Each of these character templates have particular skills that all contribute to the group, allowing each character to have his or her 'moment' during the story.  The character templates will be posted over the next few days.

The American Patriot

I found this and just had to share it... If there is anyone interested in a Twilight 2000 RPG please let us know, I have been working on setting up a T2K game using the d20 Modern system for fun while i was in the hospital. And I have alot of stuff that i've come up with. But that's besides the point. Please enjoy this little bit of humor!

TWILIGHT:2000 Munchkin Page

Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 18:33:36 EST
From: OrrinLadd
Subject: So which one are you-T2k style

Are you all familiar with that RPG list Real men, Real Roleplayers, Loonies and Munchkins by Sandy Petersen and Jeff Okomoto?
Here's one done with a T2k flavor...

Which one are you, T2k style? by Josh Baumgartner


Favorite Service Branch:
Real Men: Marine Infantry
Real Roleplayers: Intel
Loonies: Space Command
Munchkins: Special Forces
Preferred Infantry Squad Role:
Real Men: Play the Lifer Sarge
Real Roleplayers: Play the Draftee Literary Arts Student
Loonies: Play the Insane SAW Gunner
Munchkins: Play the Green Beret Colonel
Favorite Main Battle Tank:
Real Men: Any will fit the bill as long as the main gun works
Real Roleplayers: Prefer less conspicuous vehicles
Loonies: Hum-Vee with spiked armor bolted on the front grill
Munchkins: M1A2 Abrams
Favorite Light Armored Vehicle:
Real Men: M551 Sheridan
Real Roleplayers: Any French Wheeled Armored Car
Loonies: Hum-Vee with tire-shredders bolted on the hubs
Munchkins: M1A2 Abrams
Favorite APC/IFV:
Real Men: LAV-25 (Hoo-Rah! Devil Dogs!)
Real Roleplayers: M113 ('s a classic, you know?)
Loonies: VW Van
Munchkins: M1A2 Abrams
Favorite Utility/Cargo Vehicle:
Real Men: Duece and a Half
Real Roleplayers: FAV
Loonies: U-Haul
Munchkins: M1A2 Abrams
Favorite Artillery Piece:
Real Men: M198 155mm
Real Roleplayers: Whichever one isn't shooting at them
Loonies: Nuclear Mortar
Munchkins: M1A2 Abrams with MLRS rack modification
Preferred Personal Weapon:
Real Men: M60 Machinegun
Real Roleplayers: Silenced MP-5
Loonies: Pungee Sticks
Munchkins: Silenced Barret 50 cal, or barring that, an M1A2.
Alcohol Fuel of Choice:
Real Men: Methanol
Real Roleplayers: Ethanol
Loonies: Jack Daniels
Munchkins: JP-5 Jet Fuel
When low/out of ammo:
Real Men: Make their own ammo.
Real Roleplayers: Scrounge for ammunition on the Krakow black market
Loonies: Scrounge plutonium from a destroyed power plant.
Munchkins: Find enemy Corps supply dump, overun it, steal everything and carry it out in the cargo rack on the M1A2.
Fuel Resupply:
Real Men: Run up to enemy vehicle, chuck grenade in, syphon fuel out after crew is killed
Real Roleplayers: Barter for alcohol with local farmers
Loonies: Piss in the gas tank (gotta drink enough Jack before hand for this to work properly)
Munchkins: See out of ammo.
How to spend the Initial Equiptment Allotment:
Real Men: A good personal weapon and ammo, give the rest to the Real Roleplayer to figure out what to do with.
Real Roleplayers: Doesn't have enough military terms to have enough $$$ to worry about.
Loonies: Anything that's NOT on the list.
Munchkins: After 8 officer terms, he can afford everything on the list -- "How much is an F-16 again?"
When Fighting at Night:
Real Men: Use recon by fire, and spot the muzzle flashes
Real Roleplayers: Crawl in a hole and futilely plead over the radio for pickup
Loonies: Nuke the enemy so they glow in the dark.
Munchkins: Use the F-16 LANTIRN pod he retrofitted to his M1A2 to target the enemy, then call in a Copperhead strike.
Setting Ambushes:
Real Men: Charge out at the enemy column in the flank firing and whooping!
Real Roleplayers: Crack the enemy brigade net and call in their own artillery on them.
Loonies: Hide in the bushes and fart in the enemy's general direction.
Munchkins: Approach enemy column (dodge any shots at you), demand surrender, if they don't kill them with lethal SpecForces martial arts (lethal combination of all known fighting styles).
Taking Prisoners:
Real Men: Strip their weapons, then send them back for the REMFs to deal with.
Real Roleplayers: Question them for information, perhaps convince them to switch sides.
Loonies: Insult them in a poor fake French accent.
Munchkins: Never heard of the concept.
On Love in T2K:
Real Men: Maybe a sweetheart back home, maybe one in Poland, but that's not why they play Twilight!
Real Roleplayers: Fall in love with the captured, yet captivating Polish Cavalry Lt.
Loonies: Fall in love with the captured, not so captivating Polish Cavalry Lt.'s horse.
Munchkins: Wouldn't know love if it bit him on the ass.
Real Men: Unquestionable to the bitter end.
Real Roleplayers: Intense, yet constantly a matter of inner searching and confrontation.
Loonies: To his audience, or his next joke.
Munchkins: To whoever has better tanks.
How to Escape from Kalisz:
Real Men: Fight their way out yard by yard, foot by foot, inch by inch.
Real Roleplayers: Bluff their way past the Krakow ORMO and steal the "magic carpet."
Loonies: Catch the next flight to Tahiti.
Munchkins: Take your platoon of M1A2s and crush those puny Soviets and their stupid little T-80s.
The Great Goal:
Real Men: Victory
Real Roleplayers: Rebuild civilization using their Charisma and Persuasion skill to recruit engineers, technicians and scientists to their side
Loonies: Have fun while irradiating the planet
Munchkins: Get more stats & equipment
"Do you have any idea how we are talking about here? We are talking about the 'Butcher of Keiv'... The 'Cakemaker of Keiv' could kick all of our asses, and we are talking about the 'BUTCHER of Kevi'... Does that tell you anything?"

Story of the Accident...